The Happiness Project: May!

I fully understand that everyone is going to be saying this today, but can you believe it’s already May?! I can still remember New Years Eve so vividly, that it pretty much seems impossible. Was I blogging at the very beginning of January? I’m not sure; I can’t remember. If not, I should probably tell you guys about my New Years because it was pretty darn good for the first time in my life. Anyway, back to May!

I’ve talked on here before that I’m reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin throughout the year. It’s about one woman taking a year of her life to find happiness. Sounds like a simple task, but she puts so much thought and effort and time into it; it is super admirable! The month of May is all about “being serious about play.” She says her four main goals for the month are to:

  • find more fun
  • take time to be silly
  • go off the path
  • start a collection

I am all about that! I have already been trying to loosen up a little (lot) bit in recent months, so this is another great incentive. Something important I took away from this chapter is, “just because something was fun for someone else didn’t mean it was fun for me.” Great point. Why do I have to do something just because everyone else is doing it if I hate it? I need to stop being such a people-pleaser!

I also learned how important it is to share my happiness with others. Gretchen says, “Studies show that each common interest between people boosts the chances of a lasting relationship and also brings about a 2 percent increase in life satisfaction. Group membership makes people feel closer and brings a significant boost in personal confidence and happiness.” I tend to keep to myself and find happy things to do on my own. Why not try to share them with others a little bit instead of locking myself in my room all day long?

She also talks about 3 types of fun: challenging fun, accommodating fun, and relaxing fun. This part was really interesting to me. Challenging fun is something that requires preparation, but has the greatest reward. Accommodating fun is something you primarily do for someone else, yet you end up enjoying and feel great about. Relaxing fun is something that requires minimal to no thought and is simply enjoyed for the heck of it. Here are my biggest examples of the 3 types of fun:

  • Challenging fun: exercising, writing, cooking
  • Accommodating fun: playing outside with kids
  • Relaxing fun: reading, watching TV, checking social media

There are obviously many other things I like to do for fun that I can’t necessarily decide which category they fit into, such as:

  • promoting/working on my business
  • meeting up with friends to talk
  • seeking education on health and fitness
  • cleaning/organizing (yeah, I’m nuts)
  • traveling

Is it sad that I can’t really think of other things I love to do right now? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows! I’m not going to push it. I’m trying to have that “whatever happens, happens” attitude about life until my goal of working for Ellen happens Smile with tongue out

One thing I do know is that I am super happy after a workout and when I can see payoff in my physical body and energy levels. Especially the Tone It Up workouts. I also know it makes me very happy to work online on my blog, my social media accounts, writing letters to Ellen, and other small tasks that may not be noticeable now, but will have a huge pay-off if I can be consistent with them. Consistency is key with me! Ew, I did not mean for that to rhyme like that. Sorry.

So yeah. That’s that. I don’t know how to end this post, because I am running late and gotta go! Have a great first day of May! Also, I am starting up a fitness challenge group via facebook on May 10 if anybody wants more details…. Smile

What makes you the happiest?


  1. I really love how you broke “fun” up into three separate categories. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of “fun” in that sense.

    What makes me the happiest: my husband.

  2. Girl, we need your happy attitude in California. MOVE!

    Things that make me happy… I’d say family, boyfriend, girl friends, and food. Not necessarily in that order ;) .

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      If I want to visit LA again will you go visit the bf that weekend so we can play?!

  3. You’re such a positive person! I love reading your posts because they always make me so happy :) I really want to read The Happiness Project, I have heard great things about it! Things that make me happy: my husband, my dog, days off and summer :)

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      That is such a sweet thing to say! I am really trying to turn my attitude around :) The book is great…you would love it. Summer weather is the best.

  4. This is a great challenge and I could definitely use it. I get caught up in trying to make my future happen that I sometimes look past the little things that make me happy like coffee, a good movie, exercise and baking! Love that your blog is always so positive!

  5. You are so positive and it is inspiring :) Ellen could use you on her team!

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