Seeing something else.

Have you guys ever been somewhere other than where you live and been really sad to leave and go back home? Sure, I’ve had that feeling with beautiful vacations to the Caribbean, but typically I am excited to get back home and to my normal life. But that’s exactly what my life has become: normal. I am beyond bored with it and feel like I have so much more potential and capabilities than what I am currently using. It is the same thing, day after day, and I am not accomplishing anything productive in terms of pursuing a REAL life for myself. I adore the girls I nanny  more than words can describe. Training clients gives me joy. But I need more. I need to be happy in my personal life, not just in my professional life.


Traveling to California made me realize how much more is out there in the world for me to experience. I have always lived in Michigan; this is all I know. I have an amazing family, job, friends, and everything else here, but it’s just not enough for me right now. Ever since I was young I have thought California was the place for me, and ever since I started watching Ellen it has been a dream of mine to work for her. So who says my dreams can’t come true? It happens for people every single day, and I know if I really put my mind to it I can make it happen for myself as well.


Here’s the reasons I want to live in southern California:

  • warm, mild weather
  • emphasis on health and fitness
  • beach nearby
  • entertainment industry
  • things to do other than sit on the couch and watch TV
  • ability to walk a lot of places
  • people are very accepting of those with differences (or at least seem to be!)
  • opportunities everywhere

Here’s the reasons I want to work at The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

  • I have been to the show twice, and it is truly the happiest place I have ever been. I have not smiled so much in my entire life as I did in those two hours.
  • Ellen is the kindest, most generous person I know. She makes it her mission every day to help people and make them smile, and I cannot think of a better person to work with and learn from.
  • Her staff is just phenomenal! I could be a mini-Jeannie or even her assistant!
  • I would be so honored to have the opportunity to learn so much from such an experienced team. I want to work for a company (and for people) that have great values and focus on spreading love in the world.
  • It is just freaking fun. People are always smiling (except me when I cry, but I swear I would be able to hold it together) and laughing and just straight up loving life.
  • Ellen gives cocktails to her guests.
  • Everyone really seems to like each other, which is rare in a workplace.
  • She has such a beautiful relationship with Portia and has a ton of life experience to teach young, dumb people like me about.
  • I just love Ellen and feel like we would be friends if I could not be so damn emotional the one opportunity I get. The end.

I could go on about this topic for days, but I don’t want to bore you guys. The main point is that I am going to dedicate myself to getting a job at the Ellen show. I am going to start researching places to live in California for if my dream becomes a reality and really watching the money I spend so I can be prepared if I am offered the opportunity. I would be such a hard, dedicated worker and want to prove that to her! I know this is kind of out there, but it is extremely important to me that I am happy and do something meaningful with my life. Ellen can help me do that, and in turn I can help her and repay her for being so kind and wonderful to me and everyone else throughout her whole life. I want to help others and make their lives happy beyond belief, mine included. <3

What is your dream job?


  1. Never stop reaching for your goals hunnie

  2. Every time I watch Ellen I’m blown away by how kind an generous she is – and I wish I were able to do the same. And she gets to interview all the best people. I mean, really, she has the greatest “job”ever. I hope you’re able to achieve this goal of working for her – it’s a GREAT goal!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Exactly. She is SO working towards making the world a better place. Thank you for your encouragement! :)

  3. I honestly think you would be 128934x happier in California. I think I’ve always known that deep down and I’m sure you have too ;) You can take your business there easily and it will flourish like crazy! Keep e-mailing Ellen, I’m sure she will remember you by the video:) LOVE YOU!

  4. you really jump into what you want, that is inspiring.

  5. It seems that you know what you want and are ready and dedicated to work to get there. Keep reaching for your dreams! My dream job would involve marketing and promoting healthy foods, lifestyles and fitness activities.

  6. I would help you campaign to work for Ellen!! That would be so amazing!

  7. I love that you are putting yourself out there and really going for what you want out of life! You are an optimistic, motivated and inspirational woman and Ellen would be so blessed to have you as an employee! As a side note, if you’re looking for a roommate or friend to move to Southern Cali with you, please call me!!! ;) The hubs can survive with the dog while we work as servers/bartenders and stalk Ellen’s campus to get you a job!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      YOU are the best. Honestly. Thank you SO much. I think that you seriously should go to Cali with me….you think I’m kidding. I’m not! hahah

  8. I was going to just email you privately, but thought “screw it”, might as well just write a superlong comment. Besides, I probably already creeped you out on Twitter. ;)

    I know this feeling SO well.

    6 years ago, I was living in a mid-size Canadian city. Owned my own house, car, had an okay administrative job and was a freelance writer on the side. I was involved in the local comedy scene, but not as a performer (too scary!), great for me because comedy is the only thing I ever cared about. Everything was fine. But only fine.

    I went to New York. Not my first trip there, but my longest up to that point. I boldly took a week-long improv class, full of big city actor types who I felt totally intimidated by. I loved fighting my fears, loved the daily routine of the big city, loved how effortless it all felt by the end.

    I was back home, stopped at a red light downtown, in this very average city, in my very average white Sunfire, watching a larger woman in sweatpants and a Tweety Bird t-shirt shuffle across the street. That was my “I can’t do this anymore” moment.

    I put my house up for sale, got rid of the car, left my friends and family all behind.

    I now live in Toronto, because your immigration laws make New York impossible for me. But I did go down there and take comedy writing classes with two of my idols, which was bananas. I kept doing improv (wut), standup (wut?!), and toured a one-woman show (WUT?!). I’m co-writing a webseries, and have been working on a project that just got nominated for a bunch of Webby awards. I’ve hung out with people who I once only dreamed of meeting, and my friends have something like a dozen Emmys between them (maybe someday me?).

    I can’t even believe this is my life sometimes. Even when things are rough, and I’m doing horrible temp job to cover my rent, there’s no question I did the right thing.

    I don’t even know you, but I’m pretty confident this is good advice: if you feel the urge to go to California, do it. I can vouch for the follow-your-bliss thing. =)

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Oh my goodness gracious. Your story is SO inspiring. Thank you so much for taking the time to type this all out; it means way more than you know to me. It gives me hope that I’m making the right decision in pursuing this. I am ready for a huge thing! I would love to talk more if you want to send me your email address to [email protected]! :) <3

  9. I firmly believe that you can do anything you put your mind to.
    You can do it! :)

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