Annoyances vs. Wonderful Things

That’s the best title I could come up with. Bear with me. It has really been prevalent to me lately that whenever I have something great happen, there’s always some little bitty thing that goes and messes it up. Usually I’m able to find humor in these things, since they’re not typically large enough to screw up my happy moment completely. These are truly all examples of things that happened over the weekend. I kid you not. I did not make one of these things up.

I ran a 5k without stopping. Now that seems like nothing for most of you runners, but it’s big for me. I did it outside around my subdivision and just kept pushing myself to make it to the next mailbox and then the next one and so on….before I knew it I glanced at my watch and it said I had gone 1.95 miles. Then I knew I could finish the darn thing without stopping.


But then, I got chased by a dog. No joke friends. When I was probably at like mile 2.4, I saw a huge barking golden retriever a few houses away. I ignored it and smiled because it was cute and I’m a sucker thinking it had an invisible fence like most dogs do nowadays. It sure didn’t. Chased me for a good .1 mile. Just wanted to play, but I was not about to stop because I was determined at this point! It only made me run faster, so thank you random dog. And yes, I shooed it back into the direction of its’ home so its’ not out running wild. No worries.


I got some extra cash this weekend. Three weekend babysitting jobs and two personal training sessions have left my wallet very happy. I had a great time with all of it, too, so the money doesn’t even really mean anything to me. Just an added bonus.

I looked at my ever-growing list of things to buy. Including:

  • k-cups
  • a new lunchbox/cooler bag for my newly starting food prep
  • a juicer
  • perfect fit protein powder
  • kettlebell and heavier weights
  • random things for my LA trip next month

I know those are random things, but they’re needed for me. So there goes my cash. However, they will all end up being fun purchases, so I’m not mad. I’m usually extremely good at saving money, so it’s really hard for me to buy things that aren’t absolutely “essential.”


The banana flavor of Chobani. Oh my goodness gracious. There are real pieces of banana puree in there. I am amazed.

banana cho

It’s all gone Sad smile However, I still have my typical peach, blueberry, and strawberry variety pack of a million I get from Costco, plus the random pear, blood orange, and lemon flavors I picked up at the grocery store.


Quite a few little play-dates with friends this week! As I talked about in my post yesterday, I’ve really lost contact with a lot of people who I used to be very close with in my life. I’m trying this whole “socializing” thing out again, and I’m actually super pumped.


I’ve had opportunities to babysit during these times. I really just need to learn to say no sometimes. If I already have plans made with friends, I do not need to cancel them every time if I am asked to babysit. I am allowed to say no, and I’m constantly reminding myself of this.


There’s only one more episode of The Bachelor before the finale! I am so excited for the finale episode. I always settle in with my bottle of wine and smile the entire time I think.

The Bachelor is almost over Sad smile However, I’ll have some more free time, which is always desperately needed. Is it pathetic that I consider watching this show something that I need to do?


I had the weirdest, best dream I’ve ever had. Now you guys totally can’t judge me on this one. Just go with the flow. I never remember my dreams, so you know it’s something fantastic when I do. Long story short, I dreamed that Jillian Michaels told me she loved me! She was in my bedroom telling me how she wanted me to come to LA to be there with her and her kids and wanted to take me to Punta Cana with her and her family. We talked for like, ever in my room and then we flew to LA together. There were a ton more details, but I’m ridiculously too embarrassed to type them out, haha! I think this happened because I was thinking about vacationing with families I nanny for before I fell asleep last night, and I guess it’s kinda similar? So Jillian, if you ever read this, I love you more. And I will come live in your home and be the best roommate in the world<3

It makes me sad every time I look at her, because I want her body. Goodness, that woman is a machine. My new mantra is WWJD: What Would Jillian Do? Not even kidding. This is implemented immediately.


Onto a new topic. As you all are reading this, bright and early on a Monday morning, I’m at the gym (hopefully) completing my workout and starting with this whole “work out at the same time every day” thing. I’m hoping this gives me some consistency and peace. It will also give me some much needed free time to relax and play catch-up in the evenings. Hopefully this routine will work out and make things a bit easier for me! Fingers crossed.

I usually post a quote on Mondays, and today I’m giving you one that I found on Kate’s blog. I fell in love with it and want to read it every single morning.

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. – Oprah Winfrey

What’s the strangest and/or best dream that you can remember?


  1. Hahahaha awwwwwww love the dog thing makes me laugh ONLY because I’ve jumped into the street in front of busy cars when dogs behind fences have startled me with sudden, obnoxious barking RIGHT THERE out of nowhere….I used to use the mailbox trick too to get me to run longer distances…it’s a handy one to use :) I hope your gym sess went well, your email made me feel so much more sane this morning (as did 9 hours of sleep…on top of two 8 nighters in a row…fingers crossed I’m caught up), and I can’t wait to see how you use your funds for new fun things! Best way to HAVE to spend your money ;)

  2. Ah, thanks for sharing the quote :) So happy that you love it too! Also, 5k without stopping is amazing. So proud of you, girl! Love the Bachelor, SO good!! Have a great Monday!!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thank you so much! That made me smile so big :) I just want to skip this women tell all episode tonight and go right to the finale.

  3. Yay for banana Greek yogurt. I have heard so many great things about it! I cannot wait to give it a try :) .

  4. Dogs chasing me back home in my town was always so frequent. I always think oh there must be an electric fence, oh so wrong. Ha, I would love to be able to spend some cash on a juicer… sadly bills come first. lame. oh so lame

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      I’m hoping I can force myself to buy a juicer. I have been saving up for one for so long and really haven’t made any mindless purchases in a REALLY long time. I have a super hard time spending money though. Dogs on runs are seriously frightening. I will come visit you and bring my juicer and we will juice everything.

  5. I love this post! I’m sad that Bach is almost over too…but looking forward to Bachelorette this summer!

    I had a REALLY weird dream the other day. So, in real life, I went to the gym on Saturday, then came home, drank a protein shake, watched an episode of The Wire with Connor, and then took a nap. While napping, I dreamt that I was at the gym again, and Robert Downey Jr. walked in, and was like…the personal trainer for all people at our gym? And he started critiquing everyone’s workout style. It was so awk/embarrassing. Then, in the dream, I came home, had a protein shake, and said to Connor, “So, did you know that Robert Downey Jr. works at our gym?” And he was like, “Yeah everyone knows that.” My response: “I have to stat about this immediately!”

    And then I woke up, entirely convinced that I’d posted on facebook in my sleep. (Spoiler: I didn’t.)

    Haha….oh dreams.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Do you know who the new bachelorette is yet?? OMG your dream is hilarious! I love it. Those are the type of dreams I have…totally random but something that I would actually love to happen, haha.

  6. I absolutely, 100%, feel your excitement on running a 5k without stopping!!! I have done it ONCE in my life – my very first timed 5k that I ran. Since then, nope. Not at all. I’m more athletic now, yet it is not translating into my running life!

    So, congrats!! :)

    And I LOVE my new lunchbag that I have! I pack breakfast, lunch, and snacks for work so love having a big bag to house it all! It’s at: !

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      I totally know what you mean. I’m very athletic, but cannot run for the life of me! What the heck. But thank you…congrats to you as well :) Um, okay I am obsessed with that lunch bag. Thank you SO much for the link. I very well may just be purchasing that tonight…..

      • Yes. You need that lunchbag in your life. It is HUGE, but seriously, a necessity!

        Where about in Michigan are you? Have you thought about signing up for any races?

        • allison.hayes91 says:

          I’m near Rochester Hills; where are you?! I really want to get into races, but I truly need someone to train with or I won’t do it. What about you?

  7. I am so excited for Bachelor tonight!! Wish we could watch it together with wine so we could get ourselves out there and socialize a little bit!! Good for you to make the effort!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Girl are you watching it?! We gotta be facebook friends so we can chat through the whole thing. I got my wine in bed! :p

  8. That is AWESOME about the 5k! You should be extremely proud of yourself :) Congratulations!!

  9. that quote is so true! i’ve found that with body image especially. never being happy with what i have and always wanting more more more. what kind of life is that?! a negative one that’s what.

    the banana cho is really good and i rarely like any flavored cho! so of course it’s gone haha that makes sense! i think i have one more pear left? that one is really good too. the banana is all gone now tho for sure.

    congrats on the 5k without stopping! that’s no small feat!!!! you rock! a dog totally chased me when i was learning how to ride a bike. and i learned WAY late because i was so afraid, so it was just the worst time for a dog to decide to chase me. my dad just yelled “caitlin keep pedaling! don’t look back!” oh the joys of people who cannot keep their dogs in check!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      I’m never happy with my body image either. It’s just like, giving me negative thoughts and negative days. So why do I do it?? No idea. Trying so hard to stop but it’s really tough. I will send you positive thoughts that you’re able to overcome it as well love :) The pear cho is what I’m trying tomorrow. So freaking excited! I’m sure I’ll be posting about how much I love it. Awww your dog/bike story made me smile! Your dad sounds super sweet.

  10. Nicole @Fruit'N'Fitness says:

    Congrats on running the full 5k without stopping :) I have crazy dreams on a nightly basis. Saturday night T was laughing in his sleep and it was hilarious, would love to have known what he was dreaming about. He never remembers his dreams, I always do!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thanks Nicole!! Hahahahaha, laughing in his sleep! That would totally make me crack up. I never remember my dreams either :( Well, hardly ever. Luke once told me I was screaming “no water buffalo, go away!” in my sleep, lol!

  11. This post is awesome, through and through. Firstly, awesome job on running! Before I “became a runner” whenever the heck that was, I was not a runner type at all. Running even a mile was like SO HARD for me. So I’m proud of you!

    And I LOVE Jillian. That is a hilarious dream. I want to live in Punta Cana, but maybe not with her. She would make me workout all the time and eat super healthy ;) I do really love her though. She’s crazy but in such a good way.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thanks Melissa! :) If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of distances do you run now? I’m really trying to build up my mileage but it is SO tough. Jillian rocks. Is it pathetic that I would move to Punta Cana with her in a heartbeat? What the heck is wrong with me!

  12. Congrats on completing a 5k! I’ve done it once on a treadmill but haven’t been able to it again (that was months ago)! I’m glad I’m seeing a lot of positive things about the banana Chobani, two weeks in a row I have brought one to work but totally forgot it was in the fridge and by Monday it was gone. I think this will be the week I actually eat it! And I absolutely loveee that quote :)

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thanks Chelsie! It’s really tough. I wish we could run next to each other on treadmills and motivate each other :p YOU NEED TO GET THAT BANANA CHO! Don’t let anyone take it from you this time.

  13. Girl, I was chased by a dog on one of my runs before.. however mine was by a mean looking pitbul. I thought for sure my life was coming to an end. Thankfully it backed off… but man was I a mess. I immediately called Joshua & started crying, Ha!

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