Happy Monday!

This is a really weird week for me, because it’s the last week before I start training for my new job. So it’s basically the last week where I’m going to have free time for a while. Even though it is going to be no fun to cut down my time with my girls and my current clients, it is going to be wonderful to have a full-time, set schedule. I haven’t had that in a really long time and fingers crossed I am happy with it in a few months and I buy my own place and finally have my own life. Say a little prayer, because if that doesn’t happen soon I may just lose my mind.

I seriously had one of the most un-productive weekends of my whole life, but it was super fun. On Thursday I went to preschool and kindergarten graduations for two of my little girls. My sister had her prom, which was unbelievable. Then I went to a country bar with two of my college roommates and had a super awkward night, but story of my life. Nothing new there.

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Friday I did absolutely nothing except get a facial and go out to dinner with my family for my mom’s birthday. Then I babysat for a while and after that went out and got wine with my best friend from high school.

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Saturday and Sunday I had huge plans to study for my NASM personal training exam and catch up on blog stuff so I’m not overwhelmed with it this week, but that certainly didn’t happen. Instead I went for a couple of long-ish runs, watched a lot of Daily Grace videos, watched Identity Thief, played candy crush and got really mad that I’ve been stuck on level 65 for forever and a day, and laid on the floor and laughed with my sister. What an over-achiever I am.

And now, since I figured this is supposed to be a health and fitness blog and I should probably talk about something along those lines, here is a random survey, because I’m not creative enough to come up with a topic on my own:

  1. Five fitness items I can’t live without: Can’t live without? That’s a little excessive now, isn’t it. I could definitely live without these things, but I do enjoy treadmills, my cute little lime green Target dumbbells, Champion spandex shorts, ponytail holders, and my iPod.
  2. Favorite pre-workout snack/meal: I really can’t eat anything before I exercise. I know that’s like “against the rules” and stuff, but I just don’t care. It makes me feel disgusting. I drink water and that’s about it.
  3. On my fitness bucket list: Even though it is absolutely insane, I would love to run a marathon one day. I would also love to go camping and go on like a legit hike in California or some other cool place. And learning how to scuba dive would be cool, too, but I don’t know if that counts.
  4. Must-have tech tools: I have this watch that I always wear that tracks steps and mileage and all that jazz. It’s about as simple as you can get, but it works for me. I also could never even do one squat if I didn’t have my iPod.
  5. Top exercise gear: Nike cross-trainers, ponytail holders, headbands, and VS sports bras. That’s it. I’m simple. Oh, but I really like the pants I got from Athleta in California, even though they were a million dollars and I will probably never buy anything from that store again.
  6. Motivational mantra: Haha, that is super cheesy. Sorry. Except one time I did pretend like Jillian Michaels was chasing me when I ran my first 5k and kept thinking I was going to just sit down and cry.
  7. Next big exercise goal: I really, really want to do the Tough Mudder in a couple of weeks. I need to decide like, now, though, because it is just getting more expensive by the day. And I also need to start training like crazy if I am really going to do it. The fact that I need to lay on my floor and feel like dying for a half hour after I run 6 miles probably isn’t the best sign.
  8. Favorite cardio exercise: Running. The end.
  9. Favorite strength move: I adore the Tone It Up girls routines. This one is one of my current favorites.

I am so excited for tonight, because I am actually going to be home to watch The Bachelorette and Mistresses on time, in bed, and with my wine. I seriously could not think of a better way to spend my evening.

What was the best thing you did this weekend?


  1. I am dying to do a tough mudder too! cherish this last week of freedom!

  2. I planned on studying for my NASM this weekend too… but that was quickly replaced by lounging and running.. oops! Wish we could study together!

  3. Two words: free. wine. Yep, that made my weekend. Oh and beautiful friends, coffee and naps :)

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