Spice Up Your Life, Week 2

Ready for a new challenge?!

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Last week we talked about de-cluttering your life and living with less. Here’s the progress I made:

  • I took everything out of all the cabinets in my bathroom and only put the things that I actually use back in. I literally threw out a full garbage bag of stuff. I was going to take a picture, and then I was embarrassed.
  • I went through all my magazines sitting in the corner of my room and ripped out the recipes and workouts I wanted and recycled the rest. I also went through all the stuff I already had ripped out and tossed anything I’m not interested in. Everything is in its’ own little place now and super easy to find.
  • I looked at every piece of clothing I own and used the guideline from the last post to donate, toss, and store them accordingly.
  • I looked at all the books I’ve accumulated over the years and donated one’s I don’t plan on reading again to the Salvation Army.

It definitely feels great to get rid of all those unnecessary things that I certainly don’t need in my life!

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This week’s challenge is……

71. Try High-Stakes Gambling

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HAHA! Let’s alter this one a bit, shall we? Instead of heading to a casino and blowing all our money or betting your savings account at blackjack, let’s drop this down to a bit of a smaller scale so we don’t ruin our lives. I am challenging YOU (and me!) to go out and buy a lottery ticket. I am also challenging you to buy one for a friend or family member! Can you imagine the amazing-ness if you bought a $1 lottery ticket for your mom and she won a significant amount of money? Pure joy. Plus, if we all partake in this, someone is bound to win SOMETHING! And then we’ll all be super happy (and jealous) for you. I’ll be crossing my fingers that you all win thousands of dollars. Smile

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Since that’s a really easy challenge, I’m giving you one more this week!:

45. Ask Someone Out

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The book obviously means this in a lovey-dovey way, but I’m challenging you to ask ANYONE out. Whether it’s a co-worker you’ve talked to a couple times, a best friend you’ve lost touch with, your significant other, or your grandma, I want you to reach out to someone in your life and ask them to do something with you. It can be as simple as asking someone that works in your office to grab a coffee on your lunch break or asking your boyfriend or girlfriend to go on a surprise day trip with you. I just want you to take the initiative to do something you wouldn’t usually do and make someone feel great about themselves in turn.

Here are a few excuses the book gives as to why people are afraid to ask other people out:

  • I’m too shy.
  • I’m afraid of rejection.
  • I lack confidence.
  • I’m afraid of rejection.
  • I feel too pushy.
  • I’m afraid of rejection.

Notice a pattern? Don’t let fear keep you from doing something that could turn out to be wonderful. This is a very small risk in the grand scheme of life, but small risks lead up to something huge!

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Here’s what I am going to do this week:

  • Buy a lottery ticket for myself and for Luke (babe, if you’re reading this act surprised).
  • Ask my friend and old college roommate Audrey to go see Identity Thief with me (again, if you’re reading this act surprised).

Good luck!!


What was your progress on the challenges from last week? What are you planning to do this week with your new challenges? Be specific!


  1. Those are awesome ideas! Have fun with it and enjoy a trip to the movies! I love going to the movies and we hardly ever can find the time! I will work on asking someone out with you :)

  2. I love these challenges! When My mom was here last weekend we went through my bathroom and kitchen and trashed a bunch of stuff, actually we put a lot of it in a big box to take to good will. I mean who needs 15+ coffee cups? I will work on asking someone out this week :) I am defiantly on the shy and afraid of rejection side

    • Ahhh great! I love it. Doesn’t it feel good to donate all the stuff you really just don’t need?? I’m always afraid of rejection, too. For personal training I have to call potential clients constantly and I despise every phone call. It gets better with time, but it really sucks at first.

  3. Don’t be embarrassed! I’m curious to know what you threw out hahah…. I should have also thought to mention to possibly keep the magazines for scrapbooking or any arts & crafts project. I use to keep them all the time. I’ve never purchased a lottery ticket in my life before lol.. but I will definitely consider that one. That and asking someone out is such a huge difference from last week’s goal! lol

    • That’s a good idea! I used to scrapbook a lot, but not so much anymore. That was always my go-to gift for anyone throughout high school…to make them a scrapbook. Could you imagine if you bought a $1 lottery ticket and won like, $500? What an awesome day that would be.

  4. all I can think of now is spice world the movie and how I need to see it again. that first video of the babies I have seen before and boy it got me laughing

  5. These are so great! You’re a brave one, stepping out of your comfort zone and doing all of this. I love that you’re going to ask someone to hang out with you. That’s a huge thing for me, someone who is terrified of rejection. Absolutely terrified. Good luck! I’m sure it will work out so well for you!

  6. Oh this is a fun week :) I am going to buy my dad and myself lottery tickets for tomorrow, and I’m going to see if an old co-worker wants to get together and go for a walk or see a movie!

  7. These are awesome! I’m pretty sure if I went through my magazines that are sitting in our spare bedroom, I’d be able to fill up a couple trash bags.

  8. I love the feeling after I clean something out and get rid of excess stuff – it definitely makes things easier to find! I totally wanna take part in asking someone out this week – there are a few chick flicks that I’ve been wanting to see and a few girlfriends who I haven’t seen in ages, perfect timing :D

  9. These are great ideas!! I definitely need to clean out my bathroom cabinets.. but a picture would NEVER happen haha


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