Cool stuff.

You guys. When I started this blog it was all health and fitness and advice and professional and stuff, and now…… is this; haha. What happened. Apparently I just like to tell you all the ridiculous things that go through my mind on a daily basis. A while ago I did a post on all of my favorite things, and if I had a little bit more drive and motivation I would probably scroll back and find it, but I don’t. So in case you care and want to be my best friend and provide these things for me, here you go: my best things right now.

  • reality TV

  • my iPhone
  • flip flops
  • Ingrid Michaelson
  • my sisters


  • my pool


  • sleep; so much sleep

  • kombucha; yeah judge me, I like it

  • the sun
  • pie
  • bronzer; oops
  • I’m sure Identity Thief will be on this list if I ever see it

  • this lotion

  • the fact that my free Pandora is back
  • VS hot pink shorts that are ridiculous looking but I don’t care

  • sangria
  • nice people


  • sleeping with my window open
  • popsicles

  • my girls


This is getting weird. Byeeeeee.

Favorite thing, ready set go.

Pressed Juicery Cleanse, Days 2 & 3

Well. Juice cleanses are hard. I know I’ve said this before, but anyone who does one of these and says they feel amazing and heavenly and want to dance with the flowers is absolutely insane. That’s not true. You are hungry and want to eat the couch. But I will say that I don’t feel bloated at all and haven’t since before I started the cleanse. I feel like that was something that taught me to really appreciate food and think about what I am putting in my body. It taught me an insane amount of willpower and that I can basically handle anything now. I have control over my body, which is good to know. Anyway, here’s what I thought of days 2 and 3.

Day 2:

Um, day two sucked to say the least. I was babysitting all day, so I needed to have a ton of energy to keep up with 3 little kids, and I just didn’t. I drank my juices at the same times as day one, but was tempted by little snacks and treats all day long. I didn’t feel light-headed or weak, I just felt freaking exhausted. Luckily they wanted to take a rest and watch a movie in the afternoon! That night I had plans to hang out with a couple of girlfriends, and it was so difficult to not go out for drinks or even have a glass of wine at home. I had to send myself home at 10 p.m. just so I could go to bed and avoid the temptation. No cheating though! Between babysitting and hanging out with friends, I came home and read some reviews on others who had done the same cleanse, hoping for some motivation. Everyone said day 2 was hell and day 3 was wonderful, so I was hoping for the best.

Day 3:

Um, I slept for 11 hours the previous night. Apparently I really was tired! Since I woke up so late, I didn’t start drinking my juices until 11 a.m., so they were a little closer to each other than the previous 2 days when I basically stuck to one every 2 hours, starting at 10 a.m. On this day it was a little bit tougher for me to get the juices down, since the whole thing was just getting old for me. I managed to do it though! I did let a couple of my friends try the last vanilla almond drink, and everyone said the same thing as me: that it tasted exactly like melted vanilla ice cream. So I certainly was not mad about that. My goodness though, you don’t notice food like you do when you’re on a juice cleanse. I was at an outdoor mall with a friend and walked past a pretzel place and felt like I could just eat all the pretzels, when in real life I don’t even like them at all. So I recommend if you do a juice cleanse, just lock yourself in your room and don’t even attempt to do anything, because food is everywhere. Just kidding. Don’t do that. But maybe.


Overall, I am glad I did this cleanse. Would I do it again? No, probably not. But it’s nice to say I had the experience and know what it’s all about. If you’re interested, I would absolutely recommend that you do one and that you go through Pressed Juicery, because they are great. A little more pricey ($200 for a 3-day cleanse), but well worth it. They send you an e-mail on your last day encouraging you and giving you a meal plan for the next 3 days to ease your body off the cleanse, which I certainly did not follow. In fact, I went to a fundraiser yesterday and had these delicious things, plus coffee for breakfast :x


Starbucks Blonde roast coffee in my Keurig & a protein bar


Bisquik pancake with a million strawberries


Champagne punch x2


Berry, walnut, & spinach salad, fruit salad, & a breadstick + cinnamon raison bread w/ salted butter

Plus going out to dinner for Italian. BUT I AM NOT EVEN MAD. It was all good food, and I was so damn excited to eat something that wasn’t just fruits and vegetables that I couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t doing the cleanse to lose weight or anything (although I did lose 4 pounds) and I have an understanding of nutrition, so it’s fine. I think. Plus I really wanted to go for a run yesterday morning and knew I needed fuel if I wanted to do that. I kept it easy and ran about 3 miles and then came home to do yoga for 20 minutes, and it kicked my butt. I guess that’s what taking 3 days off of running will do to you.


Other than the cleanse, the rest of my weekend was great. I took lots of cheesy pictures with my juice.




Saw The Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3, which were both phenomenal.

Planned a California trip with a couple of my girlfriends in August.

Was amazed at how many empty juice bottles I have.


Braided my hair, instead of putting it in a ponytail like usual, and actually put some real clothes on, too.



And hung out with my grandpa.


I am really surprised at how quickly the cleanse went, but I think that is because I kept myself really busy and occupied to try to keep my mind off of what I was doing. There were times when I forgot I was cleansing and then remembered and got really sad. I can truly say that I appreciate food now! That was kind of my goal, so score. Like I said, I am glad I did it, but definitely will not be doing one again for a while. You need a hell of a lot of discipline, which stresses me out! I missed my intense workouts, too. But Pressed Juicery is fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone Smile

What was the best part of your weekend?

Pressed Juicery Cleanse, Day 1

Well I am surprised and extremely happy to say that yesterday went quite smoothly! I woke up really, really excited to start, but had heard from numerous people that the juices typically don’t get delivered until mid-morning, so I started the day off with some yogi kombucha decaf green tea. Let’s be real. I would have much rather had a cup of coffee, but I was good somehow.



My juices came about 9:45 a.m., which was perfect, because I was planning/hoping to start my first juice at 10 a.m. Typical blogger, I took a million pictures when they first got here and then realized I should probably go ahead and put them in the refrigerator, because they can spoil super easily. I lined them up all pretty in the fridge and everything.


10:00 a.m.: My first juice was the Greens 2. This one is made with kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, and lemon. I absolutely loved this one. For the longest time I was terrified to try green juice, but now that I have I adore it. I am not a fan of super sweet things in drinks, and this one was tart, but not in a bad way. Really, really good. However, I have tried the Greens 3 previously in Los Angeles and loved it even more, so I was really looking forward to that one.


Workout: 15 minutes yoga, 45 minutes light-ish Tone It Up strength/resistance training

12:00 p.m.: The next juice was Citrus 2. Also delicious and made with pineapple, apple, lemon, and mint. This is one that I could totally drink in like 3 seconds flat, but I didn’t because my mom came home and we decided to go on a walk. I really, really, really times a million hate the word refreshing, but that’s exactly what this juice was. I would like one of these every day with breakfast please.


Workout: 1 hour walk with momma

2:00 p.m.: I was really nervous to have the Roots 3. I hate beets, and this one has beet, apple, lemon, and ginger. I have recently learned to tolerate ginger thanks to the hibachi houses with their orange ginger dressing on those yummy salads, but I was scared this was going to be like a beet and ginger root smashed together. However, it was quite good! Not my favorite, but it was damn tasty. It was a little bit spicy, or maybe I’m just weird for thinking that, but I wasn’t mad about that because I love spicy food.


4:00 p.m.: Okay, so the Citrus 4 was not my favorite. It had cucumber, pineapple, lemon, coconut h2o, and aloe vera. I was really hoping this cleanse would come with the grapefruit mint juice, but it didn’t. Boo. I will just have to order some more or try it next time I go to California. It was okay, but you could really taste the cucumber in it. I love cucumber, but it just somehow didn’t seem to go with the rest of the ingredients. This one also seemed to be thicker than the 3 previous juices, which I’m sure is because of the coconut. It is definitely drinkable, but not one I would order on my own.


6:00 p.m.: Finally time for the Greens 3! I was seriously so excited for this one. This one has all the same ingredients of the greens 2, plus ginger. It adds a little bit of a tang to the juice and makes it spicy and seem more like food than juice. Which is good because I was quite hungry by this point. The greens 3 is apparently one of their most popular juices, and I can totally see why! You really have to enjoy green juice to like this one, but if you do I would highly recommend it.


8:00 p.m.: The last drink of the day was vanilla almond milk, containing almonds, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt, and filtered water. So yummy. It tasted like an almond milkshake, and I sure wasn’t mad about that at all. It was nice to have this as my last juice, because it was more filling than the others and I wasn’t starving before I went to bed which was nice.


This cleanse also came with 3 bottles of chlorophyll water and 3 bottles of aloe vera water. The chlorophyll was to be drank throughout the day to keep you hydrated (even though I also had my usual 100 oz. of water) and the aloe vera to be had right before bed with some more hot tea. It also came with this cute little bag!



I was truly amazed yesterday at the amount of self-control I had, especially when I had the opportunity to go out for Mexican food and margaritas, which I desperately wanted. I really was surprised at how I didn’t feel like eating my arm off though. Since I had my juices two hours apart and they took me about an hour each to finish, there was really only one hour increments throughout the day when I wasn’t consuming something. The juices tended to keep me full for about 45 minutes after finishing them, and then I would be starving for 15 minutes or so, but it was tolerable because I knew I would be having something soon. Of course I would have loved to just eat like normal, but somehow I managed to not. Score.



Two more days of this….oh boy.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will answer them in tomorrow’s post!

My own fitness rules.

So am I right or am I right that there are a million different diet tricks and fitness tips and goal-setting techniques and exercises out there? I honestly can’t keep track. A huge part of my job is to remain current on trends in the health industry, but it is honestly so hard. Instead of telling my clients what other people believe and what is going on in the big corporations, I decided to make a set of my fitness “rules.” Don’t judge me. I swear I’m certified to preach this stuff Smile with tongue out

  1. Drink 100 oz. of water a day. It might seem like a lot, but it is more than possible. Get a 24 oz. water bottle and refill it up 4 times.
  2. Stretch for at least 10 minutes every single day. It will help you from being sore and keep your muscles long and lean. It also just helps you feel fabulous. Too bad guys are typically “too cool” for this.
  3. Set a goal for yourself, no matter how big or how small. Typically I try to say on Sunday how many miles I want to run that week or even just set up my schedule for the week to keep myself on track. Goals help you to have something to work towards and help to keep you motivated when you feel like stopping.
  4. Take a big breath and think before you eat something. Stopping for even 5 seconds and letting a couple thoughts run through your mind about whether or not you are truly hungry will immensely help in stopping you from over-eating.
  5. Make a really good playlist. I swear, good music makes a huge difference in your workout. When I was up north, I of course looked forward to the beautiful scenery I got to run in, but also the new playlist I had made a few days prior.
  6. Invest in a trainer or find one online for at least a few sessions. It is really important to know how to execute movements the correct way in order to avoid injury. It is also nice to have someone to show you the ropes the first time so you don’t have to mess around with machines and weights and look silly.
  7. Find out what time of day works best for you and roll with that. There is no “perfect” time of day to exercise. Different things work for different people, and there is no right or wrong. Typically I stretch and do some toning for 20 minutes in the morning and do my cardio later in the evening. And some random strength training interspersed throughout the day whenever I can. I used to think that if I sweat a drop I had to take a shower, but now I am so over that.
  8. Don’t be embarrassed. I spent too long caring what my family and friends thought about my healthy lifestyle, but that is just silly. There’s no reason you need to be ashamed about getting up early to go for a run or for asking for your salad dressing on the side.
  9. Stay busy. I have found that when you are bored is when you turn back on what you really want. Let’s be real. If you have nothing to do but sit in a house full of food, what are you likely to do? Make your schedule accordingly to serve you the best. You know what works best for your own body.
  10. Love what you do. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, you will give up. You should never feel like you have to exercise. Make it part of your lifestyle and it will become second-nature.

This stuff is so simple, but when I went to see Jillian Michaels the other night I realized how un-educated so many people are on how to take care of themselves. I think the more that health and fitness professionals emphasize the simplicity of fitness and nutrition, the more people will jump on board with it. Why complicate things?

I also try to emphasize to my clients to not take themselves too seriously. I really hate when people think they need to do things exactly one way all the time; that is no way to live your life. You need to keep your options open and be ready for whatever comes your way. I have learned in the past to not be so quick to make a decision, in fitness and in life. I want my clients to try a bunch of different things in order to find what works for their particular body and what they actually enjoy. I always try to have personal conversation during our sessions, because who wants to talk about weight-lifting and cardio for an hour? Not me. And doesn’t everyone want to kick back and have a drink once in a while (or every day)? I do.


Taking care of yourself should be fun. Not a chore. My goal is to help people love their bodies and themselves so they can in turn spread that love into the world <3


Tone It Up 2013 Bikini Series

I just have to share how excited I am for this!


Since I discovered these girls back in July 2012, I have only grown to love them more and more with everything they continue to produce. They are so dedicated to what they do and are getting to live their passion; everyone’s dream, right? They are extremely good at what they do and work really hard at making women feel comfortable with their bodies and have a fun journey along the way. Yesterday they launched their 3rd annual Bikini Series, and you better believe I signed up immediately!

Basically what it involves is signing up via their website, following what they say to do each day for exercise, eating “lean, clean, and green,” and checking in on social networks to keep yourself accountable and win prizes. This is a huge form of motivation for me. Since I am a personal trainer and work with quite a few different people, the last thing I want to do is make up a fitness plan for myself, too. I would much rather have someone tell me what to do! Check out their website for more information if you are interested, or submit your question in the comments below Smile

Last year the grand prize winners of the challenge got a trip to California to hang out with Karena and Katrina! I swear you guys, if that is the prize again, I will win. They are basically leading my dream life. If I was doing this whole fitness thing for The Ellen Show, it would be my exact dream life. I am not a big competitor at all; I can usually care less if I win a prize, find some money on the ground, or am given a present. I’m just not a huge stuff fan! But this would be something that I know would be great for me, so fingers crossed it’s an option! I know I could learn a ton from Karena and Katrina and want to thank them for everything they have given me in the past few months. I am determined to really get on board with the program this time. No more giving up!

A big part of the first day is also to journal intentions for the next 8 weeks that the series will run. By June 21 I will:

  • Buy a bikini that I am completely comfortable in
  • Tone up my arms that have lost some muscle in the past few months
  • Get rid of the extra weight in my stomach that has also come on in the last few months
  • Be happy in my body and not make excuses to constantly stay home because of it
  • Work out 6 days a week/1 hr. a day
  • Focus on eating whole foods and less of the packaged crap
  • Have made progress towards living in California/working for Ellen!

For any of my other health and fitness professionals out there, you know how easy it is to get so involved in your clients that you forget about taking care of yourself. I have definitely fallen into that rut lately, and I want someone to kick me out of it! So if any of you are interested in joining this challenge/lifestyle as well, I would absolutely love that Smile 

And also, if anyone is interested in learning more about the nutrition plan these girls developed, let me know and I would be more than happy to do a post about it.

What is one goal you have for yourself to reach before summer?

Guest Blogger: Thien!

It’s Friiiiday, Friiiiday, gotta get down on Friday. I had to. I just had to. I’m in LA and I’m sure I’m having a blast even though I’m writing this in Michigan on Monday. Hopefully today we’re going to the beach, but if it’s not nice enough we’re going to Disneyland because we’re cool and never want to grow up. Or maybe shopping again if I’m not broke yet. Or maybe trying to climb up the Hollywood sign like Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake do it Friends With Benefits. So many options.

My next guest blogger is my new internet friend, Thien! She is super sweet and super smart and has taught me so much in just the short while I’ve know her! Enjoy her better writing and grammar than mine Smile 


Hi! I’m glad to be able to reach out to all of you guys on Allison’s blog so I thank her for the opportunity! Here’s the rundown for this post: an introduction to me and what I really hope you read – tips for what to eat/drink after a workout.

My name is Thien. It’s pronounced pretty much like the number “10” if you’re wondering. Here’s an introduction to who I am and all that fun stuff…


  • Lived in OKC since I was a wee one and I’m a ride or die Midwestern girl – even though I just moved away recently.
  • Moved to MA for graduate school last fall.
  • I live with my better half and we’re trying to get used to life in the Northeast. The absence of fried chicken, sweet tea, and cheap meat is starting to get to us. We might riot soon.
  • Now that I’m out on my own and actually have to cook for the both of us, I’m a lot more conscious about what we’re putting into our bodies. I really enjoy learning more about nutrition and what a balanced diet really is about. Learning to cook and to prepare wholesome meals has been very challenging but extremely rewarding.
  • Also on the notion of having moved away for school, I left all my friends and my old life behind. I left behind all of my old hobbies. Can’t ballroom dance now because Mr. Man has to work all the time. Can’t sail now because I don’t know the community. Can’t just go hang out with a friend because I still don’t know my classmates. Stuff like that. So my life outside of schoolwork became more about keeping myself busy indoors and being pretty sedentary. This was when I decided that I needed to engage myself in a lifestyle that didn’t require other people. I needed to work on being active because it depressed me to read about sedentary lifestyle studies for school and know that I was one of the statistics. This woke me up and I knew I had to make a change. Enter: P90X. I’ve picked up C25K recently and I love having something to work towards.
  • With all of this stuff going on – exploring my new life away from home, nutrition commitments, and fitness goals – I had to have a way to document it for my own purposes and to share it all with everyone back home. This is where my blog comes in. Smile
  • Thien’s New Adventures. Yes. Check that stuff out. I heard the chick that runs it is pretty cool. (Sidenote from Allison: she is.)

In my blog creeping researching, I found Allison’s blog and was like, “Yes! She does Beachbody stuff too!” All of the other Beachbody blogs I had found were macho dudes writing about their weights and stuff for P90X and I did not give a crap. You can imagine my excitement when I saw that she had become a Beachbody coach. Anyways, I say all of this because you’ve probably seen Beachbody related stuff on her blog and I have to admit that I preach Beachody too! There’s something for everyone. I don’t do TurboFire like she does, but I’m a fan of the community and the products.

So to finally get to what I really wanted to talk to you guys about here it is:

Tips on What to Eat/Drink After Exercising

  • Get some protein in your system! WebMD says that our muscles need protein for recovery and growth and the best time to deliver protein is right after working out. It really doesn’t matter where we get our protein from. Our bodies really don’t know if it’s from an egg, a piece of cheese, a protein drink, or a glass of chocolate milk as long as we’re getting it. The thing to note is that there is a limit! Duh! Not too much of a good thing, remember? Stick to 10 to 20 grams.
  • Carbs?! Yes, carbs. Strength-training workouts and aerobic workouts are taxing on the body and the best way to help it recover is to deliver some fast-acting carbs. Good carbs (complex carbs) help to re-energize the body and examples include whole grain bread, pita bread, oatmeal, and brown rice. I’m sure you could Google it and find more examples.
  • You’ve probably heard of the carb to protein ratio. Confusing, much? Christopher Mohr, a licensed and registered dietitian, suggests there’s no gold standard recommendation when it comes to protein and carbohydrate consumption following a workout. He says effective ratios vary from a 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio up to a 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio. Your doctor or dietitian can help pinpoint the optimal ratio for you. I’ve heard that chocolate milk is a good way to get this ratio and it’s what I’m currently drinking after workouts. There is criticism on whether that’s actually good for you or not. I guess I should do more research. Beachbody has a recovery drink too that’s wildly popular and has a cult following. It meets the suggested carb to protein ratio too with a ton of other goodies. You can check it out from Allison’s own Beachbody Coach page here.
  • In regards to the tips above. Do eat after a workout. Please! Your body needs the replenishment. I’ve heard all sorts of numbers about when the opportune window is after a workout for taking in food for recovery. I’ve heard 45 minutes and I’ve heard 2 hours. How about we just give our bodies what we need right after the workout? Sounds good I hope.
  • Water should be common sense, right? With all of the sports drink hype nowadays, there’s still nothing better than water. The verdict isn’t clear on whether or not we even need sports drinks considering all of the sugar and excess stuff added to them so I say we stick to water. The Mayo Clinic says to drink 2 to 3 cups of water after a workout for each pound lost. Fluid intake should happen right after working out. You should be parched when you’re done. Chug that water!

There’s a lot more out there about this topic so please do your own digging if you’d like! I wanted to talk about something that I haven’t talked about on my blog before and Allison mentioned that she hadn’t talked about it on her blog either. Hopefully it was interesting and you guys got something out of it! Since I’m not a registered dietitian, a personal trainer, or a physician, I’m always trying to learn new things every day and I wanted to share it with all of you for your own research. Consult a professional if you decide to change or introduce anything to your diet and exercise routine.

Thanks for checking out Allison’s page and for reading or even skimming through my post! Smile


I’ll be real: I need to follow those tips myself. Goodness, I’m a health professional and I can’t follow advice! Someone come over and force me to please. See ya later gators!

A New Circuit Workout!

I want to start out this post by saying that I have completed 2 days of Turbofire and my legs have officially turned to those of a Betty Spaghetti. Remember those?

You guys. I seriously thought I was in decently good shape. I can definitely keep up with the intense cardio movements, but the routines really make you think and move your body in different ways which is pretty tough. I love how I totally feel like my butt has officially been kicked. I like putting in time that is worth it!


Speaking of intense workouts….

My friend Erica, mentioned on the blog yesterday, sent me this circuit workout a couple of days ago. What you’re supposed to do is see how many times you can get through the circuit in 10 minutes. Seems simple, but it’s tough stuff! Here’s the moves:

  1. Stationary lunges (5 on each side, 10 total)
  2. Side lunges (5 on each side, 10 total)
  3. Push-ups, modified or plank (10 total)
  4. Mountain climbers (20 alternating)
  5. Plank with alternating shoulder taps (20 alternating)
  6. Burpees (10 total)
  7. Sit-ups (10 total)
  8. V-sit twists (20 alternating)
  9. Pike push-up (10 total)
  10. Scissor jumps, or jumping lunges (10 alternating)

So all you gotta do is set a timer for 10 minutes and get to work! If you do this, leave in the comments below how many times you get through the entire circuit. If you’re on “sit-ups” when 10 minutes runs out, count the full times you’ve got through the whole thing and then let us know where you got to in the non-finished circuit.

Make sure that you’re using good form when doing these exercises. They’re super simple and very basic, but it’s so important to keep your body in the correct positions and not “cheat” yourself. You’re not getting the workout you deserve and you have the possibility of seriously hurting yourself. Slow it down if things are getting too tough! Don’t get sloppy Smile with tongue out Also, make sure that you learn the difference between discomfort and pain. Discomfort is, “OMG my legs are shaking and sweat is dripping off my nose. Kill me now.” Pain is, “My wrist is going to snap off. Help.”


And speaking of pain, my stomach has been really bothering me lately. Like, constantly. I feel like since I’m really trying to clean up my diet, it may be reacting negatively to the lower sugar intake and taking it out on me. I find myself constantly hungry and completely nauseous when that hunger arises. I’ve also found myself just feeling bloated all the time and just uncomfortable. I haven’t really changed a whole lot with what I’m eating, but these feelings have been gradually creeping up on me and are starting to become real obnoxious.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what this might be? I’m clueless. Once I move out (soon!) I’m getting my own health insurance and then can decide for myself how I deal with body issues rather than having to do with what my parents approve of. Can’t wait for that. June 20 cannot come soon enough. Rant over.


What workout totally kicks your butt?

Weekend Recap + A Realization

Even though I’ve had a super hectic week/weekend, I’ve managed to do some legitimately fun things that I haven’t done in a while. Here’s what my weekend consisted of:


  • workout (2.5 mile run + 1 hour jazzercise class)
  • Whole Foods meet-up with a representative from a local magazine (and my mom’s old friend from high school!) that I’m going to be working with, followed up by some grocery shopping
  • date night with Luke, including Mongolian BBQ (with a coupon, oh yeah) and some Harry Potter puzzle time; We. Are. WILD.


  • sleeping in a bit!
  • no workout, but tons of stretching and foam rolling while listening to my Jillian Michaels podcast of course
  • cleaning, blog work, and some prep for the upcoming week
  • lunch date with Caterina, a local health & fitness friend!
  • PT at the gym
  • coffee date with an old friend
  • taking the girls I babysit out to CPK for dinner and to see Oz

Their quinoa and arugula salad is phenomenal. Go get it immediately please and thank you.


Okay, I have also come to a very important conclusion over the past couple of days: I enjoy my life so much more when I have people involved in it. Over the past few years I have developed this horrid habit of isolation. I tend to use any free moment I have for myself. Yes, this gives me peace and allows me to play catch-up on my life, but am I really happy and fulfilled by that? No; not at all. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones this weekend has totally confirmed how much I miss being a social person. Struggles with body issues, stress about huge changes in my life, many different jobs, and graduating college caused me to lose touch with a lot of people and just not have a ton of motivation to meet new ones. I need to bottle up this feeling and remember it for the next time I want to just lock myself in my room with some wine and reality TV (although that is exactly what I will be doing Monday night for the 3-hour Bachelor season finale).

Another thing I have realized: I suck at making commitments. Giving up junk food for Lent? Oops. Training hardcore and eating clean for a bikini competition in June? Whoops. Saying no to people? My bad. I always tend to fail when I make a goal for myself like that. Want to know when I succeed? When I just let things happen and play out as they should. Why am I trying so hard to set out for a path for my life, when the universe almost always tends to want to take me in a different direction? I need to learn to let it go and let things happen as they should. Am I still trying to limit the crap I eat during Lent to practice deprivation? Yes I sure am. Am I still planning on competing in some sort of fitness competition this summer? Yes I am, just on a smaller, local scale. Am I saying no to people? No; still working on that one. My new commitment is to stop making commitments. Let it go Allison.

Last thing I learned: Health and fitness is the field I am supposed to be in. It tends to be all I ever really want to talk about and one of the only things that I am actually knowledgeable about. I want to help people get healthy and love their lives, including myself. I want to spend all my free time working on my profession, seeking knowledge, and developing my own business. So why don’t I do these things? Well, I am going to. Screw what other people “think” I should do or “say” is the right direction for me to take. I just don’t care anymore. I’m doing what I want to do and trusting that God will take care of the rest. That’s the end of that.


What a fun, yet productive and eye-opening weekend! I am so glad that I kinda put myself out there and actually had some fun for once, yet still focusing on stuff I need to get done and feeling like I accomplished some things that needed to be done/said. My DietBet starts today, so I’m sure you will be hearing quite a bit about that in the upcoming month, and I also go to LA exactly one month from today! Exciting things happening my friends. I am in a great mood right now and I really hope it continues through the week. Today will include teaching Sunday School, training a client, working on some local business research, putting together my Foodie Pen Pal box, and over necessities to get out of the way before the busy, busy week starts up again. Enjoy the remaining hours of your weekend loves!

What is one thing you learned this weekend?

My Favorite Foods

How is everyone doing on this lovely Thursday morning? I am totally obsessed with the fact that there’s only 2 days until the weekend and that March is starting tomorrow. February wasn’t the best month for me, but I’m determined to turn it around in March and make it rock. I have a lot of fun stuff going on in March:

  • new families to babysit for
  • a 5th birthday party for a sweetheart I babysit
  • tons of personal training sessions already scheduled
  • running a St. Patty’s Day 5K
  • house sitting for a lady I workout with
  • not too many weekend plans yet, so lots of time to relax (fingers crossed!)

I also got a call from The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday letting me know that our show taping has been moved up a day. WOO! One day less to wait. So for anyone that cares, the episode I’ll be in the audience for is going to be airing on April 11th. No worries, I’m sure I’ll remind you a million and one times before then anyway.

This is going to drive me nuts. Yesterday on someone’s blog they did a WIAW, but a “What I WOULD Eat Wednesday.” I cannot remember for the life of me who’s blog it was! So if this was you, please let me know so I can give you proper credit. Anyway, they wrote about what foods they would eat if they knew nothing about nutrition, calories, protein, added sugars, etc. I thought this was a super fun idea, so here’s what I would eat if I had no knowledge or care for taking care of my body. Here are the foods that I would totally be indulging in on a regular basis.

  • Costco chocolate chunk muffins

  • Olive Garden white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

  • Margaritas x 1,000

  • Tostitos scoops, guacamole, and salsa x 1,000,000

  • Vegetable lo mein

  • Peach rings

  • Ben & Jerry’s cinnamon buns ice cream

  • Caesar salad

  • Trix cereal (but the kind with the fruit shapes, not those boring circles they use now)

  • Fruit salad

There’s probably more, but that’s what first came to mind. Are you kidding me? Apparently I would be 3,000 pounds if I didn’t care about health and fitness!

Since we’re already on the food topic, can I please just share with you my breakfast from yesterday? I had a bit of an unusual schedule yesterday, so Luke and I had time to sit down to a real breakfast together for the first time in probably like, ever. I got my Perfect Fit Protein packets in the mail a few days ago and decided to try out the protein pancake.


The recipe is super simple:

  • 1/2 banana, mashed
  • 1/2 tbs. almond milk
  • 1 packet perfect fit protein
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon


YUM. I topped mine with some cookie butter, the other half of my banana, and a sprinkle of Back to Nature granola with dark chocolate chunks. It’s rare for me to not finish my food, but I still had a couple bites left. It was SO filling.


Black coffee and a mimosa (or 3) may or may not have been enjoyed on the side as well.

I also got an awesome workout in yesterday. I didn’t quite follow along with the Wednesday schedule for the 5 Day Warm-Up, since I was feeling like mixing it up.

  • 2 Tone It Up ab routines, 3x through each (took me about 45 minutes)
  • 15 minutes stretching

Since I completed an hour of cardio at the gym yesterday, I wasn’t feeling any more additional treadmill work today. I’ll hit it today!

Here’s the schedule for today (wow, this post is getting bullet-point crazy!):

  • leg/butt circuits at the gym + jazzercise class
  • training 2 clients
  • doctors appointment (boo……)
  • afternoon off to do some seriously needed work on the computer!

Not sure what the plans are for tonight, but hopefully spending some time with my little sister, since she was absolutely devastated she didn’t have a snow day yesterday. Poor kid.

What’s a food you would eat if you had no knowledge of nutrition?

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Health & Fitness


Fun Fact: I danced all my life growing up and definitely was a “leader” for a dance to this song when I was about 12. I wore the puffiest, most pastel skirt ever and carried a sheep herding staff. Man, do I wish I had a picture.

Today I thought I would tell you guys some of my favorite things in the whole wide world. Now I am definitely one of those people that has a million and one favorite foods, every movie I see is my new favorite, I have 11 favorite TV shows, and I have 7 favorite shirts. To sum it up, I am extremely indecisive. So for these things to make my list, they must really rock my world! These are things (or people) that I use and/or take advantage of on an almost daily basis. I’m going to start making this a weekly thing if it’s popular, and this week will focus on nutrition, health, fitness, working out, etc. All that kinda stuff. Enjoy!


#1: Tone It Up: I admire Karena and Katrina probably more than they will ever know. I came across these girls probably in August of 2012 and bought their vegetarian nutrition plan about a month later. Although I don’t follow it as much as I would like to, I am determined to start. I am obsessed with the SoCal lifestyle they lead and am determined to live it myself one day. I do however keep up with their workout schedule pretty perfectly. It has definitely improved my muscle tone and increased my cardiovascular abilities. I know that once I am able to stick to their nutrition guidelines, my body will feel even better and develop into exactly what I want it to. Since I’m a personal trainer, the last thing I want to do is make up workouts for myself as well. The girls make exercising fun, easy, and convenient for me. I love them. Buy the DVD. Buy the nutrition plan. Follow the workouts. Watch their videos. I feel like an infomercial, but they will help you to be the best version of yourself if that’s something you’re looking for. Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested!


#2: Gaiam foam roller: I only got mine from Target a few weeks ago, but I have noticed such significant changes in my body that it’s made the list! I love using this to wind down at the end of the day. Even though it kills my muscles at the time (especially my calves), I feel loose, relaxed, and refreshed the next morning. My favorite place to use it is on my back. I can feel everything opening up and relaxing. Such a great feeling! I highly advise you to invest in one of these if you frequently participate in high-intensity exercise or even if you’re just looking for a new way to stretch your body.

foam roller

#3: Zico coconut water: First of all, I love that this is a “health” food you can get at Target or random grocery stores. I really, really, really hate this word, but this water is extremely refreshing (ugh, does the word refreshing just make anyone else cringe?!). It’s awesome before or after a workout or basically anytime at all. The chocolate flavor is my favorite by far, but I also enjoy the mango and pineapple ones. I love going to hot yoga and then having one of these. I feel on top of the world.


#4: Nike training cross fit shoes: Love love love love love times a million these shoes. They don’t have a “tongue” that pops out like most shoes do, so they basically mold to your foot the first time you wear them and stay that way. I do many different types of exercise (running, walking, jazzercise, strength training, boot camp style classes, etc.) and these shoes honestly support me during everything. If you’re like me and like to do a million different things, these are a great pair of shoes to have! And these are exactly what mine look like; aren’t they cute?!


#5: My Tech4o watch: First of all, it’s cute. And cute workout gear motivates me. Sorry. Second of all, it does a million things. It’s a pedometer, calorie tracker, activity level recorder, data saver, and stopwatch. That’s only to name a few things it does. Those are probably just the things I use it most for. I love to see how many steps I’ve taken during the day, just for my own reasons. I have yet to invest in a heart rate monitor. That may just be next.


#6: Lucy “lotus power” capri pants: These are the bomb. They don’t dig into your midsection causing that unflattering little ring of flab. They don’t move around when you move around. The slit in the back gives you a little bit of extra breathing room. They’re cute. AND mine have purple stripes on the sides. Score. I really don’t ever buy clothes from Lucy, simply because it’s so expensive. I usually stick to the Champion line at Target, which I also love. However, these pants were on clearance. So I took advantage of that. I have a couple other pieces of clothing from Lucy, but not enough in my opinion. I’m waiting for another huge sale to go back.


#7: Kashi GoLean! Chocolate Peanut Bars: Yum. That’s all I have to say. At least for me, this is the perfect pre-workout snack.


#8: My iPad: This one may sound kind of silly, but I use my iPad for so many fitness related things. I have a ton of apps that I utilize, I watch my videos on here, I read my blogs on here, and I basically store all information that I want to remember on a regular basis here, since it’s so portable. Luke bought this for me for my 21st birthday, and I am very grateful to him for that! It helps keep me organized and on top of things. This is the same case I have..super cute!

ipad case

#9: This song: Enough said. Motivates me like craaaaazy.


#10: I don’t want to get all mushy and sappy, but you guys!: Ever since I started blogging, I’ve just found this sense of camaraderie that I never had before. You all motivate me like you wouldn’t believe and give me ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. So thank you Smile


I’ve decided to attempt (key word being attempt….) to train for the Detroit marathon in October. Does anyone have a good training plan they like?

*****ALSO, JUST A HEADS UP***** I’m in the process of making some changes to the blog. If it’s funky or “off” within the next couple days, I’ll fix it; promise.