Lovin’ on Laziness

That title will make a lot more sense tomorrow or later today, when I decide to actually type up a post and let you know what I mean by that. For now, laziness it is.

First off, I just want to say that I’m totally not making videos and posting them for the exercises I made up for my 5 Day Warm-Up. Truly, I’m just really busy right now and don’t want to do it unless people are actually going to use them. So if this is something you’re interested in, please let me know and I’ll totally do it. Otherwise, ya’ll can google what they mean if you don’t know.

Second of all, I’ve mentioned this before, but I recently switched over to self-hosted wordpress, so that explains why the blog is looking like a hot mess. I’m working with a designer to make it super cool, so eventually it will not look like a robot anymore. Pinky swear.

Third, I feel like I’ve been complaining a lot on here lately. Oops. That was never my intention. So here’s some of the good stuff that’s going on lately.

  • A Wednesday schedule much different from the norm……
  • Seeing the Lion King downtown Detroit Sunday night with the fam

  • My girls I nanny not being sick anymore
  • The Call coming out next Friday; I’ve been in need of a new thriller

  • A bomb episode of Pretty Little Liars last night

  • A super intense workout last night that left me feeling sore less than an hour later. Best part? I was actually sore in the places I was attempting to work out. Solid. Makes me feel like I know what I’m doing!
  • 3 new personal training clients (!!!!)
  • A fairly relaxing weekend up ahead
  • Two house-sitting gigs within the next couple of months in sweet areas
  • 40 days until I go to Los Angeles
  • Awesome, awesome friends that I’ve been e-mailing with
  • The new Victoria’s Secret swim line

That’s all I can think of for now, but there’s definitely more. When I sit back and think about it and reflect on lists like that, I realize how blessed I am. What the hell do I have to complain about? Nothing. Gotta not let my mind take over my heart and just enjoy this life. The end of that.

Last but not least, I really want to share this article with you that I found in Cosmo quite a while ago, but stumbled upon again recently. It’s called 20 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 35. Here’s my condensed version:

  1. Let go of a grudge.
  2. Decide on a Wednesday which country you’ll be taking a bargain flight to on Friday.
  3. Ditch the “you know” or whatever little vocal habit you had in high school.
  4. Create a photo album not on Facebook.
  5. Take your boyfriend to a random hotel for sex (oops, pretend I didn’t say this; I swear, I’m just copying the article!).
  6. Ask about additional benefits you can get at your job.
  7. Sleep with a bad boy if you’re still single (this is bad; I don’t like this one, sorry Cosmo).
  8. Take yourself out to dinner (LOVE THIS ONE).
  9. Host a fancy cocktail party for your closest friends.
  10. Agree to a blind date without asking any questions.
  11. Commit to a charity.
  12. Buy a piece of nice jewelry that signifies all your hard efforts up until this point.
  13. Get rid of the “deadweights” in your social circle.
  14. Improve a relationship with a friend you admire by asking her to set you up with a new friend she admires.
  15. Learn to curse in a new language (haha).
  16. Learn more about wine so you know what the hell you’re looking for at restaurants.
  17. Upgrade your wardrobe and get rid of the clothes that “aren’t you” anymore.
  18. If you’ve earned a raise, ask for it.
  19. Buy something online you’re too shy to get in person.
  20. No clue what this one is, since I ripped the article out and number 20 must have been on the next page. My bad.

I just thought that was fun. Good thing I have 14 years to complete it.

Happy Wednesday!

Anyone else have an insane amount of snow right now? Oh boy, is Michigan ever a hot mess.


  1. Ahhh I love this list!!!! #2 is my fav.

  2. Nice way to end this, girl ;) I’m a fan of the learning to swear in another language myself….taking myself out to dinner and learning more about wines sound like good ideas as well! I’m glad that you were able to put together such an awesome list of great things in your life now….however, I also firmly believe that we’re allowed to get overwhelmed and down by life sometimes. Sure, we still have tons to be thankful for (and it usually helps to focus on those things to make us feel better), but sometimes it’s ok to not be completely satisfied/allow yourself to feel overwhelmed by everything going on. That’s part of life, and it happens to everyone!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thanks! Luke can speak some Italian and likes to say dirty words in Italian just like, randomly whenever he feels like it. Kinda jealous….haha. Thank you for saying what you did about being allowed to be overwhelmed (you know what I did to fix that today…haha). But I really appreciate what you said :) You rock<3

  3. glad you can find those silver linings!

  4. I’m trying to think of what #19 would include, and I can only think of dirty (battery-opperated) things. Hahhahaha! My mind is in the gutter, for sure.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      HAHA! That’s all I can think of, too. Or like, maybe a self-help book? I probably would have a hard time buying that in a store.

  5. Yay for a self-hosted blog! I also worked with a designer and it was seriously the best decision I’ve ever made. She was awesome. Annndddd… I just read your previous post – I can’t wait to see photos of your competition and maybe some of you leading up to it!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Yay! Who did you work with?? I’m working with Jenny from peanutbutterjenny.com. Thanks for the support about the competition! I’m super excited to get started :)

  6. I like the list! I need to work on #16, there are a few wines I know I like but if there not on the menu at a restaurant I’m completely clueless. And whats with #7? Thats just promoting bad behavior. Glad your sore in the right places, I’m sure your new clients are going to love working out with you! I know I have been crazy looking forward to my one weekly session I have with mine. It’s so helpful learning how to do things correctly.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Isn’t number 7 horrible? I was like really…..? Glad to hear that you like working out with a trainer. I definitely love working with my clients, so seems like everyone’s happy :)

  7. Cosmo has some interesting stuff… I used to get that magazine religiously for years until every cover had SEX in huge letters all over it. That’s a really intereresting list, but I think it’s sad that so many young girls read this. That’s totally sending them the wrong message (about sex, anyway). The rest of the ideas are pretty solid, though. I’d like to create a list like that someday.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      I completely agree with you. I like a lot of the articles in Cosmo, since it is a magazine definitely made for women. They have great beauty tips, some solid health information and statistics, and promote boldness which I love. However, the sex stuff has gotten out of control. Honestly, I skip over most of those articles. I just don’t find them necessary. Once in a while I’ll start to read one but get uncomfortable and stop. I don’t understand why they need to focus so much on that, especially when they have young readers like you said.

  8. How crazy is it that I’ve never seen Pretty Little Liars???!!! We haven’t had any snow here in KY this year!

  9. I am still laughing at your comment with number 5. Haha :) These are great. Thanks for sharing, girl!

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