Welcome to my life.

Not that you all probably care about my super fascinating, exciting (note the sarcasm) life, but I figured I would share some pictures that describe me pretty perfectly right now.


Story of my life. I know it’s mean, but there are just some people that you are like, “Nope.”


I very rarely paint my nails, just because it gets chipped in 3 seconds, but if I did, this is the color they would constantly be.


If anyone can tell me where to find these shoes, I will be forever in debt to you. I may even buy you a pair in thanks.

Doing yoga. Lots and lots of yoga. Except I don’t look like that. I look more like an awkward cat.


Eating as many veggie bowls from Chipotle as humanly possible.

Watching this video. Oh my goodness gracious. Get ready to pee your pants.



Re-living this moment over and over. Today my mom told me I need to differentiate the fine line between persistence and annoyance. From here on out, I am vowing to be the most persistent person ever that wants to get a job with Ellen, and if I’m being annoying please come over and slap me. Would re-enacting that video from above be awesome or creepy? Awesome I hope, since now that the idea has popped in my head it’s all I basically want to do with my life.


Wearing the coolest shirt in the whole freaking world that my awesome friend Tara made for me. She has one, too. They say “I want to work for Ellen.” YES YES YES.


Hanging out with my girls and getting really excited when they will wear matching outfits. I wish it was acceptable to match my friends. That would be cool.


Eating delicious food. This is muesli from Costco (the holy land in my opinion) with banana. Uh, yum. I basically want to live in California because they have delicious, healthy food like this everyone. And wine. They have great wine.


Chilling with my sassy cat who gets really pissed when I stop petting her.


Watching a lot of Ellen and wondering where I can get that wine purse.


Finding this awesome frog outside and getting more excited than the kids.


Rocking my Ellen sunglasses and being really awkward taking pictures on the way to work with my giant forehead.


Loving this picture and this day!

Sorry my posts have been a little random and all over the place lately. I have been super busy this week, but all that will slow down because I have 2 weeks off nannying now! Still working at the gym, but I get a little vacation up north which is very exciting. See ya’ll tomorrow!

What’s going on in your life right now?


  1. Keep the random posts coming for as long as you want, girl…always enjoy them :) right now, i agree with the first picture, need to throw in some with running, and others with packing and that’s me right now haha

  2. Those two girls are SO cute!!! Also, I really hope you get your job to work with Ellen. I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody that wanted something so badly in their life! Definitely not a bad thing- you just know what you want :)

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Aren’t they adorable?! Thank you SO much. I have another really good idea that I will be starting tomorrow…fingers crossed <3

  3. Ughhh, Candy Crush is SO addicting! Mike always makes fun of me because I get wayyy too excited when I beat a level now. And OMG, Justin Timberlake on Ellen yesterday – so so good.

  4. After seeing that burrito bowl, I think I’m going to have to get one for lunch!

  5. Love the nail polish and yay for a vacation up north!! Have a great time!

  6. Your Ellen shirt is AMAZING!! Have fun going North for a vacation!

  7. Chipotle veggie bowls are my life. Also, those girls and their matching outfits are adorable :)

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Aw thanks! They were sick and I knew they were really sick because they let me match them, lol

  8. Ah most people do random posts. They’re the most fun :D

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