A very serious question.

Do you like popsicles or ice cream better in the summer? I truly can’t decide. I bring this up, because I had both yesterday and both were equally as wonderful and I am just wondering if anyone has something important to say on this topic.

Although I do want to really know what you think about that, my real question is actually somewhat applicable to something that matters in life. Would you rather be busy or have a bunch of free time? I have had the serious luxury of being able to make and adjust my own schedule for the past year, and I am just now going back into a corporate environment and not having that choice anymore. It’s definitely a huge adjustment to not make those kinds of decisions for myself anymore, but it’s one less thing I need to plan out, which is absolutely a plus. I get so stressed out trying to coordinate everything, so I am actually beyond relieved to have someone else do it for me. And to think that I wanted to be a wedding planner in college. Hilarious.

During this week alone, 5 different things came up that I hadn’t been planning on. Although at first I kind of freaked out and probably still am a little bit without even realizing it, I’m loving the fact that I don’t have a choice and my schedule just is what it is. I am the worst decision-maker in the whole world, and it is nice to be able to use work as an excuse now instead of knowing that I have the power to move things around. Even though this new job will definitely cut into my precious reality TV watching time, I think I can deal as long as TiVo is around. I don’t think I mentioned this, but I am working at a hugely popular fitness club chain and obviously have a membership there now, so it will be super easy to workout myself before I work. I also live close enough that I can run there and shower in the locker rooms before my shift, which makes me smile so big just thinking about it. Weird that running makes me smile. That scares me half to death.

On the other hand, I do not do well when I don’t have more than enough time to workout, clean, blog, respond to e-mails, watch my shows, and all those other unnecessary, but important to me, things. I know there are much bigger things to worry about and that these are all things that do not need to be done immediately and in the super quick fashion that I do them, but I get really overwhelmed if I am ever behind on something. I know I need to remember that I am cutting down time on other jobs I have been doing for a regular basis during the past year, but that just hasn’t set in yet. Am I crazy? Probably. I know I just need to get used to this new schedule,  but I am probably going to be a hot mess during the next month or so.

With that being said, if this blog gets pushed to the side or if my posts are just off the wall ridiculous, please forgive me. I’m just trying not to lose my mind with all that I have going on right now. I am super excited to start this new job and hopefully make it a career and I can be done with this whole “finding myself” thing. Although let’s be real, I have tried anything and everything (job-wise) during the past 7 years and fitness is the only thing that I have actually enjoyed and wanted to excel in. So I think I’m pretty much stuck here, whether I like it or not. And I am very lucky, because I love it. So fingers crossed this all goes well!

What’s your job? Do you like it? And I really hope you say yes, because if you say no that is going to make me very sad :(

Happy Monday!

This is a really weird week for me, because it’s the last week before I start training for my new job. So it’s basically the last week where I’m going to have free time for a while. Even though it is going to be no fun to cut down my time with my girls and my current clients, it is going to be wonderful to have a full-time, set schedule. I haven’t had that in a really long time and fingers crossed I am happy with it in a few months and I buy my own place and finally have my own life. Say a little prayer, because if that doesn’t happen soon I may just lose my mind.

I seriously had one of the most un-productive weekends of my whole life, but it was super fun. On Thursday I went to preschool and kindergarten graduations for two of my little girls. My sister had her prom, which was unbelievable. Then I went to a country bar with two of my college roommates and had a super awkward night, but story of my life. Nothing new there.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

Friday I did absolutely nothing except get a facial and go out to dinner with my family for my mom’s birthday. Then I babysat for a while and after that went out and got wine with my best friend from high school.

photo 5

Saturday and Sunday I had huge plans to study for my NASM personal training exam and catch up on blog stuff so I’m not overwhelmed with it this week, but that certainly didn’t happen. Instead I went for a couple of long-ish runs, watched a lot of Daily Grace videos, watched Identity Thief, played candy crush and got really mad that I’ve been stuck on level 65 for forever and a day, and laid on the floor and laughed with my sister. What an over-achiever I am.

And now, since I figured this is supposed to be a health and fitness blog and I should probably talk about something along those lines, here is a random survey, because I’m not creative enough to come up with a topic on my own:

  1. Five fitness items I can’t live without: Can’t live without? That’s a little excessive now, isn’t it. I could definitely live without these things, but I do enjoy treadmills, my cute little lime green Target dumbbells, Champion spandex shorts, ponytail holders, and my iPod.
  2. Favorite pre-workout snack/meal: I really can’t eat anything before I exercise. I know that’s like “against the rules” and stuff, but I just don’t care. It makes me feel disgusting. I drink water and that’s about it.
  3. On my fitness bucket list: Even though it is absolutely insane, I would love to run a marathon one day. I would also love to go camping and go on like a legit hike in California or some other cool place. And learning how to scuba dive would be cool, too, but I don’t know if that counts.
  4. Must-have tech tools: I have this watch that I always wear that tracks steps and mileage and all that jazz. It’s about as simple as you can get, but it works for me. I also could never even do one squat if I didn’t have my iPod.
  5. Top exercise gear: Nike cross-trainers, ponytail holders, headbands, and VS sports bras. That’s it. I’m simple. Oh, but I really like the pants I got from Athleta in California, even though they were a million dollars and I will probably never buy anything from that store again.
  6. Motivational mantra: Haha, that is super cheesy. Sorry. Except one time I did pretend like Jillian Michaels was chasing me when I ran my first 5k and kept thinking I was going to just sit down and cry.
  7. Next big exercise goal: I really, really want to do the Tough Mudder in a couple of weeks. I need to decide like, now, though, because it is just getting more expensive by the day. And I also need to start training like crazy if I am really going to do it. The fact that I need to lay on my floor and feel like dying for a half hour after I run 6 miles probably isn’t the best sign.
  8. Favorite cardio exercise: Running. The end.
  9. Favorite strength move: I adore the Tone It Up girls routines. This one is one of my current favorites.

I am so excited for tonight, because I am actually going to be home to watch The Bachelorette and Mistresses on time, in bed, and with my wine. I seriously could not think of a better way to spend my evening.

What was the best thing you did this weekend?

All over the place.

I am starting to think that the phrase all over the place is the only way to describe my life. I have so many random thoughts in my head that don’t go anywhere but chill there and then I put them in a note in my iPhone and then I forget about that and then I remember when it’s not important anymore and then I freak out and the cycle repeats over and over and over. So here are all the random things I’m thinking right now so maybe I can look back on this post and remember, although there is a 99.9% chance that I never will. Good. Oh, and I really like bullet points. Can you tell?

  • Did anyone watch that new show Mistresses on ABC Monday night? Oh goodness. It’s like Desperate Housewives, only faster and with extremely beautiful people. I am super happy about that. Good job network producers. You knew you had to do something to make up for how terrible The Bachelorette is this season.

  • I want to do this. Help.
  • I am so ridiculously obsessed with Miley Cyrus’ new song. I think I have been playing it non-stop since she released it yesterday. I am praying so bad that this means she is going to go on tour with Demi Lovato and all my dreams are going to come true. She’s single now guys. Not sure what that means, but I’m not mad about it.

  • Speaking of music, on my off 5 minutes from listening to Miley, I have been listening to the Ingrid Michaelson Pandora station and I cannot get enough. I kind of want to be her or invite her over to my house for cereal or something like that. She’s just so darn cool. I wish that I was tech savvy like some of you are and could make one of those cute little pictures with all my favorite songs right now, but I just have no clue how. So, sorry. I could screen-shot my iTunes, but guess what? Don’t know how to do that either! Thumbs up for being a college graduate.

  • I got a legitimate job! I don’t want to say a lot about it, but it’s full-time and I will still be nannying my girls one day a week, so I’m going to be super busy, but it’s all good. I need to grow up one of these days and apparently that day is like, tomorrow. Oh, and it’s a fitness job. Score.
  • I was *thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis* close to going to California this weekend to visit a good friend, but then unfortunately remembered that I am poor and cannot afford a last-minute plane ticket. And now I am very sad. I know I am going to regret it this weekend (not going), but I really just don’t have that kind of money at all. On the bright side, I have not a thing to do this weekend, so hopefully I can be productive for once in my life and catch up on all the little random things I need to do and people I need to see and all that jazz. If anyone has a plane and wants to fly me to LA though, I certainly would not be angry.
  • This is my friend Tara’s YouTube channel. She wants to work for Ellen as much as I do (if not more!), and we went on an adventure the other day. Check it out. So many links in this post! Again, too bad I can’t do anything with technology and actually put the video into the post. Teach me.
  • I’ve been running so much lately. Weeeeeird. I think it’s because I’ve gotten so much random, new music that I love and I just want to listen to it over and over and it’s more socially acceptable to do that while on a run than just laying in bed in the middle of the day for no reason. I might be doing a Tough Mudder in a couple of weeks. Oh goodness. Has anyone ever done it before that can convince me I wouldn’t die?

  • I would give up just about anything in the whole world right now to go back and re-do college. I know I’ve said that before, but it really was the best time of my life and I did not take advantage of everything that I should have. I am lucky that I made some absolutely amazing friends there, but I miss them like crazy and just want to have a reunion in approximately 5 minutes. I don’t know if it helps to talk to them, because that just seems to make me miss people even more. That was a confusing statement if I’ve ever heard one.


  • These words are about to come out of my mouth and I am totally going to regret them, but I really want to do a juice cleanse again. Why? I have no idea. Told you I can’t make up my mind for more than 5 minutes.

  • It is my wonderful mother’s birthday today! To tell you the truth, I really don’t know how old she is and she would be very angry with me if I posted it on here anyway. She’s a cool lady. I do actually owe her for my life, but also for everything she’s given me over the past (almost) 22 years. No matter how messed up I have been, she’s never given up on me which is way more than I can say for anyone else I’ve ever known. And she sent me a card every week at college, which was super sweet. And she took my crying phone calls numerous times throughout the day and in the middle of the night. And now she lets me live with her and gives me food and doesn’t get (too) mad when my sisters and I act like complete fools. I love her.


This is random and long enough, so bye. Have a wonderful Wednesday! <3

What should I do this weekend?!

Fun Facts

Here’s a bunch of useless things you never needed to know about me, because I have to do something like this for work and I am also very lazy right now and don’t want to think of a better idea. (:

  • I am obsessed with brushing my teeth. I use two different mouthwashes and I actually do floss my teeth every morning and every evening. I am a freak; I know.
  • I could lay on the couch and pet my cat and watch How I Met Your Mother all day every day. Very high maintenance.

  • When I was 5-ish I fell on my neighbors driveway and his dad had to carry me home and now I have a little lightning bolt scar on my knee that makes me feel one with Harry Potter and that makes me very happy.
  • I have never tried any meat in my life other than chicken.
  • I can have my nails painted for approximately 1.3 days before I get frustrated with them and pick it all off. I always get chastised when I get my nails done, because they are so weak and gross. The lady then tries to convince me to get their “super manicure” or whatever the hell it’s called, and I proceed to tell her that I’m poor.
  • I would really like to have a YouTube channel or an online business and work from home and never have to put real pants on if I don’t want to.
  • My favorite food in the world is dry honey nut cheerios. WILD. So much so that I had to bring some to church the other day. Like I can’t go a freaking hour without having a snack.

  • I kissed Aaron Carter. If only I could find the picture….

  • If I could be on any TV show it would be Glee and I would be Quinn, because she’s really pretty and who doesn’t want to be able to bust into song at any opportunity you wish and not be judged for it?!

  • I put 3 piercings in my ears when I was like 14 with my friend Stephanie in my bathroom. Momma wasn’t too happy about that one.
  • If I had money, I would get a massage every single week. I think I would be a significantly happier person if I could do this.
  • There was this one time when I was in Italy and my friend and I got lost in Rome and just decided to sit down and have some wine instead of freaking out about it, and that was probably one of the best days of my entire life.


  • I hate hotels. I actually hate sleeping anywhere that isn’t my own bed.
  • I think I am most excited to move out not so I can have my own life and grow up a little bit, but so that I can get another cat.


  • College was the best time of my entire life and I would give just about anything right now to go back and re-do it.


  • If I am not out of Michigan by this time next year, one of you needs to come kick me out of my own house.

And now that you know everything you never needed to know, I’m going to bed. Byeeeeeee.

Random fact about you. Ready set go.

Things I learned since graduating college.

  • You will have a million different jobs in your lifetime, and you will probably hate all of them in one way or another until you find what’s perfect for you. You haven’t found your ideal career path until you are excited to get up each and every day and go to “work.” Except it won’t be like work since it is your passion and your life.


  • It’s okay to not be busy all the time. You worked your ass off for 16 years throughout elementary school, high school, and college. It will be interesting to watch TV at night without having homework or studying to accompany it, but that’s okay. You’ll get used to it. You’ll turn to looking up pictures of cats online instead.


  • You will meet a lot of people you don’t like, but have to get along with anyway. You’re going to have to learn to be patient and take a breath so you don’t flip out at all the ignorance in the real world. But then over time you’ll realize that everyone is different and you should just be nice and that is that.


  • Even if you move home after graduation, you are not the same person you were in high school. You will see things in a different light and think of all the high-schoolers as children. It is weird to look at your hometown through different eyes, but not necessarily bad weird. Just different.


  • You will have a really tough time learning how to balance work and your personal life. Maybe you will make it work, and maybe you won’t. Maybe you will lose some friends, and maybe you will make new ones. You will do a lot of thinking about what you really want in life and that will eliminate a lot of people from your life that aren’t on the same page as you.


  • You will be really confused. Like, all the time.


  • You will change your mind every 3 seconds on average.


  • You will feel like you should grow up and get married and have kids and the end, but then you will realize that you just want to play for a few more years and enjoy the simplicity while you still can.


  • Vacations will be your best friend.


  • It is okay if you start to watch the news and drink black coffee and listen to podcasts and go to bed by 9 p.m. It just means that you’re becoming a boring adult. No big deal.


  • You will cringe whenever you see someone on Facebook post about finals or studying. Your heart will break for them, because you know how bad it sucks.


Okay, so maybe these are just things that apply to me, but I can’t be the only person that feels this way!

What is something you have learned since graduating college?

What. Is. Up.

Okay, seriously, I want to know what you’re doing right now as you read this?! As I write this on Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m., I am drinking a beer, eating fruit snacks, and watching a documentary on Miley Cyrus. Don’t I lead an awesome life?! *note the sarcasm* And want to know my wild plans for the rest of the evening? I actually have to do something productive and pick up my prescription from the pharmacy, but after that Luke and I are getting Bagger Dave’s for dinner (hello sweet potato chips) and attempting to have a picnic outside, followed up by the new episodes of The Middle and Modern Family (FINALLY!). And then in the morning I leave to go up north with my friend Audrey for a week. SCORE. I like having a little bit of time off.


Speaking of time off, after I get back from my little trip, my nannying schedule will be dropping down to 2 days a week, and then probably just 1 shortly after that. This will leave me with much more free time to work on my own business and building up my personal training clients. This is great, because that’s really what I want to focus on right now, but I know that I am going to feel guilty. You can bet that I am going to bust my butt on my fitness work, but it is going to seem like I am doing nothing, because I’m trying to start an online business! My main concern is that I still live with my parents, and I don’t want them to think I’m being lazy. I have learned that my business is not going to happen unless I have time to dedicate to it, which I haven’t in the recent months. I will now, but I need some advice on how to accept that! I heard a quote the other day (I think it was from Jillian Michaels) that if you are able to have some free time, take it with no doubt in your mind. Focus on what is important to you and use that time to shape the way the rest of your life is going to go. I agree. So if Ellen were to call me sometime in the next week and offer me a job, I wouldn’t be mad at all.


Since I have had the past few days off, I have had a ton of time to play catch-up with emails, blog stuff, beach body stuff, training stuff, workout stuff, cleaning stuff, and just everything else. It has made me feel prepared to take a vacation for the first time in, ever. I did some packing yesterday. Don’t judge me that it looks like I’m leaving for a month….I swear it’s only 5 days.



I got a great workout in:

  • Tone It Up HIIT workout (20 minutes)
  • Tone It Up bikini booty workout (12 minutes)
  • TIU random toning videos (15 minutes)
  • Tara Stiles yoga (20 minutes)

I also had a super yummy breakfast of yogurt, banana, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and the best granola in the world from Costco of course. I had some green tea and my cat on the side.


And just for your pure enjoyment, can we just appreciate how freaking cute/beautiful my cat is? My sister actually found her in the driveway a year ago, and we kept her. And yes, her name is whitecat. No capitals. No spaces. Just whitecat.



Then I went to the lady’s house I nanny for with my friend Nikki (and their other nanny!) to clean out the playroom. Seriously, tell me what a damn good job we did. We were proud.


So what did I learn yesterday……

  1. I want to be Hannah Montana in my next life.
  2. Beer on a hot day is the best.
  3. I really like fruit snacks, like way too much.
  4. I think about Ellen way too much.
  5. My sisters are funny.
  6. Michigan drivers suck.
  7. I really like my new iPhone.
  8. My cat is the bomb.com.
  9. Loose clothes are the best.
  10. I wish I could ride my bike everywhere.

Beneficial lessons kids. Take notes.


What is one thing you learned yesterday?


There’s a bunch of random things going on in my life right now. This post is about to be a dump of quite a few of them, so bear with me and my scattered brain. I have just been running from one place to the next all week; I feel like I never leave myself enough time! All these thoughts and ideas pile up in my head and I never have time to tell ya’ll about them, until now.

Diet Bet

I signed up for the March round of DietBet through Fitfluential!

FitFluential March DietBet

Not so much because I want to lose weight, but because I know I have a couple pounds to get rid of, and let’s be real: who isn’t motivated by money? As I’ve talked about in the recent past, I’ve gotten into this habit of eating a lot of little kid food while I’m nannying, and if I have a reason to not (getting some extra cash!) then I most likely won’t. The bet requires you to lose 4% of your body weight, which is only like 5 pounds for me. It will undoubtedly make me feel better about myself, so why not? I’m sure some of you don’t agree with this, but that’s okay.

Bikini Competition

Remember when I posted about this? Well, I still want to do it, but I may just have a better idea now. I “met” a local blogger Caterina, who found me a website all about fitness competitions in Michigan. I was thinking about possibly working towards the one on July 13, 2013. It is VERY near my house and right around time the other one in Florida is (June 28). Thoughts? Suggestions? Help me out here!

Personal Training Ideas

I have had a lot of time to think about what I want to do with my future career, small and large scale goals. I just haven’t had time to really act on them yet. Once my schedule is switched up in April I will hopefully have all the time in the world (almost!) I want to focus on my health and fitness career. Here’s what I want to accomplish within the next year:

  • Write up package-deal programs with set prices and rules. I’m very laid-back with my training style, and I need to start making some money off of it! Although I do wish I could do it for free.
  • Start up some group-training style classes. I really like working with more than one person at a time and am not getting certified to teach full on group-fitness classes until I’m more stable in my career. It’s a better deal for people to train with friends/family anyway!
  • Get out some marketing! I have some pretty sweet business cards made up already, but I need to get some social media stuff out and start targeting Michigan, specifically the area I live in. I need a full day to just park my butt at Starbucks and develop a bunch of stuff.
  • Be at the gym more often. The more people see me and are used to me, the more inclined they are to want to work with me! I want to show the current members of the gym that I know what I’m doing and the new members that they want to hang out with me Smile with tongue out


Has anyone ever heard of influenster?


It is seriously such a cool invention. Basically a website that allows select people to join, review products, and have the opportunity to get stuff sent to your house to review! That is a very brief overview; there is much more involved. It allows people involved in social media to voice their opinions and help others in the community learn about current happenings and products. I think it’s super cool and was so honored to get an e-mail telling me they wanted me involved in the health and fitness portion! Definitely check it out.

Foodie Pen Pals

I’m sure that you have all heard of Foodie Pen Pals (developed by Lindsay) by now. I’ve always heard great things about it and finally got the courage to sign up this month! The box shopping will probably be the most fun part for me, but I’m also super excited to meet some new bloggers. Tomorrow afternoon/evening will hopefully be devoted to putting together my box to send out. Fingers crossed that I actually get it done and don’t get sidetracked like I usually do!


Alright, so if you read my blog at all you know that my work life is crazy. Here’s previous jobs I’ve held:

  • hostess at Red Robin


  • sales associate at Glamour Shots (LOL); with the occasional photo-shoot


  • office assistant at the board office for the school district in my area
  • dispatcher at my college police department
  • research collector/analyzer at the airport
  • gallery host/sales team member at a hotel
  • and now, a nanny and personal trainer

All over the place, right? Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely LOVE what I do. I love my girls like they’re my own and training gives me such a sense of accomplishment. However, the all over the place days/times are really messing with my mental health. I need consistency. I definitely want to stick with the health/fitness atmosphere. I had an opportunity not long ago to be a sales manager/program development leader at a large health club chain (don’t want to say which one yet), but couldn’t accept the offer because of my current commitments. That was really hard for me to say no. However, I still have the contact information of the human resources manager I was working with and am planning on getting back in contact with him towards the end of the month. This would incorporate my passion (health) and my skills/degree (hospitality), so it really would be the best of both worlds. However, I still want at least one day to babysit and plenty of time to work with my individual clients. Help me; how do I incorporate it all?!


Alright, ever since Luke got me my Keurig for Valentine’s Day, my coffee obsession has become ridiculous. I drink so much that I get jittery, but in a good way. I know that caffeine doesn’t affect some people, but I notice a significant change in my mood, attitude, and productivity levels when I drink coffee in the morning vs. when I don’t. For example, since I’ve been completing early-morning workouts this week (making my life so much easier by the way!), I haven’t been making coffee in the morning. My first calories for the day come in the form of a protein shake after my workout, and it’s just not the same. I’m definitely looking forward to having a little bit of extra time this morning to drink my tiramisu coffee in bed and read blogs before heading off to the gym.

Jillian Michaels Podcast

Friends. I think this may be the coolest and best thing I’ve discovered in a long time. As you know from my dream the other night, I’m kind of obsessed with Jillian. I have had multiple referrals for her podcasts before, but have never remembered to download them until a few days ago. Yesterday morning at the gym I ran 2.5 miles in what seemed like 5 minutes listening to her talk. If you know me at all, you know that my runs always drag on like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Not this time! I was laughing like a fool and smiling the whole time on the treadmill. People probably thought I was nuts at 6 a.m. I don’t even care. She makes me so darn happy and motivates me to keep going when I want to stop. Please give her a shot if you’re struggling in your workouts, life, eating goals, ANYTHING. She rocks.


I think that’s all for now! I’m sure I will think of more, so look for that tomorrow. Here’s a few instagram pictures of delicious foods I had yesterday to end with:

wf salad

Whole Foods salad bar!

cb bar

Well, officially the most delicious thing I’ve ever had. Dark chocolate filled with cookie butter. I need a case of these. I INHALED that in about 1 minute. No joke.

Give me some interesting news about your life!!

The Happiness Project: Aim Higher

Hello all! So as some of you know, I’ve been reading my way through The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Time for the March goals!

This month Gretchen wants to focus on aiming higher in your career to help achieve ultimate happiness. Her main points are to:

  • launch a blog (fancy that!)
  • enjoy the fun of failure
  • ask for help
  • work smart
  • enjoy now

I agree. You go Gretchen. Especially “enjoy now.” That’s definitely what I struggle with the most. Typically I am not afraid to fail. My issue is that I am just sometimes too lazy to even try. I have NO problem whatsoever asking for help, and I’m usually good at managing my time and working smart. But enjoying the present? That is an area where I could use some serious help.

Here’s some lines I really enjoyed from this chapter:

“Happiness is a critical factor for work, and work is a critical factor for happiness.”

“People who love their work bring an intensity and enthusiasm that’s impossible to match through sheer diligence.”

“Enthusiasm is more important to mastery than innate ability, it turns out, because the single most important element in developing an expertise is your willingness to practice.”

“The chief happiness for a man is to be what he is.”

“The brain is stimulated by surprise, and successfully dealing with an unexpected situation gives a powerful sense of satisfaction.”

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

“People don’t notice your mistakes as much as you think.”

“One reason that challenge brings happiness is that it allows you to expand your self-definition. Research shows that the more elements make up your self-identity, the less threatening it is when any one element is threatened.”

“The challenge, therefore, is to take pleasure in the “atmosphere of growth” in the gradual progress made toward a goal, in the present.”

Wow, Some heavy stuff right there. Here’s what I took away from all that:

  • Love what you do, and life will be grand.
  • It’s better to be passionate about what you do than good at it. However, if you’re good at something and enjoy doing it, you should probably be passionate about it. Life will be easier.
  • In the words of Pauly D, “You do you.”

  • Conflict is okay. It will make you a better person.
  • If you’re ever doubting yourself, the right solution will always find a way to appear.
  • Don’t stress about being perfect. You see yourself completely differently than everyone else does.
  • Be into a lot of things. Love your life and everything you do.
  • Stop waiting around for a life-changing moment to happen. That moment is now.

My March goals?

  1. Do what I want to do and stop worrying what other people will think about it.
  2. Have some me-time to focus on little things I love that no one else may understand, like blogging, exercising, reading, and organizing.
  3. Start working on my health coaching business that I’ve wanted to start for forever and a day.
  4. Stop just letting the days fly by and actually appreciate and enjoy each moment. I’m applying this one to food, too. I want to enjoy what I eat rather than just eating to put something in my mouth.

The end Smile

What would YOU do?

Check this out. My aunt sent me that today. I had seen it before, but somehow forgot about it. It really hits home for me for a couple of reasons.


  • One, because I’ve always been the type of person to believe that everyone should do what they love and not worry about money. I hate being thrust into the real world and learning that money does matter. I really wish it didn’t. I just want to be a free spirit and go live in SoCal. I just might do that.
  • Second, because I think that I’m currently doing a version of what I love the most. I love kids and I love healthy living. Currently I work as a nanny and am a personal trainer at a local gym. In an ideal world I will have my own children and have my own PT business, so I’m on my way! The problem is that some of my family members think that I’m not living up to my potential and need to get a “real job.” I hate being chastised for doing what I love, just because it’s not the preferred line of work for someone in my family.

I love the quote in that video that says it’s better to live a short life full of what you love than a long life in misery. I completely agree with that statement. I should get it tattooed on my arm or something so I see it constantly. I’m the type of person that needs a constant reminder or I’ll forget almost instantly. Hence, why I write everything down.


On a completely different note, I trained an amazing young girl today. She’s super motivated, has great form, a good memory, and is just a pleasure to work with. I just adore her. She makes my job fun. I can tell I’m in the right line of work Smile


I ate some pretty boring foods today. HOWEVER, I do have something cool to say. Remember how on this morning’s post I talked about how I used to have such great, healthy food at my grandma’s house but I just have to deal with what my mom buys while I’m at home? She came home from Costco today with just a freaking HAUL of good food.


naked juice

hummus chips

pita chips




Plus a lot more! Those are just a couple of the things. I was so happy.


I’m exhausted…it’s been a long day filled with jazzercise, strength training, a doctors appointment, training a few clients, and some Ellen of course. Speaking of, Luke and I are off to book our flight and hotel! So exciting.


What would YOU do if money were no option?

Finding “It”

Something that I have really been struggling with over the past few years is finding what the heck I’m supposed to do with the rest of my life.

I started out thinking I was going to be famous. I swear to you that my first email address had the words ‘almost famous’ in it. I have about the worst singing voice ever, am too short to model, know nothing about acting, and didn’t have the ideal body type to be a professional dancer. So fame was out.


Once I got a reality check, I wanted to be an interior designer for about 5 minutes. I even went so far as to make a career board about it in 8th grade, just to realize I had to be creative to do that. Nope.


Throughout high school I really had no idea; I didn’t even think about it.


When I started college I really wanted to work in the hospitality industry, specifically event planning. That’s exactly what I got my degree in, just to get a job in it right out of college and despise it. I came home from the hotel I worked at every day crying to my mom about how unhappy I was and how I needed a change. I knew that I liked kids and I knew that I liked fitness, so I thought the best plan of action was to go in that route. Since it’s obviously not a good time for me to be a mother, I did the next best thing and got a job as a nanny. I also signed up for two courses online through AFPA to become a personal trainer and a nutritionist.


Now that I have been nannying for 6 months and recently got a job personal training, I can tell that this is what I was meant to do. Maybe not necessarily in this capacity forever, but at least I know I’m on the right track. I would ideally like to get my teaching certificate this summer so I can teach first or second grade for a few years until I’m ready to be a mom. I would also like to work really hard to get my own personal training business going, so that when I do have kids of my own I can train on the side and still have a part-time job and my own business (somewhat using my actual degree :p).


I’ve never been the kind of person to really stick with something. I always feel like I want to do something in the moment, but lose interest or become frustrated very quickly. I really want to break that cycle and stop committing to something I don’t truly love and wasting my time and money. There have been multiple opportunities for me to buy or rent my own place recently, but I have been smart and thought twice about it. I need to really be ready, financially and mentally. I know how difficult it is to live on my own, and I will admit that it’s nice to have the comforts of home (unlimited heat and air conditioning, a fully stocked fridge, no loud college kids, etc.), even if I do have to put up with the frustrations of living with my parents again. I really do know deep down how great they are to me; I just need to keep reminding myself of it when I get fed up.

So for the time being I’m going to focus on saving money like crazy, expanding my own business, and loving on these kids as much as I can so I’m fully prepared when I eventually have my own. I’m very lucky to have a great guy in my life who backs me up no matter what and wants to provide for me and our future family and is already taking steps in the right direction to do so. He’s a keeper :p


That was quite a rant if I’ve ever seen one! The girls have a snow day today, so my sister came with me to work today and all the girls are playing at a local play place, while I sit here and drink coffee and make sure they don’t get hurt. Solid morning if I do say so myself! I also think we’re going to Olive Garden for lunch; unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks anyone? Yes please :)

This morning I had this exact same yogurt bowl as yesterday, along with some TJ’s green tea that I picked up the other day and some black coffee. It’s freezing and nasty outside today; I was up early looking for school closings just like I used to when I was actually in school!

I got in a quick workout, too:

- Yoga/stretching (15 minutes)
- TIU HIIT workout DVD (20 minutes)

After work I’m planning on going to the gym and doing some intervals on the treadmill. Shooting for 5 miles! Tonight will be filled with working on some training plans for a couple of new clients, The Bachelor (why do I get so nervous for this show every week!?), and most likely plenty of Cabnernet, let’s be real. Wine is a necessity when you’re watching reality TV in my opinion.

On a side note, can we appreciate Miley’s Cosmo cover?


A moment of silence for that please.

What’s your favorite snack or drink to have while you’re watching TV or movies?