Why I live a zero waste life

Zero waste simply means that you do not produce any waste at home and you may have found another way of may be dealing with your junk disposal to avoid having waste. Recycling maybe an option or decomposing your junk to use in other purposes like in farms. Junk disposal really needs to be taken care of because it might bring more harm even we think that we are making our homes clean. If your home is becoming cluttered then you should become worried because poor junk disposal because there is something you not doing right. One of the reason I live a zero waste life is that living in a clean place looks and feels good. When a place is clean and organized makes you feel better and you are not afraid of inviting your friend over or don’t feel kind of awkward when you get unexpected visitors. Having a clean living room all the way to the kitchen makes you feel quite fine.

Another reason why I live a zero waste life that because it’s a proved fact that if you are clean then you tends to be productive at work. A research has it that if you live in a clean environment it makes you focused and more productive. Living a clean place also is good for your mental health. According to a research done by the University College of London, sweating while doing your house chores not only maintain cleanliness but also makes your mind healthier. The survey suggested that exercise frees your mind from depression. Clearing of junk is by itself an exercise. Living a zero waste life also makes you more creative since your mind is free hence you are able to focus on other things. A clean environment is also healthy for children. Children will always be cheeky and run after each other around the house but you wouldn’t want to imagine if your child run across banana peels. It would send them to an injury or worse. A zero waste environment makes you feel comfortable when your kids are around because you are sure they will not be endangered in any way.

A zero waste life will also ensure you are not in any way breeding bacteria in your house. If I am in a clean house there is no fear of that because we all know that diseases will always come along with dirt in place. If am in a clean environment I will have nothing to worry like the growth of molds and the sort. A clean kitchen will also encourage you to cook. If your junk disposed in a good manner that might encourage you to spend more time in your kitchen if you love cooking. Junk disposal has a lot of benefits hence we should make it a habit of living in clean environment.


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