Just Like Jello & An Itty Bitty Announcement….

I have a lot to say, but I’m just not sure how to say it yet. Good things though! So until I figure that out, I’m going lighthearted and sticking with a good old-fashioned survey. However, I’m making this one up myself, so I would just adore it if you did it on your blog as well! This one’s an original.

Allison’s Every Little Facet of Health and Life and Stuff Survey Smile

  1. If you could only do one specific type of exercise for the rest of your life what would it be and why? Mine would for sure be yoga. I pick this because I love how toned it makes me feel and look without high-impact movements. I always feel loose, calm, and on my own little “high” when I finish a session.
  2. Approximately how many times a day do you believe you think about your body and/or your health? A million and a thousand and one. Let’s make a movement to stop these silly little thoughts.
  3. What is one food you wish you liked, but you really just don’t? Eggs. I can handle them in baked goods, but no way on their own or in an omelet. The thought just gives me shivers. I don’t know why. I also sometimes wish I liked meat. It makes me feel sick to tell you the truth. Hence, being a vegetarian. These ones are pretty though!
  4. Who has been the biggest help to you throughout your life? My mom, 100%. She has talked me out of some crazy stuff many, many times. When I was having a really rough semester in college, she listened to me cry and throw fits like a 5 year old on a regular basis. She always writes me the sweetest cards and notes and I know that she only really wants me to be happy. She’s also pretty darn cute. SAM_0484
  5. Tell one thing that makes you different from everyone else in the blog world. I was a competitive dancer until I was 17 years old and then actually started out as a dance major in college. I also clearly remember the moment when my eating habits changed (for the worse) for me. I feel like that’s pretty rare. Maybe I’ll write about that one day.
  6. In your opinion, which celebrity (or real-life person!) has the best freaking body in the world? I pick two. Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up.
  7. What time do you typically go to bed and wake up? I get in bed around 10 pm. I fall asleep around midnight. I wake up anywhere between 5:30 am and 7:30 am, usually closer to 5:30. Yuck.
  8. Favorite “healthy” drink? Favorite “unhealthy” drink? Healthy has gotta be water with a ton of lemon. Unhealthy is most definitely a mini-beer shot.
  9. Does your family support and/or agree with your healthy (or any other lifestyle) living habits? Not so much. I oftentimes get made fun of for measuring out portion sizes or buying almond milk instead of using my family’s whole milk that I truly just don’t like. My at-home workouts and extended time at the gym (even though I’m usually training clients) are also ways for them to laugh at me. I feel like they’ve gotten better lately, but sometimes it really just sucks. Everyone deserves to lead the life they want to live without being chastised and reprimanded for it.
  10. Who is one person you could reach out to today that could probably use some encouragement? I’m going to go ahead and say one of my best friends Erica. She just got accepted into the Disney college program (yay, congratulations!) and is graduating college within the month, so she’s got some crazy weeks coming up ahead. I also know she’s reading this and will love the shout out…. Smile with tongue out 10
  11. What is the happiest thing that happened to you today? I had an amazing, amazing, amazing TurboFire! workout! It’s been a long time since my legs felt so much like Jell-O. I love it. That is an intense program my friends. I thought I was in pretty darn good shape, but it’s freaking hard. I sweat. A lot. Before and after: turbo1turbo2
  12. Do you ever push health and fitness on family members, friends, co-workers, etc.? No. Not unless they ask. I feel that is someone’s personal choice and it gets really annoying when someone tries to preach something to you that you really just don’t want to freaking hear.
  13. Are you an indoor or outdoor person? Favorite activity? I am an indoor person, mainly because the weather where I live is so darn crappy. My favorite indoor activity is to do some yoga on a rainy day, drink some coffee, and read an awesome book. I am WILD. If I lived elsewhere (like LA….) I would be a total outdoor girl. Biking and walking on the beach would be at the top of my list.
  14. Do you plan ahead what you’re going to eat later that day? I totally do. Before I fall asleep at night, I typically make a list in my head of what I will be eating the next day. It’s boring, so it helps me fall asleep! For example, tomorrow I will have my Shakeology for breakfast, an apple mid-morning, hibachi house for lunch (grilled teriyaki veggies, Chinese soup and salad, and probably some yummy noodles), protein bar mid-afternoon, and Mediterranean veggie sandwich with a pickle and chips from Panera for dinner. At least that’s what I’m planning on. We’ll see how that goes. Check up on me tomorrow?
  15. What is one thought in your head right now? I am absolutely exhausted and can’t wait to close my eyes for 7 hours.


In other news, I am officially moving out of my house. With Luke. June 20. More to come……. Smile





  1. I love this survey! I’m going to do it for sure. :)

    And yay to moving with Luke!!! So excited for you guys!!!!

  2. Oooh, exciting news! Congrats girl :) And great survey!

  3. Thien @ Thien's New Adventures says:

    Congratulations! That’s exciting :)

    I can relate about the family thing. Before I moved out I never did anything fitness related at home. They’d jokingly say stuff but it was enough to discourage me. Since moving, I’ve dicsovered that I need to put fitness on the forefront. I am going home to visit though and I’m empowering myself to stay committed to my workouts!

    Enjoyed reading the survey!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      I’m glad that you were able to make fitness a priority for yourself since moving out; I have faith that will happen for me, too. It’s tough to have that judgment constantly over your shoulder. I know you can make it work on your visit! And remember, even if you need to switch up your typical routine for a few days, the world won’t end :)

  4. Congrats on moving in with your man! That is so exciting. I can relate so much to the part about your family getting on you about being healthy. My family thinks I am neurotic sometimes when I use my food scale, but I just really like to know what I am eating.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thank you! Our families sound very similar. It sucks, but sometimes you just have to ignore them and do what you know is best for you.

  5. I love this survey, your mom sounds a lot like my mom. My poor mom has had many crying phone calls especially during my first two years of college. I’m happy your moving in with Luke, you have been talking about wanting to move out of your parents and Luke sounds like a great guy!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      This comment gave me chills. You are seriously so sweet. Seems like we’ve both put our moms through hell and back :p

  6. Yay!!!! That’s wonderful that you guys finally got a date :) time will fly till then, too! I’ll be stealing this sometime soon!

  7. That is funny that you do not like eggs. I WISH I didn’t! That is one of the foods that is keeping me from fully adapting a vegan diet.

    Congrats on the big news!

  8. Yay, congrats on the big move out that’s coming soon! So exciting :) Fun survey. I think I definitely push fitness on people every once in a while, I just can’t say no to an opportunity to talk about working out and good foods. I try not to be pushy and I won’t keep talking if I feel like the people aren’t interested, but I love talking about it. I’m a nerd though haha

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thank you! I get all giggly and excited whenever I think about it. It’s great that you’re so passionate about fitness that you want it to be present everywhere you go!

  9. Look at you moving out! congrats girl, I know this has been long coming.

  10. YAY!! So excited for you and Luke!

  11. Sooo with you on the eggs. EW. Unless they’re baked into cookies, don’t even talk to me.

    AND congrats to you and Luke! So exciting <3.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Girl, seriously so glad I’m not the only one. I thought I was crazy. Thanks for the support!!

  12. Sooo exciting :) Congrats!

  13. I loved reading more about you :D And congrats on moving out! Sounds like fun :)


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