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It’s my last day. I am probably throwing a tantrum in the airport right now about not wanting to leave and Luke is embarrassed sitting in the corner pretending like he doesn’t know me. You think I’m kidding, but I am not. I haven’t even gone on my trip yet and I know I don’t want to leave. However, I’m sure I’m very excited to recap you all on it tomorrow!

This chick is my bestest friend. And I know her in real-life, too! Yes, a friend; I know. Crazy concept. She does a really good intro of our relationship, so I’m not messing with one. Just listen to her Smile


Hi everyone!!

So first can I say that aren’t we ALL jealous that Ally is in CALI right now!? I have always wanted to go there and sure many of you do as well! So I thought I would be a little “guest” blogger. Let me give you a little introduction here!

My name is Erica and I have been best friends with Ally ever since we were um… could poop our diapers ..basically. TMI? Sorry. We also live exactly 3 minutes away from each other and enjoy bike riding in our trails in the summertime and being obsessed with way too many TV shows. I am currently in my last semester at Grand Valley State in MI finishing my degree of Exercise Science with a Health/Fitness emphasis. I am Zumba certified and have taught this semester for my first time and LOVE it as well as teach circuit classes, train clients, etc. As you can already tell, Ally and I have lots in common since we both are in the health field!

So without further ado, here are some lovely little tips I came up with to help us along with our goals. I hope this helps you all as it does to me!

Trainer Tips #1

What have you always wanted to do? Write it down, goal set, and get to it!

“I want to be in better health”; “I want to feel better”; “I want to lose weight”; “I want to be stronger”; “I want to look better”.

Do you ever find yourself thinking or telling others any of the sayings above? Or possibly something similar to it? Why is that? Why do we constantly tell ourselves for months, even years, that we want to accomplish a specific achievement but are not able to follow through?

Goal-setting !!

1. First, think of a feasible goal that you are highly confident that you can achieve.

This should not be something that it easy for you, but also not something that entirely difficult to manage. For example, you should not pick a goal of exercising 5x/week if you never have exercised before. Likewise, you should not pick a goal of running 2 miles if you run half-marathons.

2. Make a plan.

We can say over and over again of how much we want something, but it’s not actually until we take one baby step forward that we are actually on our path of achieving it. For example, you can say over and over that you want to buy a house, but it’s not until you actually look at houses for sale that you are getting one step closer to completing your goal.

So how are you going to do this?? I challenge you to right now to think of where you would like to be with your goal. If it’s a health-related goal, start making reminders for yourself every day. Look at the calendar in a month-view and write down your goal each day so that you can actually see you are progressing and taking those baby steps. Cross those days off when you have completed your task.

3. Make yourself accountable!!

“There’s an app for everything” – Although humorous, yet basically true. Just one tech-savvy way of keeping yourself accountable, regardless of your goal.

Whether it’s drinking more water, getting to the gym more often, or increasing your energy, goal setting will get you to where you want to be. Don’t think of the big picture. Take and treasure each day as improving your health; one by one. It will become easier, but you can’t begin to achieve if you haven’t even begun!

Trainer Tips #2

Try group Exercise!

Many individuals get stuck in a rut by repeating their same workout routine over and over again. This can lead to boredom and possibly even fewer results. So why try group exercise?

1. Accountability

It’s so easy nowadays with our hectic schedules to skip the gym. It’s even easier to skip the gym when no one knows that you were even planning on going and you talk yourself out of it. Group exercise is a way to help you overcome that goal by setting a time for you that fits your schedule and sticking to it! You know the class is going to start without you, so it’s even more motivation to go!

2. Social reinforcement! AKA make some friends!

What better way is it than to surround yourself around others that have similar goals and successes that you want to achieve?? It’s extremely easy to start making “small talk” with a few participants in the classes. After going for a few classes, you expect them to be there and to catch up on the latest TV show gossip with them. If you don’t show up, you may feel as if you are letting the other person down…which helps with accountability!

3. Motivation!

Do you push yourself hard enough at the gym? Do you wish you had a personal trainer? Group exercise can act as if you do! By seeing others around you push themselves to the limit; it makes you want to be right up there with them. This helps increase your heart rate and possibly help you do things you might not have thought possible!

4. Still thinking Group Exercise isn’t for me?

Are you thinking, “Sure, that’d be great if I was coordinated- I can’t keep up with all those fast Zumba moves!” Think again. Don’t restrict yourself to just aerobics! There are offerings from yoga to pilates, aqua to cycling, and even small group training.

I challenge you today to whip out that big chunky planner of yours and to find one class a week for a month that you are able to attend (even look on weekends) and try different formats you never have had. You may find some you hate, but you may also find some you love. As the famous saying goes, “You will never know unless you give it a try!”

“The challenge, therefore, is to take pleasure in the “atmosphere of growth” in the gradual progress made toward a goal, in the present.”


I currently am finishing up an internship now and will graduate in 3 weeks! Crazzay. THEN, I have the INCREDIBLE opportunity to partake in the Disney College Program from mid-June to January in Orlando, FL. PUMPED! I actually already did the program once and am going back down again because I want to be there for the holidays and such. I also just got interviewed for a fitness internship position there which I would be STOKED if I get, but it is super competitive. Since we are in the blog world.. here is mine! I only am going to write it in regards to Disney, so if you like Disney, feel free to subscribe! (I’ll try to be as funny as Ally, but I’m not sure if I can be). This first post I wrote was super long, but you can see all the previous posts and “secrets” from last program I did. Enjoy!


She’s much funnier than I am, so don’t let her try to convince you she’s not. I know I will be reading every post she writes from Disney and being insanely jealous every day. I love her. Don’t you?? See ya tomorrow with hopefully some good news! Smile


  1. Great guest post! I love that this actually your friend, Allison! What a great idea. Who knew bloggers actually had real life friends :-P

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