A New Circuit Workout!

I want to start out this post by saying that I have completed 2 days of Turbofire and my legs have officially turned to those of a Betty Spaghetti. Remember those?

You guys. I seriously thought I was in decently good shape. I can definitely keep up with the intense cardio movements, but the routines really make you think and move your body in different ways which is pretty tough. I love how I totally feel like my butt has officially been kicked. I like putting in time that is worth it!


Speaking of intense workouts….

My friend Erica, mentioned on the blog yesterday, sent me this circuit workout a couple of days ago. What you’re supposed to do is see how many times you can get through the circuit in 10 minutes. Seems simple, but it’s tough stuff! Here’s the moves:

  1. Stationary lunges (5 on each side, 10 total)
  2. Side lunges (5 on each side, 10 total)
  3. Push-ups, modified or plank (10 total)
  4. Mountain climbers (20 alternating)
  5. Plank with alternating shoulder taps (20 alternating)
  6. Burpees (10 total)
  7. Sit-ups (10 total)
  8. V-sit twists (20 alternating)
  9. Pike push-up (10 total)
  10. Scissor jumps, or jumping lunges (10 alternating)

So all you gotta do is set a timer for 10 minutes and get to work! If you do this, leave in the comments below how many times you get through the entire circuit. If you’re on “sit-ups” when 10 minutes runs out, count the full times you’ve got through the whole thing and then let us know where you got to in the non-finished circuit.

Make sure that you’re using good form when doing these exercises. They’re super simple and very basic, but it’s so important to keep your body in the correct positions and not “cheat” yourself. You’re not getting the workout you deserve and you have the possibility of seriously hurting yourself. Slow it down if things are getting too tough! Don’t get sloppy Smile with tongue out Also, make sure that you learn the difference between discomfort and pain. Discomfort is, “OMG my legs are shaking and sweat is dripping off my nose. Kill me now.” Pain is, “My wrist is going to snap off. Help.”


And speaking of pain, my stomach has been really bothering me lately. Like, constantly. I feel like since I’m really trying to clean up my diet, it may be reacting negatively to the lower sugar intake and taking it out on me. I find myself constantly hungry and completely nauseous when that hunger arises. I’ve also found myself just feeling bloated all the time and just uncomfortable. I haven’t really changed a whole lot with what I’m eating, but these feelings have been gradually creeping up on me and are starting to become real obnoxious.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what this might be? I’m clueless. Once I move out (soon!) I’m getting my own health insurance and then can decide for myself how I deal with body issues rather than having to do with what my parents approve of. Can’t wait for that. June 20 cannot come soon enough. Rant over.


What workout totally kicks your butt?


  1. Hey darling, sending you a message on twitter now about the stomach problemss :)

  2. I know sometimes too much protein people get that reaction, just make sure you are having enough carbs and fats in your diet.

  3. Thien @ Thien's New Adventures says:

    Boo about the stomach problem :(

  4. I get those stomach problems often and am going through that right now, actually! I find that a lot of it is based off stress, but if I don’t eat soluble fiber with every meal, it gets worse even when I’m not stressed out. Might be worth a shot!

  5. Oh no! I hope your stomach starts to feel better. Sometimes when I start cutting things out of my diet… sugars, unhealthy foods… I feel like my body retaliates. Maybe give it a few more days and see how you feel. If not, go to the doctor if you feel sick!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      I think that’s what is going on with me! I’ll give it a little while longer and go from there. Thanks :)

  6. I’m sorry to hear about the stomach issues girl :( Carbs are usually what I turn to whe mine is bugging me (lots of toast, oats, and sweet potatoes) and that usually does the trick. That looks like one of those workouts that doesn’t seem soooooo bad…and then completely kicks your bum haha…gotta love those :P

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Alex recommended carbs too and I trust you ladies like none other, so I’m going to try that! Bought some basic sweet potato chips today and had pizza for dinner. How’s THAT for carbs? :p

  7. hey for your stomach problems try increasing your salt intake, i wrote a post about it and it really did help me!!!
    as for workouts that kick my but, taking two kickboxing classes in a row always does it :P

  8. BETTY SPAGHETTI! Oh, dear… I am not sure if I had one of those, but I used to LOVE the commercials as a kid. Such a throw back!

    I feel you about thinking you are in shape. When I did Insanity, I felt the same way. But it gets better as you get more used to it. and just think of what great shape you’ll be in when you’re done!

    That stinks that you’re not feeling well! :( Hope it’s nothing serious!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Haha, such a great toy! Why don’t they make sweet things like that anymore?! Thanks for the encouragement about turbofire…if I can get through it maybe I’ll try insanity next!

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