Tone It Up 2013 Bikini Series

I just have to share how excited I am for this!


Since I discovered these girls back in July 2012, I have only grown to love them more and more with everything they continue to produce. They are so dedicated to what they do and are getting to live their passion; everyone’s dream, right? They are extremely good at what they do and work really hard at making women feel comfortable with their bodies and have a fun journey along the way. Yesterday they launched their 3rd annual Bikini Series, and you better believe I signed up immediately!

Basically what it involves is signing up via their website, following what they say to do each day for exercise, eating “lean, clean, and green,” and checking in on social networks to keep yourself accountable and win prizes. This is a huge form of motivation for me. Since I am a personal trainer and work with quite a few different people, the last thing I want to do is make up a fitness plan for myself, too. I would much rather have someone tell me what to do! Check out their website for more information if you are interested, or submit your question in the comments below Smile

Last year the grand prize winners of the challenge got a trip to California to hang out with Karena and Katrina! I swear you guys, if that is the prize again, I will win. They are basically leading my dream life. If I was doing this whole fitness thing for The Ellen Show, it would be my exact dream life. I am not a big competitor at all; I can usually care less if I win a prize, find some money on the ground, or am given a present. I’m just not a huge stuff fan! But this would be something that I know would be great for me, so fingers crossed it’s an option! I know I could learn a ton from Karena and Katrina and want to thank them for everything they have given me in the past few months. I am determined to really get on board with the program this time. No more giving up!

A big part of the first day is also to journal intentions for the next 8 weeks that the series will run. By June 21 I will:

  • Buy a bikini that I am completely comfortable in
  • Tone up my arms that have lost some muscle in the past few months
  • Get rid of the extra weight in my stomach that has also come on in the last few months
  • Be happy in my body and not make excuses to constantly stay home because of it
  • Work out 6 days a week/1 hr. a day
  • Focus on eating whole foods and less of the packaged crap
  • Have made progress towards living in California/working for Ellen!

For any of my other health and fitness professionals out there, you know how easy it is to get so involved in your clients that you forget about taking care of yourself. I have definitely fallen into that rut lately, and I want someone to kick me out of it! So if any of you are interested in joining this challenge/lifestyle as well, I would absolutely love that Smile 

And also, if anyone is interested in learning more about the nutrition plan these girls developed, let me know and I would be more than happy to do a post about it.

What is one goal you have for yourself to reach before summer?


  1. I signed up for the Bikini Series too! It’s my first Tone It Up experience of any kind and I’m a liiiittle overwhelmed by everything that’s going on on their site haha. I guess I should set up my goals today. Thanks for writing about it :)

  2. I’ve been doing some tone it up videos on you tube on my off run mornings this week and love them! Huge fan of short circuits that you can repeat as many times as you want…thinking about looking into their dvd once we move! My goal before summer…be gentle to myself and find a full marathon plan to help plan runs this summer :)

  3. This looks awesome! I’d actually never heard of it before, but it looks so great. I think I will sign up as well!

  4. I am hoping to lose some of the extra weight I have gained this winter. I was training for a half marathon and running makes me so much hungrier than any other form of exercise and I have defiantly been eating too much. Another summer goal I have had is to get an internship that pertains more to my masters and focus on what I have been learning this year!

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      I gained extra weight too, so I’m right there with ya! We can help each other :) Your internship goal is fantastic…love that one :)

  5. This looks awesome! I have heard of them before but never looked into doing any of it, but I definitely will be now! This summer I hope to find a job/internship that has to do with where I want my career to go.

  6. I just jumped on board with this TIU thing!!! I did my first check in and linked to your blog :)

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