A weekend away.

Hey guys! How is it going?? A bunch of random, non-important things have happened over the past few days so let me catch you up on that Smile with tongue out


  • drove 3 hours up north with my best friend and may or may not have stopped at a wine tasting on our way


  • went and got some delicious, local pizza with my grandma
  • got manicures!
  • workout: 1 hour power walk


  • went downtown to get lunch and go grocery shopping
  • drink wine at noon :x


  • make a delicious dinner of sweet potato fries, asparagus, and more wine



  • workout: 40 minute run/walk, TIU malibooty 3x



  • went to my aunt’s house to visit for a few hours
  • made thin crust margarita pizza for dinner
  • went out on the town (note the sarcasm) and visited a few local bars


  • stayed up late enough to watch last week’s episode of SNL and be in bed by 11; aren’t we wild?


  • workout: 1.5 hour walk, TIU under the sea 3x


  • cleaned up, did laundry, and dishes


  • made a wonderful lunch of TIU sweet potato fries, Brussels sprouts, and strawberries


  • caught up on computer work and watched a lot of Real Housewives
  • had our own little Cinco de Mayo fest with guacamole and kale chips and some yummy drinks
  • workout: 45 minute run and 1/2 hour Tara Stiles yoga

Things are going well so far! Of course we did other random things during the days, like walk the dogs a lot, but it’s just been very relaxing and chill so far; perfect. And we still have all day today and tomorrow before we leave on Wednesday! Score. We actually have some real plans for the next few days; surprise, surprise.


Now I just want to talk about the Tone It Up 2013 Bikini Series real quick. I am 100% head over heels obsessed with Karena and Katrina (in a non-creepy way, I swear).

They have truly changed my outlook on health and fitness for the better, and I could not be more grateful to them. Since I am a personal trainer and a nutritionist, I tend to put all my time and energy into my clients and forget about myself in the process. It is so easy for me to help other people and ignore my own needs. K & K have showed me that it is possible to do both! They have given me a phenomenal lifestyle to follow that is fun, rewarding, and one that I love to share with others. I am so lucky to have my best friend Sarah to do the bikini series with; her accountability has been fantastic!



I am planning a trip back to California (hopefully!) in June or July, and I really, really hope I am about to go to Manhattan Beach and talk to Karena and Katrina about their business and how they stay so fantastic. Enjoy this random picture Luke took from the last time we were there, lol.


They have really motivated me to move forward with my own online health coaching business, and I don’t think I would have made this decision if it weren’t for them. They are so darn successful and get to do what they love with their best friend for a career; does it get any better than that?! I don’t think so. They are so realistic (always post pictures drinking wine; my soul mates since it’s 2pm on a Sunday when I am writing this and I have a glass next to me) and make working out and eating healthy seem like a breeze. Which it is! I think it is sad how it is normal to eat crap and lay on the couch all day in our country. Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy and lead their ideal life. I am getting there, but need to move to California to top it off!

Ever since discovering Tone It Up in August 2012, my mindset on health has changed. I am able to provide my clients with better motivation, since I am motivated myself. I am able to crave healthy foods for the first time in my life, instead of throwing crap in my mouth just because (most of the time Smile with tongue out). I am starting to look forward to my morning runs, when running used to be hell for me. I get antsy if I sit still for too long and always look to TIU for a quick routine during commercial breaks of my favorite shows. These wonderful women have made me a happier person, and I would love to give anyone else more information if they are interested in purchasing a nutrition plan or even jumping on board with the bikini series!

And maybe the grand prize of the series will convince you to join: a trip anywhere in the entire world from Contiki Vacations for you and a friend! Is that insane or what?! What generous people! My friend Sarah and I are doing the series together and really are hoping we are able to win the trip (obviously), but at least for me, the journey to get to the end of the series is more important than any prize. I just want to be healthy and confident with my body and would love for every other woman in the world to feel the same. Thank you Karena and Katrina <3


My friend Hannah shared this picture with me, which I thought was very appropriate for this post:


If you won a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?


  1. It looks like you had a great weekend!!! :)

    If I could go anywhere, it would definitely be Australia. And New Zealand. Le sigh.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Yes, let’s go! My grandma went to New Zealand a few years ago and said it was the coolest place she had ever been.

  2. I am so happy that you guys had such a fabulous weekend (and slightly jealous that so much wine was consumed haha). I hope you can make the California trip work, love…I think that would be an awesome exerience for you, meeting the girls and getting out there again. Anyone who changes your outlook on fitness that much is awesome, and I’m glad you introduced them to me too :)

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thanks love! When I come visit you, ridiculous amounts of wine will be consumed :) I am working on California! <3

  3. Looks like you’ve been having a lot of fun in your life. I love all your photos… and those shoes, girl they are adorable!!!

  4. I have been thinking about joining the bikini series and this post might just be the final push! :)

  5. GIrl, your positivity just made my whole day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Move to California! You’re such an L.A. girl! You, Ellen, Karena, and Katrina can all hang out ;) .

  6. Love that your having a great time with your friend and grandma! A trip anywhere, sounds awesome, I would pick Australia or Greece! Both have been on my dream list as long as I can remember.

    • allison.hayes91 says:

      Thanks Nicole! Greece would be amazing. Ever since I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I wanted to go there.

  7. Becky @ Olives n Wine says:

    This post gave me the BIGGEST smile this morning :) I love how positive you are and of course all of the wine in your weekend! If I could go anywhere it would be Italy

  8. I love how you are so positive and happy! If I could go anywhere, I would probbably travel ALL around Europe.

  9. You have to get out to California again!! I am still working when I can go but any chance you have to take it to get there! So glad you are having fun with your friend on vacation!

  10. Love the randomness! And everything looks like so much fun! :)

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