The best ecards ever.

Best Ellen quote ever: “A study found that women speak approximately 20,000 words a day and men speak 7,000. This is because they found a protein that makes women more talkative, and that protein is called chardonnay.” Story of my life. I turn into one of the ladies on The View if you put some wine in me.

Anyway, you obviously know that I am obsessed with ecards, because I post them every day and they describe my life. I should start writing those. I wonder how much that pays.


  1. Ahhh girl thank you so much for this. I needed this more than I can possibly say!!

  2. Haha this really cheered me up! I especially love the first quote and the one about the middle of the sentence interupting…I hate people that interupt! x

  3. Hhahah I love ecards. These are great :)

  4. So funny. i love reading ecards!

  5. I love these!! The 8 inches one gets me every time :)

  6. I absolutely love these cars. The first one and mansion one are my faves. They’re just the best.

  7. Obsessed. I absolutely love these. I’m totally dying over here. XOXOXOXO.

  8. Oh my god. Amazing. E cards make the world go round. And that Ellen quote – I die!!! Bahahahahahah SO SO true ;) I kind of want to get that framed for my future office!

  9. Bahaha these are too funny! Is it horrible that I think like that on more than one occasion!

  10. The marathon/cupcake one is one of my favorites! I love e-cards too, sometimes I search them on Pinterest and just laugh to myself as I scroll through.

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