Ramblings Like Crazy

I know I just did a post like this, but my mind is all over the place tonight with things I want to write about. So I think I’ll write about them all. Excuse the random-ness. That’s exactly how my life is right now.

  • It’s my last day house-sitting. Boo. I have to stop pretending like I’m rich now and go back to reality. This week has taught me a couple of things. I learned how difficult it is to take care of a house, especially a big one. I learned how your heart jumps every time a dog barks after dark. I learned how much I love silence, but I learned how lonely I get and how much I really appreciate the company of my family. I get to house-sit again in a couple of weeks, and now that I’ve got the swing of things it should be a little easier to get used to.
  • I love wine. I had this crazy thought that I wasn’t going to drink at all during the month of April. HA. It’s April 3rd and that resolution is long broken. Honestly, why do I make these ridiculous promises to myself that I know I won’t follow through with? And, to make things even better, a lady bought me a bottle of wine at the store last night! I was in the worst mood there and was standing in the aisle staring at the bottles of Cabernet, even though I buy the same type every time, and she goes, “Rough day?” And I told her yes. She ended up being in line behind me at the checkout and told the cashier to just put it on her bill. I love her.
  • I also really love reading blogs. Last week I deleted a bunch of blogs that I was consistently reading, because they weren’t benefitting me in a positive way. I am now left with significantly fewer blogs, but I am actually able to read every word now and really pay attention to what I am reading, instead of rushing through them. I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas lately, from Melissa’s organization challenge to Heather’s rest week, to some great recipes and workouts and just general life advice. So thank you ladies!
  • I can already tell that BeachBody is going to be a great company to work with/for, even though I haven’t really gotten started yet. I’ve been super busy yet and haven’t had the opportunity to put as much time as I would like into my business, but that will all be changing this weekend when I start to develop my own challenge group (and I really hope that some of you will decide to join me!). I’ve been doing a lot of training over this past week and now have a solid understanding of what I should/can be doing daily. I’m ready to get this going and learn to make an income from home.
  • The combination of TurboFire and yoga routines I’ve been doing is just about as perfect as perfect can be. I get my sweat on big time in the morning with Chalene Johnson and then wind down later in the day with Tara Stiles. Goodness, I wish I had unlimited hours in the day to get everything done. I hate feeling rushed during exercise, and that’s all I’ve been feeling lately. I’m trying to just breathe though it and tell myself that I have all the time in the world, but the truth of the matter is that I just don’t.

  • I’ve been staying up really late lately. And by late, I mean midnight. Midnight may seem like nothing for some of you guys, but it’s basically the middle of the night for me since I wake up around 5:30 every day. I just feel like I have so many things to get done on the computer and need to get them done before I go to bed or I won’t be able to sleep. Then I feel like I need to get up earlier than I need to so I don’t have to rush through my workouts, but I end up messing around on my iPad in the morning and being late anyway. Lose, lose.

  • I feel like everything is frustrating me lately. I have no patience and no motivation to hide my irritation. I’ve been trying really hard to just take a deep breath and move on, but that’s not always possible. I’m hoping that I’m able to get over this soon, but it’s really bad right now. My to-do lists aren’t helping with my stress like they usually do; I feel like more things are being added than I can handle and take care of. Especially since I have a different week next week (LA vacation), I’m freaking out about getting everything done in time! Since I have so much frustration and stress, I tend to take it out on my loved ones, which really isn’t fair. It feels good to just say that and get it out, but I hope these feelings go away soon!

  • I’m freaking out about going to Ellen next week. Our flight lands at 10:15am at LAX and we need to be in Burbank for the taping at 2:00pm. We have plenty of time to get there, since we’re renting our own car and it’s 20 miles away from the airport/hotel, but I’m still worried. What if there’s a flight delay? What if our car isn’t ready? What if the traffic is crazy? Keep me in your thoughts next Wednesday that I don’t lose my mind and that I’m not drunk by 7 a.m.

  • I’m starting to think that too many vegetables upset my stomach. I’ve been feeling really bloated and gross lately and can really only account it to the amount of veggies I’ve been consuming in the past few weeks. I love them, but I’m pretty sure that’s what is making me feel like crap. Any suggestions on good things to eat for lunch/dinner with less vegetables and no meat since I’m a vegetarian? Ugh, this is getting complicated.

  • Shopping makes me a lot happier than I previously thought. I went to the mall yesterday and simply buying a couple of new outfits put the biggest, goofy smile on my face. I hate spending money, but I love having new things. Honestly, I think online shopping is the best. Who doesn’t love getting mail?!

I think that’s enough randomness for one night. You can (hopefully) look forward to a normal post tomorrow. I’ll be back at home, back to my regular schedule, and working on my time management skills to lead a less stressful life.

Give me your random fact today!


  1. My legs and bum are burning since i’ve been holding a bridge for 2+ min :P go easy on yourself, love. Rest and taking care of yourself is more important than anything else. Whenever my stomach feels off from too many veggies, i increase my carbs with pasta, toast, sandwiches, rice, etc for a few days and it always makes me feel better within a day or two. Phone is always on if you need anything, love <3

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      That’s a pretty darn long bridge! Thanks for the advice…I’m going to follow that forsure :)

  2. SO jealous you are going to ELLEN! I will say prayers everything goes smooth and you make it there on time! How cool!!!

    I love wine too, I miss it soooooooooooooo much!!

    Shopping, instant happiness <3 agreed!

    Happy Thursday!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thank you SO much. I really appreciate that <3 I wish I lived closer and could be there to buy you a big glass of wine as soon as you can have it! I was out to lunch with the girls I nanny the other day at Olive Garden and the waiter insisted on giving me a sample of cab and the 5 year old I watch sighs and goes, “I can’t wait until I am old enough to have wine.” LOL.

  3. I must be honest… I am so jealous and kind of envy (not really) you that you get to attend a taping of Ellen! You my friend are one lucky girl!!! Have fun <3

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Aww, thank you! I better not get my hopes up too much. I have this crazy notion she’s going to like, call me up out of the audience or something haha

  4. I don’t think this is random! And we get to know you a bit better. I second everyone that said they’re jealous about the Ellen thing!

    I hope you don’t stress yourself out too much, if you haven’t already. :) I’m sure things get a little overwhelming when our to-do lists pile up and we don’t get enough done but I hope you’ll let yourself enjoy your vacation. It’s a vacation after all!

  5. I’ll have my fingers crossed for your Ellen adventure! Enjoy your vacation – some time off from “real life.” It sounds like that might be exactly what you need right now.

  6. What kind of veggies are you eating? Do you like tofu? In hope you have fun in L.A.! Ellen woo hoo.. aren’t you excited for Finding Dory too??? I cannot wait. 2015… btw, I know I may be late for this, but…


    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Aww, thanks hun! I really appreciate it :) I AM SO EXCITED FOR FINDING DORY. 2015 is too far away. I eat a lot of green veggies…broccoli, asparagus, green beans, lettuce, kale, etc. that kinda stuff. And I do like tofu! I don’t eat it very often though. Why??

  7. I like random rambling posts. :) I’ve been feeling frustrated and grumpy lately too so I understand.

    A random fact: Right now, I am eating Annie’s bunny grahams and they are amazing.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      ANNIE’S ROCKS. Every product they make continues to blow my mind. I think the gummies are still my favorite though.

  8. I love that you love wine :) And I love even more that someone bought you a bottle of wine!! How sweet is that?

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Made my night. I better not expect that to happen too often, haha. What wine is your fav??

  9. 1.) We are the same person.
    2.) Where can I find a nice lady to buy my wine? Hahah! That’s so sweet :)
    3.) I want to join your challenge!!!

  10. Kate @ Quarter Century Southern Living says:

    Midnight is definitely late in my book!! Ellen next week is so exciting!! I am happy for you. You will have so much fun :)

  11. Yay free wine! ;)

    Your organization plan sounds awesome.. it has to feel good to clean out things like your blog list! I have so many, I get overwhelmed and sometimes just end up marking them all as read :\

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Free wine is the best wine. Oh, I do that too with my blog reader. I’m really trying to only subscribe to the ones I LOVE in order to actually give time to them! It’s tough though, because I really like a ridiculous amount of blogs.

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