Current state of mind survey.

I saw this survey over on Melissa’s blog the other day and thought it was super interesting, so here ya go!

I feel….

Content, laying on my couch, drinking coconut water, and catching up on blog stuff.


Hot, because I am constantly carrying kids around all day and holding their sweet, but sweaty little hands.


Antsy, because I know there’s someplace else in the world I am meant to be.

I want….

Another cat.


To win the lottery.

For everyone to be nice.

I have….

Two amazing jobs.

Three younger sisters.


A bottle of spiced apple wine in my fridge waiting to be drank.

I am thankful for….

My parents letting me still live with them.


My parents paying for my college.

My parents buying me a car. Apparently they rock.

I would like to….

Travel to every single place in the world I would want to ever possibly want to live before I make a decision.


Have someone put me on a plane to California and make me live there for at least 6 months, because I don’t know what it will take for me to do it on my own.


Adopt all the children in the world that don’t have a home.

I dream about….

THE WEIRDEST SHIT EVER. I’m not even going into detail because I will freak you all out and you will never read my blog again.

I prefer….

Coffee over tea.


The Bachelor over The Bachelorette.

Walking over driving my car.

I am passionate about….

Helping people get healthy and get their lives on track and love their bodies.




Being successful.

I am happy when….

I wake up on a random weekday with no where to go and I can work from home all day.

I leave yoga class.

I eat really good food.


I am looking forward to….

Going to California in August.

Turning 22 and being able to sing, “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.”

Seeing the Jonas Brothers in July.

I have never….

Ridden on a real roller coaster.

Tried sushi, although I really want to.

Liked big crowds.

I would never….

Ride in a helicopter, unless Ellen was with me.

Give up wine.


Run a marathon. I would die I think.

I am always able to get cheered up….

By wine.


By sleeping.

By watching Real Housewives and remembering things could be worse.

I enjoy….





I appreciate….

My family.


Army people.

Jenna Marbles.

I know….

How to cook.


That I am the most indecisive person in the world and change my mind every 5 minutes.

How to wrap Look at me now by Chris Brown & Busta Rhymes.

I used to….

Count calories like whoa.

Be a competition dancer.


Like to stay up late.

I never expected….

To graduate college and do something completely opposite than what I got my degree in.

To hug Ellen DeGeneres.


To make money doing what I love.

I wish….

That I would just suck it up and move to California already. This would be easier if Ellen would call me already…I’m still waiting lady Smile with tongue out

That I could be Miley Cyrus’ best friend.


That Jillian Michaels would be my trainer.

Your turn!!


  1. You’ve never had sushi!!? It’ll become a staple for you when you move to Cali :)

  2. You’ve never ridden a real roller coaster?! Oh my we need to change that!! This was really cool to find out more about you! Love it!

  3. If Jillian was my trainer I would be ripped! hhaha, she is kick ass

  4. Agreed that The Bachelor is 1000x better than The Bachelorette.

    It’s always more fun to see a big room of girls (in pretty dresses, no less) fighting!!

  5. Oh man sushi is the best! So plan on moving to California to work for Ellen get sushi with Miley Cyrus after working out with Jillian! :)

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