We’ve all been there. We have all been in that position where things just aren’t clicking the way they’re supposed to. In the cliché words of John Mayer, “your body is a wonderland,” and you should treat it as such. I know, I know. Easier said than done, yeah? I have found from research and personal experience that it really helps to have a goal that you’re striving towards. Even more important is to make this goal public, in order to hold yourself accountable!

Want to know my goal?


Yup, this is happening. Now I am certainly not aiming to be a muscle-woman, but I would like to feel confident about my body in a bikini. What better way to do that than to force myself to prance around a stage in front of hundreds of people? I gotta get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I’ve been telling myself I’m finally going to get in shape every day for the past year. “That day” never comes. I’m ready for a change.

I am trying to get a friend of mine to train for and compete in the competition with me, just to make things more fun and lighthearted. I am not going into this with any expectations to win anything or have a life changing moment where I want to become a bodybuilder. We (hopefully!) will be competing in the “Ms. Bikini” competition, which is the most low-key event Fitness Universe offers. It basically involves being fit, toned, confident, and dedicated. I know I can do it if I set my mind to it.

Check out this video for footage of two of my favorite girls, Karena and Katrina, competing in the competition a few years ago. They are the ones who inspired me (hopefully us!) to do this. So thank you.

Now as you can probably guess, this is going to involve quite a bit of lifestyle changes. As many of you know, I am hoping to start my own online health coaching business. I’ve had some ideas floating around in my head for a while now, this “plan” being one of them. I’m going to create a healthy plan to prepare for a fitness competition, in hopes of helping women in the future train for such an event if they wish. This is just one of many things I’ll be working on towards my website in the upcoming months.

Want to know the best part? You can participate in this program even if you’re not interested in the slightest in doing a fitness competition! Let’s say you want to clean up your diet. This plan works. Let’s say you want a set workout schedule. This plan works. Let’s say you need consistency in all areas of your life. This plan works.

I am an AFPA certified personal trainer and nutritionist, but all opinions are my own. Always consult with your doctor before making any huge lifestyle changes. This is just my well-thought through plan of how I am going to prepare my body to be in the best shape of my life.

Ready to get started? I am!

The competition is approximately 17-ish weeks away. We’re going to use the next 5 days (Tuesday-Saturday, or whatever day you’re starting this on) to ease ourselves into some new habits and to make subtle changes that will eventually become habits. Then we will have 16 weeks of “the plan” and another 5 day turbo-boost to get ready for the competition (or whatever you’re preparing for; life perhaps ;) ?). Think of the first and last 5 days as a warm-up and a cool-down: necessary for a successful workout! Also necessary for a successful, healthy lifestyle.

So finally after all my rambling, I present to you the rules for The 16-Week Fit Body Plan.

1. Drink 100 oz. of water each day. Water flushes toxins from your body and allows your internal organs to perform at their highest capability. I like to use a 16 oz. water bottle and fill it up 6-7 times each day. Trust me, it’s more than possible.

2. Complete 3-4 cardio sessions and 2-3 strength training sessions each week. I’ll be giving plenty of options for these workouts along the way, so no worries. I know that I have a crazy schedule, so I’m providing lots of flexibility with your workouts so you have no excuse not to do them. Aim for 5 intense workouts, 1 “easy” workout, and 1 rest day.

3. Start and end with tea. Green tea in the morning gives you a metabolism boost. Decaffeinated tea at night helps you sleep. A high metabolism = more calories burnt. Relaxing, warm, herbal tea = better sleep. It’s a win, win. Enough said.

4. Get off your butt! Aim for 12,500 steps each day. An easy way to track this is to buy a watch with a pedometer on it, or even get a cheap clip on pedometer from Target. Walking definitely counts as exercise. It’s important (especially if you have a sedentary job) to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping multiple times throughout the day. Walking allows you to do this without breaking a sweat and having to shower in the middle of the day. Because really, who on earth wants to do that?

5. Stretch. We will be very active in these next few months. Stretching allows the muscles to release any pent-up energy you may have in order to prevent injury, not to mention giving you that long, lean look I know I am definitely striving towards. I highly suggest investing in a foam roller.

6. Read a book. Or take up any hobby you wish, that doesn’t involve exercise. It’s very important to not get too caught up in one thing, in order to avoid burnout. I advise you to indulge in something you love, such as reading, writing, playing an instrument, volunteering, meditating, or baking. Something that is just for you and allows your body time to recuperate from the stress we will be putting on it.

7. Grab a friend! Everything is better when you can do it with someone else. I’m praying I can get one of my friends to join me on this journey. I’m hoping some of you will play along, too!

8. Eat the greens. And the blues. And the purples. And the reds. And the yellows. You get the picture. Eat your colors. But the natural colors. Not those nasty artificial ones. I suppose what I mean by this rule is to eat your fruits and veggies. Plain and simple. No one ever said they gained weight from eating an apple.

9. Avoid the whites. If a food is white or in white packaging, it probably shouldn’t be going in your mouth. Except for eggs. And if you can think of anything else, let me know. Check nutrition labels always, and avoid processed foods at every opportunity. Let’s go back to the basics for a few months, shall we?

10. Keep track. I use my iPad to schedule out my daily workouts for the week on Sundays. I also use an app to record the foods I eat, but I do NOT count calories. No counting calories here; just focusing on eating the good stuff. Writing (or typing) things down helps you to visualize exactly what you got going on and what’s working for you and what needs to be changed.

So there you have it! Super simple rules. Probably stuff you already knew, but it’s nice to see it again. Print those out and stick them on your mirror. Make copies. Give them to your friends. Put one in your car. Get it tattooed. Okay, don’t do that last one. Bottom line is to remember these guidelines at all times. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up. Just take a deep breath and start over immediately. Do NOT wait until tomorrow. In the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Please watch this link if you haven’t seen it already.

Tomorrow morning (early!) I will be posting the schedule for the next 5 days. No preparations necessary, just yourself and some dedication!

On a totally different note, I’m looking into buying a heart rate monitor. Any suggestions??

And of course since it’s Monday, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

You have to shut out all the noise and remember it’s your thoughts that matter. –Lady Gaga


  1. Wow!! Good for you for signing up!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

  2. Good for you! I have a similar goal and will be competing in a figure competition over the summer. I am so excited!!

  3. Good for you, girl! This is great, you are such an inspiration! :)

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      I don’t know if I would go that far, haha! Let’s see how this goes and then you can decide if you still want to say that haha, but thank you very much :)

  4. Wow, congrats on this big decision! I can’t wait to follow along!

  5. Nicole @Fruit'N'Fitness says:

    While I would never want to or be able to compete in a figure competition I like some of your goals! I really need to remember to drink lots of water and to keep up with my strength training!

  6. I love all these tips- such good advice.

  7. Awesome! Good for you girl on working to achieve your goal. If I were a judge, I’d totally crown you as the champppp :)


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