Please tell me….

Please tell me that someone watches The Middle and Modern Family and saw the season finales last night. I died just a little bit. I watched Modern Family running on the treadmill at the gym and had to stop and stand on the sides multiple times, because I was laughing so hard. And then when I got home my mom and I watched The Middle and I laughed even harder, because their family is so my family. Like, literally quotes that were used in that episode are used in my house every day. Whoever the writers are of those shows are absolutely brilliant and I want them to be my friends and make me laugh every second of every day. People that can make you laugh are the best.

Someone that can always make me laugh are the kids I nanny. I really wish I had the mindset of a child where I could just say whatever I want and not care what people think about it. Most of my thoughts are absolutely ridiculous and it’s probably better off that I keep them to myself. I seriously tell my clients everything though; I’m surprised they still want to work out with me after the first week :p But honestly, kids are the best. And we should all be more like them and play outside, eat popsicles, take naps, run around just because we feel like it, dance in the car, and eat spaghetti with our hands. Because that is the best.


Yesterday we played so much. We have been outside all day every day this week and I have super cute tan lines to prove it. And then today we decided to do makeovers, and they looked adorable and I was a hot mess. Typical. I had cheese in my hair and dirt under my nails and green paint all down my leg, but we had an awesome day. And I’m not even mad. Oh, and we took a million and one pictures. The 2 year old has decided she wants to be a “picture taker” when she grows up, so get ready for some interesting things to come from that.


After nannying, my dad and I went to Rojo for dinner, which I have been wanting forever and a day and I was so freaking pumped. Our waitress was super cute and made me a margarita with basically just tequila and lime, so that was good. And we got guacamole made at our table and super spicy and then I got a chopped salad which was good, too. I was happy. I would have had about 5 more margaritas, but I had to go to the gym and train a client, and I also wanted to work out myself. I ended up doing a lot of the workout with her, and then ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill while sweating off all my bronzer on a white towel which was super sexy.


And NOW I have 6 full days off, aside from training clients here and there. I have a ton of fun stuff planned and am probably even more excited to catch up on all the things I have fallen behind on. I also desperately need to go shopping to get some new summer clothes, since I freaked out last summer and donated like 75% of my warm-weather clothes. I cannot for the life of me remember why. And I also need to go bathing suit shopping; my nightmare. So that will be fun.

Those e-cards were just too freaking funny and true not to post them all. My bad. Today I’m going to workout, go to the zoo (YES.), and see Hangover 3. Bye!


Please tell me you watch my favorite shows and saw them last night……

Welcome to my life.

Not that you all probably care about my super fascinating, exciting (note the sarcasm) life, but I figured I would share some pictures that describe me pretty perfectly right now.


Story of my life. I know it’s mean, but there are just some people that you are like, “Nope.”


I very rarely paint my nails, just because it gets chipped in 3 seconds, but if I did, this is the color they would constantly be.


If anyone can tell me where to find these shoes, I will be forever in debt to you. I may even buy you a pair in thanks.

Doing yoga. Lots and lots of yoga. Except I don’t look like that. I look more like an awkward cat.


Eating as many veggie bowls from Chipotle as humanly possible.

Watching this video. Oh my goodness gracious. Get ready to pee your pants.



Re-living this moment over and over. Today my mom told me I need to differentiate the fine line between persistence and annoyance. From here on out, I am vowing to be the most persistent person ever that wants to get a job with Ellen, and if I’m being annoying please come over and slap me. Would re-enacting that video from above be awesome or creepy? Awesome I hope, since now that the idea has popped in my head it’s all I basically want to do with my life.


Wearing the coolest shirt in the whole freaking world that my awesome friend Tara made for me. She has one, too. They say “I want to work for Ellen.” YES YES YES.


Hanging out with my girls and getting really excited when they will wear matching outfits. I wish it was acceptable to match my friends. That would be cool.


Eating delicious food. This is muesli from Costco (the holy land in my opinion) with banana. Uh, yum. I basically want to live in California because they have delicious, healthy food like this everyone. And wine. They have great wine.


Chilling with my sassy cat who gets really pissed when I stop petting her.


Watching a lot of Ellen and wondering where I can get that wine purse.


Finding this awesome frog outside and getting more excited than the kids.


Rocking my Ellen sunglasses and being really awkward taking pictures on the way to work with my giant forehead.


Loving this picture and this day!

Sorry my posts have been a little random and all over the place lately. I have been super busy this week, but all that will slow down because I have 2 weeks off nannying now! Still working at the gym, but I get a little vacation up north which is very exciting. See ya’ll tomorrow!

What’s going on in your life right now?

I believe in……

  • Mandatory naps at 230 pm, daily.
  • Lots and lots of red wine.
  • Days off.


  • Love, of any type.


  • Children & the validity of their thoughts/ideas.


  • Cats.


  • Yoga.
  • Driving with the windows down and the radio up.
  • Huge thunderstorms.
  • California weather.


  • Riding bikes.


  • Laughing.


  • Dancing.
  • Reading and tea.
  • Staying in your pajamas all day long.


  • Going on vacation.


  • Coffee dates with old friends.


  • Living your life to the best of your ability and to have the most fun as possible and to be as nice as you possibly can be.


And now you know my favorite things. The end.

What do you believe in?

Spice Up Your Life, Week 4

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that it’s a Friday night at 9:30 p.m. and I’m home, drinking wine in bed, typing a blog post. Some people call that pathetic or boring, but I call it happiness. I am so freaking content right now. Let me be people. Sorry that I’m not a typical 21 year old, out partying, blowing all my money, and getting wasted. Sorry that I would rather be in the comfort of my own bed with no pants or makeup on and my $10 jug (yes, I mean jug; it’s huge) of Cabernet. If this post is all over the place, bear with me. I’ve got a lot on my mind.

Yesterday rocked my socks off. Literally. A 7-month old pulled my socks off. I babysat for two new families and in turn fell in love with 3 new children. Total, I was with the kiddies for 10 hours. Whew! Then Luke and I went out for a super nice dinner, where I ordered like a 5 year old and got minestrone soup and Caesar salad, light on the dressing. But I did get a significant amount of wine, which made me seem a bit more my age. Luke wasn’t any better. He gets penne with meat sauce anywhere we go. Oh well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Last week I challenged ya’ll to read a classic book. I got Wuthering Heights on my kindle, got through approximately 26% of it (my kindle said), and shut it down. I can’t stand it. I just cannot get into it. Oh well. I tried. That’s all I have to say on that. Anyone have more success than me?

We’re going big this week.

49. Conquer a fear.

Here’s a list of my biggest fears:

  • throwing up
  • police officers
  • someone breaking into my house
  • a child I babysit choking
  • my wallet being stolen, more importantly my planner being stolen
  • locking myself out of my car
  • flying in airplanes
  • butterflies (don’t laugh, they’re creepy as hell)

My goal this week has nothing to do with any of them. My goal is to run 6 miles without stopping. I know, I know. To most of you that’s nothing, but it’s huge for me. I am more than capable of doing it, but I always second guess myself and tell myself I need a walking break or to hop on the sides to get a drink of water. All I want is me and the treadmill (my only choice right now Sad smile) and 6 miles. The end. I need to prove to myself that I can do it. I’m hoping to bust this out on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


I have a pretty big post coming tomorrow if I can be balls-y enough to post it. Stay tuned friends.

Any big goals for this week? Are you going to conquer a fear?

Finding “It”

Something that I have really been struggling with over the past few years is finding what the heck I’m supposed to do with the rest of my life.

I started out thinking I was going to be famous. I swear to you that my first email address had the words ‘almost famous’ in it. I have about the worst singing voice ever, am too short to model, know nothing about acting, and didn’t have the ideal body type to be a professional dancer. So fame was out.


Once I got a reality check, I wanted to be an interior designer for about 5 minutes. I even went so far as to make a career board about it in 8th grade, just to realize I had to be creative to do that. Nope.


Throughout high school I really had no idea; I didn’t even think about it.


When I started college I really wanted to work in the hospitality industry, specifically event planning. That’s exactly what I got my degree in, just to get a job in it right out of college and despise it. I came home from the hotel I worked at every day crying to my mom about how unhappy I was and how I needed a change. I knew that I liked kids and I knew that I liked fitness, so I thought the best plan of action was to go in that route. Since it’s obviously not a good time for me to be a mother, I did the next best thing and got a job as a nanny. I also signed up for two courses online through AFPA to become a personal trainer and a nutritionist.


Now that I have been nannying for 6 months and recently got a job personal training, I can tell that this is what I was meant to do. Maybe not necessarily in this capacity forever, but at least I know I’m on the right track. I would ideally like to get my teaching certificate this summer so I can teach first or second grade for a few years until I’m ready to be a mom. I would also like to work really hard to get my own personal training business going, so that when I do have kids of my own I can train on the side and still have a part-time job and my own business (somewhat using my actual degree :p).


I’ve never been the kind of person to really stick with something. I always feel like I want to do something in the moment, but lose interest or become frustrated very quickly. I really want to break that cycle and stop committing to something I don’t truly love and wasting my time and money. There have been multiple opportunities for me to buy or rent my own place recently, but I have been smart and thought twice about it. I need to really be ready, financially and mentally. I know how difficult it is to live on my own, and I will admit that it’s nice to have the comforts of home (unlimited heat and air conditioning, a fully stocked fridge, no loud college kids, etc.), even if I do have to put up with the frustrations of living with my parents again. I really do know deep down how great they are to me; I just need to keep reminding myself of it when I get fed up.

So for the time being I’m going to focus on saving money like crazy, expanding my own business, and loving on these kids as much as I can so I’m fully prepared when I eventually have my own. I’m very lucky to have a great guy in my life who backs me up no matter what and wants to provide for me and our future family and is already taking steps in the right direction to do so. He’s a keeper :p


That was quite a rant if I’ve ever seen one! The girls have a snow day today, so my sister came with me to work today and all the girls are playing at a local play place, while I sit here and drink coffee and make sure they don’t get hurt. Solid morning if I do say so myself! I also think we’re going to Olive Garden for lunch; unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks anyone? Yes please :)

This morning I had this exact same yogurt bowl as yesterday, along with some TJ’s green tea that I picked up the other day and some black coffee. It’s freezing and nasty outside today; I was up early looking for school closings just like I used to when I was actually in school!

I got in a quick workout, too:

- Yoga/stretching (15 minutes)
- TIU HIIT workout DVD (20 minutes)

After work I’m planning on going to the gym and doing some intervals on the treadmill. Shooting for 5 miles! Tonight will be filled with working on some training plans for a couple of new clients, The Bachelor (why do I get so nervous for this show every week!?), and most likely plenty of Cabnernet, let’s be real. Wine is a necessity when you’re watching reality TV in my opinion.

On a side note, can we appreciate Miley’s Cosmo cover?


A moment of silence for that please.

What’s your favorite snack or drink to have while you’re watching TV or movies?

Pretty. Little. Liars.

Well today started out pretty crappy. I hit snooze on my alarm 3 times (that is unheard of for me!) and literally rolled out of bed to complete a 10 minute toning routine, which was all I ended up having time for. Then I went downstairs and was reprimanded for my ‘attitude’ when I hadn’t even uttered a word. Hmmm. Instead of freaking out about it like I usually would, I decided to avert the situation and turn my day around when I had the chance.

So wanna know what I did?


Went to Starbucks and got one of those bad boys. De-lish! Reminds me of a pumpkin spice latte without the pumpkin. And with more chai-ish spices. I get a grande with nonfat milk, no whipped cream, and an extra shot of espresso :)

It’s funny how something so small can make such a big impact on your day.

The 2 year old I nanny for, Francesca, had a little ballet class this morning (AW!) and I was just ravenous while waiting in the lobby. Lucky for me they are starting to put ‘healthy vending machines’ in most buildings where I live now. Score. I got some cheddar potato pop chips which were super yum and only 100 calories. Can’t beat it!


The rest of my day was spent playing with the girls, which really just means chasing them around and watching Disney Channel and occasionally having a snack. Oh, the life of a child. I need a little bit of advice though from anyone out there with kiddies. Francesca always wants to be held, and since I’m a righty I automatically put her on my right hip. It’s uncomfortable and weird to switch her to the left for both her and I. My right shoulder is starting to kill me and pop all the time. Any advice??

My afternoon workout was a half hour walk on the treadmill at the gym at 4.4 speed and 6.0 incline while watching Walking Dead on my iPad and a jazzercise class. I was feeling the burn, so I came home and just finished about 15 more minutes of toning routines while watching my beloved Pretty Little Liars.

Does anyone else watch this show?? So freaking obsessed. Who is A!?!?!? I can’t stand it; this show is such a tease.

I wasn’t the cleanest eater today, but tomorrow is a new day. It always is<3

What’s your favorite vending machine snack?

Mine’s gotta be those little watermelon sour gummy things. Sorry! :(