More Los Angeles recaps!

Before I say anything, I just want to share how sad I am by the events in Boston yesterday. There needs to be more love in the world. <3

Thank you so much for all the love and support on my post yesterday! You guys are seriously the best. If I could, I would talk about that all day, every day, but I won’t do that because I’m sure I would get annoying really fast. So for now, I’ll just tell you about the rest of my trip Smile


On Thursday morning we woke up fairly early and headed to Rodeo Drive to do some shopping. We went to Urth Caffe for breakfast where I had some of the most delicious things I’ve had in my entire life: homemade granola with plain yogurt, some berry thing, and mint and a green “bubble tea” blended drink with fresh coconut. Oh my goodness. Amazing.



After that we started on our day of 27,000 steps. Yeah, we walked a lot. We wandered around Rodeo Drive for a while, window shopping at things we would never be able to afford. We stumbled upon a Pressed Juicery, where I got their “greens 3” drink, which was phenomenal. Luke did some major shopping, but I didn’t buy anything. I was still too worked up from the previous day! Right at noon (3pm Michigan time when Ellen airs) my phone started ringing and buzzing off the hook with people who were watching the show. When the lady I nanny for texted the video, I started crying again right there in the middle of the day in front of everyone. I just wanted to live that moment all over again! We ended up watching the video with the owner of a sunglasses boutique on Rodeo Drive, and she was just about the sweetest woman I have ever met in my life. She gave me her card and told me to get in contact with her if I ever end up back in Los Angeles, which I absolutely will!


After I finally calmed myself down, we decided to head over to Hollywood Boulevard for a while. I kid you not, we stayed for approximately 10 minutes, because it was so trashy. I never want to go back there again. All I wanted to do was see Ellen’s star, but we couldn’t even make it that far because there were people everywhere trying to sell us stuff and a man yelling that he was going to kill people. So needless to say, we left. We drove around for a little bit and then ended up at Café Gratitude for lunch. Once again, an amazing restaurant! Check out their website for sure. I got the “I am Magical,” which is a “homemade veggie burger on an organic whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, and spicy chipotle ketchup.” Um, wow. That’s all I have to say. Too bad I still had no appetite and could only eat half!



Then we wandered around Melrose Drive and decided to drive up in the hills and look at all the beautiful, big houses. My goodness gracious. If you don’t have motivation to be successful in life, just take a drive through the Hollywood hills and look at the houses and you will be inspired to do everything in your power to be a success and live there one day. It is absolutely amazing. This went on for quite a while, but I could have truly done it all day.


We headed to The Grove to do some more shopping and have dinner. I got an adorable new outfit at Athleta (with my 30% personal trainer discount it was even better) and we went to Cheesecake Factory to eat. I had never been there and loved it! I got their chopped veggie salad and some wine. Too bad neither of us were in the mood for cheesecake…next time for sure!


The night ended with us hitting up the Beverly Center so I could get some lip gloss and perfume from Aveda. The lady gave me some tea which was fantastic. Overall we weren’t that impressed with the mall and ended up leaving after only a little bit to go back to the hotel.


Friday was our beach day! We went to Manhattan Beach bright and early to do some shopping and see the water. We found a fantastic little family-owned pancake restaurant right by the beach and had an awesome meal outside. Then we spent some time walking around the shops and down by the water, looking at all the adorable houses. We didn’t stay nearly long enough and left to check out Santa Monica Beach. We strongly disliked it there. It was really touristy, and we wished we would have stayed at the other beach. Instead, we decided to go back downtown since we loved it so much the previous day!


We ended up in Studio City, which is a really cool little artsy area near Hollywood. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen, which I swear is actually better in California. After some walking around there, we drove around the hills to see more of the nice houses! Apparently we hadn’t had enough the previous day. I know this sounds crazy, but I really didn’t mind the traffic in LA, because there were actually things to look at there. I actually liked being stuck up on the big hills. It was beyond beautiful.


We were told by our waitress the previous night that we had to check out Sunset Strip, so we headed over that way for a little while. Awesome things to see…especially if you like Pretty Woman! We did some more shopping on Melrose and ended up seeing Kat Von D at Urth Caffe, who I wouldn’t have even recognized if Luke hadn’t pointed her out. We wandered around some shops and I got a super cute little gold bracelet from Marc Jacobs!


Then the real fun began. We went to The Ivy in Los Angeles for dinner. This was easily the nicest restaurant I had ever been to in my life. If you are ever in Southern California, I highly recommend you go. Yes, it is expensive, but it is more than worth it. Most of the tiny restaurant is outside and decorated like you would your own outdoor patio (if you were rich and had really great taste). There are pillows on all the chairs and the dishes and menus look like really classy Vera Bradley prints. The drink menu was super extensive, but our awesome waiter recommended The Ivy Gimlet (vodka, fresh lime, and home grown mint) which was “oh my goodness” amazing. I had a few…… Then for my main meal I got “penne with fresh tomato sauce, imported bufala mozzarella, garden basil, and extra virgin olive oil.” My goodness gracious. It would be bad news if I lived in LA, because I would want to go there every single day I think.


We had such great conversation with each other and even got to know the ladies sitting at the table next to us. They gave me some great suggestions for places to live in LA and were just wonderful to talk to. People in California are super nice!

Needless to say, I cried on the way back to the hotel, on the way to the airport, and on the way home. I don’t want to be back in Michigan Sad smile More on that tomorrow though…..tomorrow will be the last LA recap; promise! <3

What is the best restaurant you have ever eaten at?


  1. This trip looks amazing! As a midwestern girl myself, I too want to travel out there :)

  2. This trip just keeps sounding better and better! You guys must have been so busy while you were there, you fit in so much fun stuff :) my favorite restaurant might be this little road shack type place my mom and I ate at in the Bahamas. It was not fancy but they caught or farmed everything they served and the owner/cook was so so nice.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Ugh, we seriously were. But in a great way! That restaurant sounds perfect. Little, family-owned places are typically the best :)

  3. I love these recaps and I am so happy to see that you had such an amazing time!! <3

  4. Woah! You guys crammed a lot into the couple days you were there. Love the pink dress on you girl. You look beautiful.

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