Shakeology & A Nice Change of Pace

I’m writing this from a new place. Can you guess where? Probably not. I’m house/dog-sitting nearby and could not be happier. I have a whole, huge kitchen to myself. I have silence. I have 2 sweet, cuddly dogs. I have space. I am beyond happy. You’ll probably notice a lot happier posts in the next few days. Now you know why.

I know I totally missed the band-wagon on WIAW, but I’m talking about what I ate on Thursday. Oh well. I’m used to being behind the game.


Shakeology! I got my bag of chocolate vegan powder a few days ago and have been trying out a few recipes until I found one I really liked, and I think I found the perfect one. If you’re interested in a sample, let me know! Or just go ahead and order some for yourself since it’s delicious.

Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake

  • 1 scoop chocolate vegan shakeology
  • 2 tbsp. PB2
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 cup ice


Blend & enjoy! Super yummy. Literally tastes like you’re drinking a peanut butter cup.


I made some tabbouleh with fresh tomato and cucumber and used it in a whole-wheat wrap with roasted red pepper hummus and spinach.


I also had an apple and parmesan garlic pop-chips on the side. SO good.



Luke and I had whole wheat rotini with tomato, onion, and garlic marinara sauce. We also roasted some carrots, broccoli, and asparagus on the side. Of course I had Cabernet as well Smile with tongue out


  • sweet potato chips
  • pineapple
  • frozen Chobani bite (raspberry with dark chocolate) with fresh berries

I also completed day 3 of TurboFire today. It’s intense people. You really need some stamina. Even though there’s no weights used, the body weight training combined with kickboxing moves provides for a killer arm and leg workout. I just kinda feel like Jell-O all over, but I’m not mad at all! It makes my body feel strong and confident. It’s safe to say I’m definitely a fan.

I feel awesome today. Good food, lots of relaxing, and basically no stress. And now (as I’m writing this on Thursday night) I’m watching Girls on Comcast’s “watch-a-thon week” and am considering doing nothing but watching this for the next 5 days. It’s a definite possibility that will happen. There’s also a good possibility that I may or may not spend all day interspersing this show with yoga and wine. I would maybe bet money on it.

This week is making me so excited to move out. I love being able to make my own choices without worrying about being chastised and judged by others. However, it definitely is more difficult to live on my own. I’ll get used to it. For now I’m just going to enjoy having the freedom and try to get as much relaxing in as possible in the next few days!

Do you watch Girls? Are you as obsessed as I already am?


  1. I need to try the Shakeology stuff — it always looks so good on your blog.

    So…I have to admit that I kind of hate Girls. I’ve tried a few episodes, and I just can’t. I think what bothers me about this show is that I feel like it tries too hard…it irritates me in the same way that the movie Juno bothers me…like the characters are just too “witty” for their own good, or that it aims for such a strong a sense of realism that it misses the mark entirely and becomes entirely unrealistic. I’m not even sure that makes sense, hah. Maybe someone will know what I mean!

    TGIF lady!!!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      If you’re interested, I can send you the link to my BeachBody site and you can order some! I would recommend getting it this week if you’re going to though..they’re increasing the prices after April 1 :) I totally understand what you’re saying about Girls. Completely makes sense. I just like it because I feel like Lena Dunham’s character is as awkward as I am and makes me feel a little bit better about myself, haha.

  2. A shake that tastes like a peanut butter cup, YUM!

  3. I can be so difficult to find vegan protein powder that actually tastes good, so the Shakeology sounds great! :)

  4. I have never had those shakeology shakes but people love them. Sounds like a great night.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      It’s wonderful! Doesn’t taste chalky like some powders do. Last night was great…I needed it!

  5. Yes yes yes!!! Please please please tell me you followed through with your plan of yoga, wine, and girls today!! That sounds like the best idea ever :)

  6. I LOVE GIRLS! I am convinced that we could be bffs

  7. I love tabbouleh! Peanut butter cup protein shake also sounds awesome. I haven’t seen girls , now I feel like i need to go watch it.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      They are two wonderful things! You will spend a lot of time watching Girls once you start it; just a warning :p

  8. I haven’t tried the parmesan garlic pop chips! I usually stick to plain or BBQ. I’m going to have to look for those now!

  9. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy this post has made me! Seeing and hearing you sound so content, and just full of life is amazing!!! :) :) :)

  10. If that’s Chalene Johnson she looks amazing! Haha. Thanks for the Shakeology recipe. :) I don’t think I responded to your e-mail yet but no I’m not on it. I’m interested in it but I’m just afraid of the taste! That’s why I’ll refer back to your recipe if/when I do get it. My boyfriend will probably be interested in it after he finishes his current drink mix thing and I might talk him into Shakeology!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      It is Chalene! That’s what I want to look like when I’m done with Turbo haha :p If you guys are interested in ordering shakeology, you can get it through me! I am the pickiest eater ever and I love it :)

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