Bucket List

Do any of you have a bucket list? I have never made one of my own (Luke and I have made one together), and I figure it’s about time! I’m sure I will add a bunch to it over time, but here’s what I’ve got so far!

  1. Move out of Michigan for at least a year.
  2. Travel around Italy.
  3. Start my own health and fitness business.
  4. Learn how to speak another language.
  5. Work for Ellen.
  6. Go to all 50 states.
  7. Learn how to surf.
  8. Go to a country music awards show.
  9. Buy my own cat.
  10. Learn how to meditate.
  11. Run a marathon.
  12. Write a book.
  13. Be on a TV show.
  14. Spend an entire day in silence.
  15. Work out with Jillian Michaels.
  16. Take Ellen and Portia out for a drink.
  17. Eat completely vegan for at least 6 months.
  18. Swim the great barrier reef in Australia.
  19. Meet the little girl I sponsor in Guatemala.
  20. Pay the bill for a random person’s table at a restaurant.
  21. Live on a vineyard.
  22. Dedicate a year to traveling around the world and doing one kind, random act a day.
  23. Ride on an elephant.
  24. Have a job where I can ride my bike or walk to work.
  25. Be completely happy with myself and my body.
  26. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day.
  27. Meet a random new best friend.
  28. Go on a vacation with my 3 little sisters.
  29. Send my parents on their own vacation.
  30. Get professional photos taken.

And now I have started playing Candy Crush and will see you all in approximately a week. Just kidding. Maybe…..

What else should I add to my list so far?


  1. Love this list! I think you should add “get a dog” to it though ;) And, if you ever have a job that allows you to be able to walk to work, you will love it! That is what I do now and it is so nice to have the flexibility!

  2. My bucket list has a lot of the same things on it! I’ve been working on the 50 states things and making decent progress the last two years. There are few things more satisfying than crossing something off the list (I always add something new to it then too).

    Aaaand I’m addicted to Candy Crush too haha :/

  3. Great list. I had no idea that you sponsered a girl in Guatmela. How sweet is that!

  4. OOoo I just made my own summer bucket list!! #24! I have always wanted a job that was close enough to do that!

    Ohh and candy crush..when you run out of lives you just don’t know what to do :)

  5. Fun stuff, that’s quite a list! I especially like all the travel ones. :)

  6. I second Becky’s post! Dogs! :)

    I love your list though — I feel like it has a lot of variety. #23 rocks.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thanks! I have a million more things I have thought of over the last day that I want to add to it.

  7. Where do you live in Michigan? I am originally from outside of Detroit and was dying to get out. I have been away since 2004 and I am just now starting to miss it.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Near Rochester Hills! Like 40 minutes south of Detroit :) We probably would have lived very close! Where are you at now?

  8. Take me on all of these adventures with you please :)

  9. Oh man! Quite the list! Lots to do!

    I agree with a lot of the things on there ;)

    However, is it even possible to watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day?? haha

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