Spice Up Your Life, Week 7

I am so happy right now. It’s super early on Saturday morning, no one else in my house is awake, and I’m drinking coffee from my Keurig that I can make literally without even getting out of bed. I have a really busy day, but busy with good things:

  • 8:30 am: yoga class
  • 9:45 am: going out to breakfast with Luke
  • 11:15 am – 1:15 pm: training a couple of clients
  • 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm: church Easter party for the kids
  • 4:00 pm: going somewhere new & fun with Luke!

I’m not necessarily happy because of my day filled with good stuff, but because of a couple realizations I’ve had over the last few days. (1) I am 100% positive, without a doubt, that having kids and working in the fitness industry is what I am supposed to do with my life. (2) I work better with a schedule, hence why I made up a generic exercise schedule that I can mix and match and alter a little bit every week. (3) Living on my own is going to solve a lot of the problems I’ve been having lately; this will be happening sooner than I thought…..*hint hint* (4) 17 days from right now I will be on my way to Los Angeles with my wonderful boyfriend!

I also realized that I did a great job at my challenge from last week of creating a sacred space. I started out the week doing Deepak Chopra’s meditation challenge, but got bored of it after a few days. Instead, I turned to doing some Tara Stiles meditation routines each morning. Typically the night before I will pull up a couple of her videos (7-ish minutes each) on my iPad so they are easily accessible to me in the morning. I wake up, drink my coffee and read a few blogs, do my routines, and then get ready for the day. It really gives me a solid mindset for the day. I love it. Anyway, I just ranted about really boring parts of my life. My bad. Where I was heading with this…..

My sacred space is the floor in my room. Yeah, I’m weird. Over it. I love rolling my yoga mat out between my bed and the window and being able to see just a little bit of light through the cracks in my blinds each morning. I love foam rolling. I love laying on my stomach while on my computer. I am always on the floor! So, there’s a little random tidbit about my life. Don’t judge me Smile with tongue out Did you find a “sacred space” for yourself?

Moving on to this week’s challenge!

84. Plan and prepare a seduction dinner.

LOL. That’s all I have to say about that. This book, I swear. It’s got some weird challenges in here. But definitely things that will put us out of our comfort zones! Once again, I’m going to switch around this challenge a bit and say to just simply make dinner for someone! I know that personally I have fallen into this pattern of just kinda eating what is in front of me. I snack like there’s no tomorrow and am just really impatient when it comes to food. I miss cooking and need to get back into it. Once again, will be a lot easier when I get my own place….very, very soon! More details coming soon Smile

This video from Jenna Marbles pretty much describes my eating habits lately perfectly:

“I don’t just eat the popcorn; I EAT the popcorn.” LOL. Yes! I adore her.

Here’s what I’m going to do this week for the challenge:”

  • Have a serious Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s grocery shopping experience on Thursday. And my goal for this trip? Only buy what is on my list. We shall see how that goes.
  • Make a good meal for Luke! What do ya want babe? Better let me know now or you know it’s gonna be some “healthy crap you don’t like.” Smile
  • Make actual meals for myself. I’m super good at assembling things, but really bad at actually incorporating them into one dish. Practice makes perfect.

Who are you going to have a good meal with this week??

Room Tour Vlog

You guys. Please don’t judge me. I wanted to show you my room and didn’t realize what an awkward person I was until now. Enjoy this mess.

Moving on……


My morning workout was intense and awesome.

Since I train clients all day long and make up individual plans for them, when it comes time for my own workout all I want is for someone else to tell me exactly what to do!


My breakfast was also quite delicious. I had a light n’ fit vanilla yogurt with a small banana, strawberries, blueberries, and roasted flaxseed from TJ’s.

yogurt bowl

Doesn’t that look all patriotic and stuff?

I also enjoyed some hazelnut coffee from my sampler pack from my new Keurig!

coffee mug

Isn’t my mug adorable?! I got it at a craft show like, 4 years ago and it’s still goin’ strong. I hope I never need to get a new one!


The rest of my day has been spent doing laundry, cleaning my room and bathroom, calling some clients, training some clients, and eating Chipotle leftovers with Luke. My best friend from college, Audrey, is coming over for the rest of the day so we can get dinner later tonight with our other college roommate Erica later. Super excited. I’ll have a full recap tomorrow Smile


Some people say that it’s okay to have, eat, or do whatever you gave up for Lent on Sundays. Thoughts on this topic??

Love is in the Air

I just have something really funny to share before I tell ya’ll what we did for Valentine’s Day: There was NOTHING but couples at the restaurant we went to last night! Luke and I walked in and were being taken to our table, and I am not kidding when I say that every single table had a couple at it. What was even funnier was that Luke and I knew we were both thinking the same thing about how funny it looked. If you went out to dinner last night, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Nobody probably thinks it’s funny like I do though; oh well. Moving on!


Luke wouldn’t let me plan anything last night, which was great. Since I’m with kids all day, I’m constantly deciding what to do and when since they’re too young to make a real decision of their own yet. When I’m with my clients, I tell them how and what to do. After work the last thing I want to do is make a decision of any kind. So I appreciated him making the plans more than anything!


He started out by bringing me roses to my door. Super cute. I really dislike flowers, but it was a sweet gesture Smile 

Then we went to our favorite Italian restaurant (or I suppose favorite restaurant, ever) for dinner. It’s a local family-owned place. The best in my opinion! It also worked out very well, because I’m obsessed with their minestrone soup and I’ve been super sick since yesterday afternoon. Boooo. I knew the girls I nanny being sick would catch up to me. So I got a bowl of the soup and a Caesar salad, which I don’t get very often, but had a huge craving for it. They also have these garlicky breadstick things that are to die for. I need the recipe for those things.

After dinner we went to Wal-Mart to get some cheap wine to sneak into the movies. Keepin’ it classy. But really. Our movie theater has a bar in it and it’s like, $10 for a beer. That is insane. I will be drinking my $4 Barefoot Cabernet, thank you very much.

We saw Safe Haven which I thought was absolutely phenomenal. I read the book quite a while ago and was pleasantly surprised to find that they followed the storyline perfectly. I cried through a good portion of it. That may have had to do with the mixture of cough medicine and wine though. Oops. Regardless, it was very sad but then very happy and very good. Go see it. Now.

You want to know what my gift was? That I didn’t ask for? A KEURIG. I’m pumped. And yes, I will be keeping it in my bathroom so I can make coffee in the morning without ever having to leave my bedroom. Life’s good. Any suggestions on good k-cups to buy?

Even though I was half dead by the end of the night and could barely keep my eyes open, it was a great time. Hence, no post last night. I would have been just as happy sitting at home watching a movie and ordering pizza, but it was great to go out and do/have some of our favorite things. I feel very lucky today Smile


What are our thoughts on romantic movies?? I usually am not that big of a fan, but if I read the book and love it, you bet I’m going to go see the movie version.