Fitting It All In

I’ve been having a real problem lately with scheduling my life. I used to be really good in college about getting everything done, with time to spare. I would:

  • get all my homework and studying done and usually stay ahead of track on all my syllabi (is that the right way to use that word?)
  • take 18 credits and work 20-30 hours a week
  • find time every day to go to hot yoga for 1.5 hours or go on a minimum 6 mile run
  • hang out with friends almost daily, whether it was meeting for lunch or seeing a movie
  • keep up on all my TV shows
  • cook and bake my meals every single day
  • commute a half hour to/from school every day
  • still have time to myself!!!!

What on earth? I mean, sure, I got stressed at times, but I was always able to handle everything with ease. Lately things have just been building up to a point where I truly feel like I can’t handle it all. Deep down I know that I can, but my mind is telling me otherwise. And here’s a list of what’s happening in my life today:

  • nannying for one family 25 hours a week and for approximately 15 hours a week rotating between 4 different families
  • working behind the desk at the gym about 10 hours a week
  • personal training about 5-6 different clients each week
  • writing up training plans for said clients
  • spending about 2 hours a day on writing/reading blogs and researching content material
  • I know this is a pathetic one, but watching all my TV shows
  • finding time to (hopefully) work out about an hour a day
  • extras, like cleaning, social media, running errands, and that’s not even to mention spending time with family, friends, and Luke

I know it doesn’t seem like a ton (especially compared to what some of you are currently dealing with), but it’s kind of blowing my mind. I think it’s a combination of running around from place to place every day instead of going to ONE job and the stress of living with my family where I feel chastised for my crazy schedule. I don’t work traditional hours for the most part, which is contradictory to what the rest of my family is doing. I’m not home when they are and am gone when they’re home, making it seem like I’m avoiding them, which I’m really just not.

Would I like a “typical” 8-5 job? Probably; it would relieve a lot of stress. Would I be happy in a “typical” 8-5 job? Probably not; I would most likely be in an environment I don’t like. I enjoy the jobs that are not typical hours, because I have found (at least for me) that those are the fun ones. I’ve always been a person that is more concerned with doing what they love than having a significant amount of money. As I get older, I’m learning that money is definitely a necessity, but I really just wish it wasn’t that way. For a really long time, I’ve wanted to live in California. I’ve always admired that SoCal lifestyle. The people who reside there just seem like healthy, life-loving, happy people. I want that mindset. I know that contentment comes from within, but at least for me, the external environment plays a huge factor in my happiness.

So if I could do anything I wanted in my life?:

  • have my own successful online health coaching business with one of my best friends
  • really get my blog up-and-running and write some freelance pieces as well
  • live on the beach in California with Luke near my best friends, like on How I Met Your Mother
  • live somewhere where I’m able to comfortably be outside year-round, riding bikes, taking walks, and not having to drive everywhere in congestion
  • get my quirks under control so I don’t have to stress so much about everything

It’s not a lot! Nothing fancy. I may be wrong, but I truly think that living somewhere different would really help me out. Maybe I’m being over-dramatic, but nothing seems to be exactly right right now. I need some sort of a change or consistency or SOMETHING. I didn’t mean for this to turn into as much of a rant as it did, but I need to get these thoughts out and maybe get some advice from some of you.

Any suggestions on a simple change to make in my life right now? Any thoughts on making a big move?

8 thoughts on “Fitting It All In

  1. Kate @ Quarter Century Southern Living

    I think everyone can relate to this on at least some level. My best advice would be to take it day by day, which is definitely easier said than done. Focus on the task at hand. As far as making a big move, I moved from Iowa to Texas a few years ago and am so grateful for that decision, but there were hard times in it as well. I think you have to follow your heart :)

    1. allison.hayes91 Post author

      That’s great advice. What made you move to Texas? It definitely is easier said than done to take it day by day, but deep down I know that’s the best way. I make lots of countdowns too for events I’m excited about which seems to sometimes help :)

      1. allison.hayes91 Post author

        I hate the cold weather here, too! It literally affects my mood. I know I shouldn’t let it, but it does. That does not sound crazy at all. Did you move alone? I’m so impressed that you did that!

  2. Caitlin

    I like Kate’s advice a lot, girl. Maybe take a look at the upcoming day each night, make a basic outline of what you have going on, and go from there. As far as a big move goes, research it. Find some areas where you want/could realistically live and see how much it costs to live there and what you could potentially do there for a job. Save some money if you can, and then go for it if it feels right. Following your heart is all you can do!

    1. allison.hayes91 Post author

      That outline is a great idea. I already do something like that, but I need to really stick to it. Making a budget is a great idea. I just know that I need a change!

    1. allison.hayes91 Post author

      Thanks girl. I’m really going to try that out. I let my mind get the best of me and forget about what actually matters and NEEDS to get done.


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