Do you wanna hang out?

Okay so get this. I was supposed to go to Chicago this weekend, but then I realized I had to work on Saturday so I couldn’t. Then I was going to go to Grand Rapids (where I went to college) for the weekend because my day cleared up on Saturday, BUT NOW I HAVE TO WORK STILL AND I CAN’T GO. So basically I had my whole weekend cleared and now I have no plans and all 5 of my friends are out of town. So what do I decide to do as I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon instead of doing all the stuff for work that really needs to be done? I turn on Bridesmaids and drink some wine. Like yeah, good idea Allison.

But that’s okay, because I literally have 5 days now with barely anything to do at all. And what’s on my big list of important things to get done?:

  • get a fancy pedicure
  • go shopping for everything in the world
  • organize my client files for the first time in, um, ever
  • make a million and five calls for work
  • get some tan lines that aren’t from my running clothes
  • apply for some “real” jobs, ugh
  • figure out a way to clean the 5 years of dust out of my laptop
  • clean out my car…..that may take all 5 days in itself
  • go through all the crap on my computer and delete all the random old things I have so it runs faster than taking a half hour to start up; too bad I’m technologically challenged and this will probably also take me 5 days

Don’t I have an exciting life? I swear, one of these days I’ll get it together, but let’s be real. That’s probably not happening anytime soon.


So I actually did do something productive and develop a few new circuit workouts for some of my clients. And look at that, I actually have pictures to show you how to do them! This very well may be the first and last time I ever do this, so enjoy it while it lasts.

I use 5 lb. dumbbells for these circuits and repeat them each 2x for a full body workout.

Circuit #1:

  • Static squat row (25 total)


  • Crescent lunge kickback (15 each side)


  • Standing side crunch (20 each side)


  • Lift off lunge with shoulder press (15 each side)


  • Warrior 2 row (10 each side)


Circuit #2:

  • Plie punch (30 alternating)


  • Long leg crunch (20 alternating)


  • Clock lunge (5 rounds each side)



  • Push up to side plank (10 alternating)


  • Booty side kicks (15 each side)


Don’t judge me and my awkward facial expressions please. Kbye.

What are you doing this weekend?! Let me live through your exciting lives since I don’t have one of my own.

Today is a good day.

All week I have been following the Tone It Up weekly workout schedule. I have also been adding in 15-20 minutes of Tara stiles yoga videos in the mornings, and I feel fantastic. There has been a lot of running (surprise, surprise!) and a lot of stretching and I haven’t even felt like my calves were going to snap in two so that is a plus. I really like the TIU workouts, because Karena & Katrina are just super fun and adorable and encourage me to keep going with the videos because they have cute abs and I do not.

When Luke and I were in California, we went to Manhattan Beach (where they live) and fell in love with it. It is such a happy, healthy area with cute people out running in the morning for us to watch while we eat our pancakes. They also have like 5 coffee shops within a one block radius which I really appreciate. Every single house they have along the beach looks significantly different, with each one more adorable than the last. I could totally see myself living there one day!


Oh, and there was a big, buff man leading a boot camp on the beach. I think that is the cutest thing that all those moms go do their workout together and then probably go get breakfast. Ugh, so adorable.

Anyway, one of the things I really love about today is that I do not work and I actually have time to get a good workout in. And go to yoga, for the first time in probably months. Oops. And I have time to go to the post office and mail a package, even though I think the average waiting time there is 3.7 hours. I swear, I always get stuck next to the “talker” in line. You know, that person who wants to know every little detail about your life and be your best friend and then never talk to you again. I’m all about meeting new people and hearing other’s stories, but the post office line of frustration is not the time or place.

I also love that we’re getting some intense thunderstorms in Michigan today. Storms make me happy. Especially on days like today when I can just stay inside and clean and by clean I mean dance around my room and move things around and drink tea and get distracted every 5 minutes.

I also love that Luke and I are going out to dinner with my sister at P.F. Chang’s tonight! I have been craving their food for the longest time and we are finally going. Thank goodness.

I have so many happy things to say right now, but I’m writing this on Thursday night and I obviously need to go watch Glee, because that is what is important right now. Bye!

What is the best thing about your day today?

What a Day & Simply Eight Review

Even though I did about a million little things that no one else would ever deem as productive, I feel like I conquered the world on Friday. I had no where to go for the first day in what seems like forever. I made a huge to-do list of everything I wanted to accomplish, and I’m proud to say I got every single thing done except 1! Life’s good. I won’t bore you with every little detail, but I will share some of the highlights.

  • I knocked out a couple of awesome workouts. In the morning I did a 30 minute Tara Stiles basic yoga flow DVD, along with my TurboFire routine for the day (40 minutes). Then towards the evening I did the Tone It Up sunset workout (10 minutes) and a different Tara Stiles yoga routine (30 minutes). I felt amazing going to bed last night. I love not being rushed through my workouts and allowing myself the opportunity to actually enjoy them. However, this is not what I look like when I do yoga.

  • I literally finished half of my goals for Melissa’s organization challenge. A couple of days ago I talked about my 8 tasks I want to complete in April, and I’m proud to say I finished four of them yesterday! I went through all my clothes and switched out winter for summer and go rid of things I don’t wear/don’t fit, organized my Pinterest boards, went through and edited my blog reader, and created a password/username document. Yay! Hopefully Luke will help me clean out my car later this weekend….. Smile with tongue out


  • I responded to all of my e-mails, caught up on blog reading, completed a few online trainings for work, and did some social media stuff. All random little things, but things that make me feel much calmer once they are completed.


  • I deep cleaned my room/bathroom, had the windows open all day, and now I feel like I live in the cleanest, most dust-free place ever.


  • I made a list of all the things I need to do for my LA trip next week! You’ll hear more about that in the next few days…. Smile



I also want to talk about something exciting I received in the mail yesterday! I was contacted by a local (WOOOOO!) company, Simply Eight, a couple of weeks ago. Basically, they’ve gone back to the basics and developed cookies and granola bars that use 8 or less ingredients. I think this is a really awesome quote from their website:

“Our foods are inspired by our grandmothers’ kitchens.”

I love that. Who doesn’t love fresh cookies from grandma’s house?! Anyway, it’s so wonderful that they’re not using nasty chemicals or ingredients that nobody knows how to pronounce. I was pumped when I was asked to sample some of their products! I received:


  • real chocolate chip cookies
  • real peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
  • real chocolate chip chewy granola bars
  • real peanut butter chocolate chip chewy granola bars

All I have to say is this: delicious. You guys, seriously. This stuff is amazing. The cookies actually are made with eggs; I love that. And get this: THEY’RE CHEWY. My mind is blown. My favorite product?


Are you surprised? I’m not. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad combination of chocolate and peanut butter, but this is one of the best. You can actually taste the ingredients in all of the products and can just tell you’re eating real food. Here’s the nutrition stats for the PB chocolate granola bar, just so you can see for yourself.

I really want to thank Simply Eight for reaching out to me and letting me know about their wonderful company. I will definitely be looking for these products at grocery stores in the near future and hope they are able to expand to reach some of you guys in the near future! I also hope they develop some more products, because this is such an amazing idea. Americans really could benefit from the “less is more” attitude. Check out their website for more info and to order products online!


Alright, I’m starting to feel like the book I’m using for the Spice Up Your Life challenge knows me way too well. Last week I challenged you guys to admit 5 things to yourself that you wouldn’t typically say. That was actually easy for me to do. I think it’s important to be honest with yourself! That’s kinda what this whole challenge is about. Just guess what page I opened up to this week….

59. Escape, for the day, weekend, or week.

How perfect is that with my upcoming LA trip?! I can check that off my list with no problem. I’ll be giving you guys a breakdown of everything we’re doing before we leave. Just in case you want to come to Cali and find me Smile with tongue out But anyway, I challenge you to get a day away, too! Even if you’re not actually going anywhere, just take a day (at least!) for yourself. You deserve it. Do what you love and forget the rest for a little while.



Last but not least, my friend Erica wanted me to share this with you guys. I died.


Room Tour Vlog

You guys. Please don’t judge me. I wanted to show you my room and didn’t realize what an awkward person I was until now. Enjoy this mess.

Moving on……


My morning workout was intense and awesome.

Since I train clients all day long and make up individual plans for them, when it comes time for my own workout all I want is for someone else to tell me exactly what to do!


My breakfast was also quite delicious. I had a light n’ fit vanilla yogurt with a small banana, strawberries, blueberries, and roasted flaxseed from TJ’s.

yogurt bowl

Doesn’t that look all patriotic and stuff?

I also enjoyed some hazelnut coffee from my sampler pack from my new Keurig!

coffee mug

Isn’t my mug adorable?! I got it at a craft show like, 4 years ago and it’s still goin’ strong. I hope I never need to get a new one!


The rest of my day has been spent doing laundry, cleaning my room and bathroom, calling some clients, training some clients, and eating Chipotle leftovers with Luke. My best friend from college, Audrey, is coming over for the rest of the day so we can get dinner later tonight with our other college roommate Erica later. Super excited. I’ll have a full recap tomorrow Smile


Some people say that it’s okay to have, eat, or do whatever you gave up for Lent on Sundays. Thoughts on this topic??

Spice Up Your Life, Week 2

Ready for a new challenge?!

happy babies

Last week we talked about de-cluttering your life and living with less. Here’s the progress I made:

  • I took everything out of all the cabinets in my bathroom and only put the things that I actually use back in. I literally threw out a full garbage bag of stuff. I was going to take a picture, and then I was embarrassed.
  • I went through all my magazines sitting in the corner of my room and ripped out the recipes and workouts I wanted and recycled the rest. I also went through all the stuff I already had ripped out and tossed anything I’m not interested in. Everything is in its’ own little place now and super easy to find.
  • I looked at every piece of clothing I own and used the guideline from the last post to donate, toss, and store them accordingly.
  • I looked at all the books I’ve accumulated over the years and donated one’s I don’t plan on reading again to the Salvation Army.

It definitely feels great to get rid of all those unnecessary things that I certainly don’t need in my life!

doing the happy dance

This week’s challenge is……

71. Try High-Stakes Gambling

Happy Amy

HAHA! Let’s alter this one a bit, shall we? Instead of heading to a casino and blowing all our money or betting your savings account at blackjack, let’s drop this down to a bit of a smaller scale so we don’t ruin our lives. I am challenging YOU (and me!) to go out and buy a lottery ticket. I am also challenging you to buy one for a friend or family member! Can you imagine the amazing-ness if you bought a $1 lottery ticket for your mom and she won a significant amount of money? Pure joy. Plus, if we all partake in this, someone is bound to win SOMETHING! And then we’ll all be super happy (and jealous) for you. I’ll be crossing my fingers that you all win thousands of dollars. Smile

Steve Carell wink point

Since that’s a really easy challenge, I’m giving you one more this week!:

45. Ask Someone Out

happy dance

The book obviously means this in a lovey-dovey way, but I’m challenging you to ask ANYONE out. Whether it’s a co-worker you’ve talked to a couple times, a best friend you’ve lost touch with, your significant other, or your grandma, I want you to reach out to someone in your life and ask them to do something with you. It can be as simple as asking someone that works in your office to grab a coffee on your lunch break or asking your boyfriend or girlfriend to go on a surprise day trip with you. I just want you to take the initiative to do something you wouldn’t usually do and make someone feel great about themselves in turn.

Here are a few excuses the book gives as to why people are afraid to ask other people out:

  • I’m too shy.
  • I’m afraid of rejection.
  • I lack confidence.
  • I’m afraid of rejection.
  • I feel too pushy.
  • I’m afraid of rejection.

Notice a pattern? Don’t let fear keep you from doing something that could turn out to be wonderful. This is a very small risk in the grand scheme of life, but small risks lead up to something huge!

Fangirling 8

Here’s what I am going to do this week:

  • Buy a lottery ticket for myself and for Luke (babe, if you’re reading this act surprised).
  • Ask my friend and old college roommate Audrey to go see Identity Thief with me (again, if you’re reading this act surprised).

Good luck!!


What was your progress on the challenges from last week? What are you planning to do this week with your new challenges? Be specific!

A Productive Sunday? What?

Usually I reserve Sundays for sleeping in, a long workout, lots of catching up on my TV shows, and not putting real pants on. Today however, was a big change.

  • I woke up at 7 a.m. and ran a 10K and showered all before I would even normally be awake.
  • I went to church and taught Sunday School for my mom, who coordinates the program at our church.


  • I came home, did my laundry, cleaned my bathroom, and caught up on blogs.
  • I decided on a headshot for my business and started to make up a website.


  • I made a healthy, light lunch: a whole wheat sandwich thin with 2 tbsp. PB2 and 1 tbsp. raspberry preserves, baby carrots, hummus chips, roasted red pepper hummus, and Naked green juice.


  • I made about 40 calls to potential personal training clients and got 3 positive responses, which is actually a decently good response rate, believe it or not. I was a happy camper. That means I have 4 clients this week, and it’s only my second week! That makes me very excited.
  • I got my new business cards in the mail! I made a list of all the places I can take them to. They include my blog address, my twitters, my personal number, my gym number, my credentials, and a brief tagline. I love them. They’re super cute. I got them from VistaPrint for 250 for only $10! SUCH a good deal. I paid a little extra to get color on both the front and the back.


  • I helped my younger sister make one of those crayon melty art things that are all over Pinterest.
  • Currently I’m working on my website and am planning on writing a couple of letters to friends in other states tonight. And of course watching The Grammy’s and The Walking Dead. FINALLY!


P.S. Here’s a picture of Luke and I from the hockey game yesterday. I obviously need to buy it online in order to get that “proof” off. I’m still trying to decide if I want to, since I think it’s actually a pretty good picture.



I have an extremely busy week coming up, so I’m trying to catch up on everything I possibly can today. I’m planning on organizing all my recipes and workouts tonight during my TV shows. Go check out this post to find out why! If I sound like a hot mess on here this week, that’s probably because I am. I’m already trying to mentally prepare myself for this upcoming week. Ugh.


How was your Sunday? What was the most productive thing you did?