I only answer cause I’m too polite.

So I realized the other day that I don’t think I’ve ever talked to you guys about the kind of music I listen to. And why would you care? But I feel like telling you anyway, mainly because I’ve been doing a lot of driving for work lately and added a million and one (or 36) new songs on my iTunes the other day and have been listening to the same few on repeat over and over. Longest sentence ever. Anyway, I like everything. Country, rap, pop, rock, oldies, techno, jazz….the list goes on and on. I’m not picky. I just really don’t like whiny songs. My only requirement. Here’s some of my favorites lately.

Something that we’re not: Demi Lovato. Okay, so I feel like every single song on her new CD is like, my life. I have been listening to it non-stop since I bought (illegally downloaded….) it the other night. If you’re a girl and you like music about bad relationships, get it now.

Bom bom: Sam and the womp. Why do I love this so much? I don’t know. It’s ridiculous, but it’s super fun to listen to while you run and rock out in your car and look like a fool.

Treasure: Bruno Mars. Ugh, how can you not just love him and his red pants? He is so super cute and such a little guy. I just want to put him in my pocket and take him home with me.

Fat bottomed girls: Queen. So old, but so good. Another good one to listen to in your car and have people give you weird looks for listening to it. Ignore them. They don’t know good music.

Blurred lines: Robin Thicke. Once again, how can you not love him? All of them I suppose. I saw them on Ellen the other day, and ooh boy…..

Cruise: Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly. This song was good enough plain, but then you go and throw Nelly in there?! I’m in heaven. I’m not even kidding when I saw I don’t think I will ever get sick of this song. And I’m the person that listens to 20 seconds of a song in my car and then changes it. Not this one. All the way through baby.

100$ Bill: Jay-Z. This song is super cool, but put in The Great Gatsby and having beautiful people dressed in old clothes in the background is just too cool for words. Now I want to see that movie again; great.

Goodbye My Lover: James Blunt. When I was younger and a dancer I heard this song for the first time and have loved it ever since. I recently re-discovered it and have been terribly singing it in my car for the joy of all my fellow drivers.

Done: The Band Perry. Well they sang it live when I went to Ellen, so how could it not be my favorite?! Honestly though, great lyrics and Kim is super cute.

Pom Poms: The Jonas Brothers. I have loved these boys since they sang Year 3000, for any of you fellow crazy JB fans. And now they’re going on tour again and I AM SO PUMPED. And this music video is super sassy and I’m not mad about it one bit.

I seriously like music so much. I’m surprised I didn’t put any Taylor Swift songs on here, because her CD has been constantly listened to lately, too. I really like club-ish music too, but I don’t know what any of those songs are called because I’m not cool enough for that. In fact, those songs are so cool that they’re probably remixes and not even on YouTube and I just don’t know that. I gotta get with the times.

Have a great Wednesday and try not to melt if it’s as hot where you are as it is in Michigan!

What’s your favorite song right now?

Ramblings Like Crazy

I know I just did a post like this, but my mind is all over the place tonight with things I want to write about. So I think I’ll write about them all. Excuse the random-ness. That’s exactly how my life is right now.

  • It’s my last day house-sitting. Boo. I have to stop pretending like I’m rich now and go back to reality. This week has taught me a couple of things. I learned how difficult it is to take care of a house, especially a big one. I learned how your heart jumps every time a dog barks after dark. I learned how much I love silence, but I learned how lonely I get and how much I really appreciate the company of my family. I get to house-sit again in a couple of weeks, and now that I’ve got the swing of things it should be a little easier to get used to.
  • I love wine. I had this crazy thought that I wasn’t going to drink at all during the month of April. HA. It’s April 3rd and that resolution is long broken. Honestly, why do I make these ridiculous promises to myself that I know I won’t follow through with? And, to make things even better, a lady bought me a bottle of wine at the store last night! I was in the worst mood there and was standing in the aisle staring at the bottles of Cabernet, even though I buy the same type every time, and she goes, “Rough day?” And I told her yes. She ended up being in line behind me at the checkout and told the cashier to just put it on her bill. I love her.
  • I also really love reading blogs. Last week I deleted a bunch of blogs that I was consistently reading, because they weren’t benefitting me in a positive way. I am now left with significantly fewer blogs, but I am actually able to read every word now and really pay attention to what I am reading, instead of rushing through them. I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas lately, from Melissa’s organization challenge to Heather’s rest week, to some great recipes and workouts and just general life advice. So thank you ladies!
  • I can already tell that BeachBody is going to be a great company to work with/for, even though I haven’t really gotten started yet. I’ve been super busy yet and haven’t had the opportunity to put as much time as I would like into my business, but that will all be changing this weekend when I start to develop my own challenge group (and I really hope that some of you will decide to join me!). I’ve been doing a lot of training over this past week and now have a solid understanding of what I should/can be doing daily. I’m ready to get this going and learn to make an income from home.
  • The combination of TurboFire and yoga routines I’ve been doing is just about as perfect as perfect can be. I get my sweat on big time in the morning with Chalene Johnson and then wind down later in the day with Tara Stiles. Goodness, I wish I had unlimited hours in the day to get everything done. I hate feeling rushed during exercise, and that’s all I’ve been feeling lately. I’m trying to just breathe though it and tell myself that I have all the time in the world, but the truth of the matter is that I just don’t.

  • I’ve been staying up really late lately. And by late, I mean midnight. Midnight may seem like nothing for some of you guys, but it’s basically the middle of the night for me since I wake up around 5:30 every day. I just feel like I have so many things to get done on the computer and need to get them done before I go to bed or I won’t be able to sleep. Then I feel like I need to get up earlier than I need to so I don’t have to rush through my workouts, but I end up messing around on my iPad in the morning and being late anyway. Lose, lose.

  • I feel like everything is frustrating me lately. I have no patience and no motivation to hide my irritation. I’ve been trying really hard to just take a deep breath and move on, but that’s not always possible. I’m hoping that I’m able to get over this soon, but it’s really bad right now. My to-do lists aren’t helping with my stress like they usually do; I feel like more things are being added than I can handle and take care of. Especially since I have a different week next week (LA vacation), I’m freaking out about getting everything done in time! Since I have so much frustration and stress, I tend to take it out on my loved ones, which really isn’t fair. It feels good to just say that and get it out, but I hope these feelings go away soon!

  • I’m freaking out about going to Ellen next week. Our flight lands at 10:15am at LAX and we need to be in Burbank for the taping at 2:00pm. We have plenty of time to get there, since we’re renting our own car and it’s 20 miles away from the airport/hotel, but I’m still worried. What if there’s a flight delay? What if our car isn’t ready? What if the traffic is crazy? Keep me in your thoughts next Wednesday that I don’t lose my mind and that I’m not drunk by 7 a.m.

  • I’m starting to think that too many vegetables upset my stomach. I’ve been feeling really bloated and gross lately and can really only account it to the amount of veggies I’ve been consuming in the past few weeks. I love them, but I’m pretty sure that’s what is making me feel like crap. Any suggestions on good things to eat for lunch/dinner with less vegetables and no meat since I’m a vegetarian? Ugh, this is getting complicated.

  • Shopping makes me a lot happier than I previously thought. I went to the mall yesterday and simply buying a couple of new outfits put the biggest, goofy smile on my face. I hate spending money, but I love having new things. Honestly, I think online shopping is the best. Who doesn’t love getting mail?!

I think that’s enough randomness for one night. You can (hopefully) look forward to a normal post tomorrow. I’ll be back at home, back to my regular schedule, and working on my time management skills to lead a less stressful life.

Give me your random fact today!

The Little Things

Okay, so if you are anything like me, you get excited over little, ridiculous things. I probably get more pumped up about a coupon for a free coffee than I would for a random day off work; weird, I know. Those little, happy surprises add up to make me one happy camper when I look back on them. Here’s a couple recent things that have happened to me to make my life just a little bit better:

  • Getting my confirmation letter to see The Ellen Show next month! I’ll be there on April 10 and the taping will air on April 11 if any of you care to watch Smile with tongue out

ellen letter

  • Making a really damn good bowl of oatmeal this morning. Usually I make it way too thick or way too runny, but today it was perfect. It put this weird, goofy smile on my face for basically no reason.
  • Two new personal training clients that I actually really like as people and enjoy spending time with. I like all my clients, I really do. For some reason I’m always surprised that I get such normal, nice people! I’m very blessed.
  • Being excited to wake up in the morning and do yoga. Let’s be honest here. I have never looked forward to morning workouts. Afternoon ones, yes (sometimes). I actually want to get out of bed and do yoga each morning, which makes me super happy.

  • This one is kinda odd, but it makes me happy that The Bachelor and Biggest Loser are done for the season, since I now have an additional 4 free hours each week. I love those shows and miss the entertainment, but I can really use the extra time.
  • In conjunction with the last one, crying my eyes out because I am so happy for the Biggest Loser contestants! They looked AMAZING last night. I got a good cry in while drinking wine and eating pie. Oxymoron? Yeah, oh well.
  • A new discovery of coconut mocha k-cups for my Keurig. I would like this every day of my life please and thank you.

  • FINDING MY IPOD! I totally thought I lost it, but I found it rolled up in one of my yoga mats in my trunk yesterday. Random. You would get a good chuckle if you peeked in my trunk. Just filled with a bunch of random fitness stuff. I could open a boot camp out of my car.
  • My shoulder finally starting to feel better. I had a pinched nerve that was causing me pain anytime I raised it above elbow-level. Finally I can put it overhead with minimal pain. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again next time I get blood drawn.
  • Having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with an apple and kettle chips for dinner last night. I felt like I was 5 again and I loved every second of it. Mine definitely didn’t look this good though.

  • Clearing up my blog reader and my e-mail. A big thumbs up to that.

And the biggest thing of all that is making me smile today? I became a BeachBody coach yesterday! That’s one of my big announcements I was talking about the other day (the second one will be coming soon!). I will be posting a lot more about it over the upcoming weeks, but you can learn a little bit more at their website if you’re interested. With that being said, if any of you are interested in buying their products (Insanity, P90X, TurboFire, Shakeology, etc……) you should probably just go ahead and buy that through me, kay thanks. More to come on that, but I am SUPER excited about it. One more step towards working from home and owning my own successful personal training business Smile


I’ve got a pretty busy day today:

  • Waking up early to do yoga from 6am-7am.
  • Nannying from 8am-330pm.
  • Working at the gym 4-9pm.
  • Rushing home to watch the PLL season finale; AHHHHH. I’ll have to watch it late so do not dare tell me who is in that damn red coat. It’s giving me a headache just thinking about it.


What was the best thing that happened to you yesterday?

An Awesome Thursday Night

First of all, I just want to let you all know that I’m working with Jenny over at www.peanutbutterjenny.com to make my blog beautiful after becoming self-hosted a couple days ago. So if things are looking a bit funky, it will be all fixed soon! Also, I somehow lost all the blogs I subscribe to, so I would REALLY appreciate it if you took like 5 seconds to just e-mail your blog link to [email protected] so I can put it on my reader and get back to reading about your fabulous lives without having to search for each one individually Smile AND, it’s not letting me comment on some blogs, so I’m in the process of fixing that as well. But trust me, I’m still reading. Moving on….

Isn’t it great to just do something totally random and fun in the middle of the week? I had to train a couple of clients yesterday and work at the gym all day, but my day ended much earlier than usual, leaving me time to go grocery shopping (which I love by the way). *Sidenote: A lady in my jazzercise class yesterday morning told me I was an “inspiration” and that I made her feel like “she was dancing at a club.” This made my life basically.”* I got plenty of things that Luke loves in addition to things to make us a delicious dinner. I ran into a friend at the store who convinced me to buy a spaghetti squash. Just wait until you hear about that one.

My younger sister Olivia wanted to come with me to his house to help make dinner, and she actually ended up being a huge help. She started out by making an adorable centerpiece (that you can’t really see in this picture she took…) out of Starburst jellybeans and blow pop suckers (Luke’s favorite).


Then I put together a salad with red leaf lettuce, tomato, garlic, Caesar croutons, parmesan cheese, a little bit of olive oil, and a ton of balsamic vinegar.


The rest of the meal consisted of penne noodles and marinara sauce with garlic ciabatta bread,



and roasted broccoli, asparagus, carrots, and spaghetti squash,


Luke decided to document me attempting spaghetti squash for the first time.






I look so focused. That actually looks like a pretty darn good tutorial if I do say so myself!

Luke had a big task. He opened the wine.


The squash turned out awesome. I was kind of hesitant about it, but I loved every bite of it. It’s ridiculously filling though! No way could I have finished my whole plate, and that’s really rare for me.


I topped mine with marinara sauce and a bunch of the roasted veggies with some asparagus on the side. Luke got the same thing, but with penne noodles instead of squash.


Look at our cute little table setting!


My handsome date:


We had an awesome time. It was great to share a “fancy” dinner in the middle of the week, where we still got to stay home and wear our sweatpants. That’s my kind of night.


And in case anyone is interested, my sister decided to show us her Jenna Marbles face. Alex, I hope you enjoy this.


The rest of today is filled with lots and lots of babysitting for two different families. This weekend is pretty low-key, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.


What is the best random thing you have done this week?

Bad Days and a Survey

Remember how I started yesterday off with my burst of positivity and a goal to have a great Monday? Well, I failed. Just because I say something on here, doesn’t mean I’m going to do it perfectly. Caitlin and I have been discussing the quote, “Do as I say, not as I do,” a lot lately. I may have good intentions for something, but life gets in the way and my plans get messed up. I really just want to put yesterday behind me and move on from that. Don’t even want to talk about it. Today will be better. I have a much shorter schedule, so that’s already a plus!


I will say that yesterday was a swift reality check for me. It gave  me a push in the direction of what I don’t want to do with my life. I was very unhappy all day because of that realization and made some bad decisions on account of my mood. It’s hard for me to remember that every moment is a new opportunity and I don’t need to wait until tomorrow to start over and make things better. Anyone know of a tattoo that incorporates that? I feel like I need to get it right on the top of my hand. Not even joking. Well, kinda.


I think one of my biggest issues I’m facing right now is living at home in my parents house. I love my family to death. They’re fantastic. However, I feel like now that I’m a college graduate trying to start my own life, it’s really just setting me back living here. I know it’s helping financially, but I’m starting to be at that point where I know I need to take the leap and get a place away from them. I know that I will be more productive and positive in my own place. It’s gotta happen. You guys know how stressful it is to move out. All the responsibilities that come with it, the financial obligations, etc. I lived on my own while in college, but this is different. This is the real world. Just something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Moving on!


I thought I would give you guys a survey today. I hope that some of you will fill it out as well! I love learning more about you guys Smile


1. Have you ever been searched by the cops?

Nope. I have been pulled over my fair share of times though. And I used to work for a police station in college so I’ve definitely ridden in a few cop cars as well.

2. Do you close your eyes on roller coasters?

I do not ride roller coasters at all. I am absolutely terrified. I think the only person I would get on a roller coaster for is Ellen DeGeneres or to save one of my future children.

3. When’s the last time you’ve been sledding?

Probably back in college. It was different when I was young with a bunch of other people like me and had some alcohol in my system. Now it’s just cold and wet.


4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?

Um, alone. Sorry Luke! <3

5. Do you believe in ghosts?

I do not.

6. Do you consider yourself creative?

Once again, I do not. Not at all. I like consistency and the same thing over and over. I should really develop a creative side though. I could probably benefit from that. I cringe whenever the kiddies want me to do a craft with them, because I will definitely not be able to do it up to their ridiculously high standards.

7. Do you think you lead an active lifestyle?

Yes, I do. When I’m home I am usually lazy as all get-out, but I’m literally running around all day long when I’m gone. Add on exercising 6 days a week and I’m pooped!

8. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?

Jennifer Aniston. Biggest girl-crush on her ever. Definitely had the “Rachel” hairstyle back in the day.

9. Can you honestly say you know ANYTHING about politics?

Nope. It’s about time I learn though, yeah?

10. Do you know how to play poker?

Not a clue in the world. I rock at blackjack though.

11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?

No way! I can barely get through my days without a nap.

12. What’s your favorite commercial?

I like the new Sofia Vergara diet pepsi ones. Mainly just because I think she’s gorgeous.

13. Who was your first love?

Luke. One and only <3

14. If you’re driving in the middle of the night, and no one is around you, do you run a red light?

No! I’m way too much of a chicken for that.

15. Do you have a secret that no one knows but you?

Yes I do.

16. Hockey or basketball?

Not really a fan of either, but Luke has definitely got me into hockey in recent years. I truly enjoy going to games with him.

17. Have you ever been ice skating?

I have! I used to take lessons when I was younger, but just go occasionally with Luke now. He’s amazing from all his years of hockey. I make a fool out of myself.


18. How often do you remember your dreams?

Almost never. I remember bits and pieces sometimes, but never big details.

19. What’s the one thing on your mind?

I am really pissed at Desiree’s brother on The Bachelor right now.

20. Do you always wear your seat belt?

Yes I do. I know of way too many people who have been in accidents without their seatbelts and had very sad results.

21. What talent do you wish you had?

I wish I could sing. I am SO bad. Like, you don’t even know how bad.

22. Do you like Sushi?

I do not. Maybe I’ve just never tried a good kind, but the only kind I’ve ever had made me gag.

23. What do you wear to bed?

Huge sweatpants and a huge t-shirt.

24. Do you truly hate anyone?

Only murderers.

25. If you could sleep with one famous person, who would it be?

Am I really about to say this on the internet? Channing Tatum. Luke and I made our “lists” once before. That was a hilarious conversation.

26. Do you know anyone in jail?

I do not.

27. What food do you find disgusting?


28. Have you ever made fun of your friends behind their back?

Made fun of, no. Talked about, sad to say yes.

29. Have you ever been punched in the face?

No way! These are some crazy questions.

30. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I do not. I think you need to get to know someone first.


Your turn! <3

Full of Thoughts

My mind is running a million miles a minute today. Honestly it’s probably because I’m wearing one of these headbands today.


Sorry for the crappy picture, I’m watching Lion King with the girls I babysit and don’t feel like moving.

I usually only wear these headbands when I exercise, but I’m planning on going to the gym right after work and don’t feel like doing anything different with my hair. Or my clothes. Hence the reason I’m also wearing yoga pants and a sports bra. No shame.

Another thought. I have eaten so many random foods today. I swear, when I’m nannying I just eat kid food like none other. String cheese, fruit snacks, homemade pizza (by me :p), and a mini Snickers? Sure, why not.

Going along with that, Luke and I are planning on making grilled cheese and Caesar salads for dinner tonight. Honestly, I eat like a 12 year old boy sometimes. I feel like crap when I do this, but I just can’t stop. Once I have something that’s bad for me, I just continue down that path all day. Help.

And speaking of kids, I think all 5 kids I nanny for being sick last week has finally caught up with me. My throat feels like there are knives sticking in it. Luckily it gets better as the day goes on, but it’s still a pain (literally).

So for those of you who don’t know, I follow the Tone It Up nutrition/exercise plan, or at least I try to most of the time. Check it out at http://www.toneitup.com. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone. Karena and Katrina started their own online coaching business and are super smart, motivational, and not to mention gorgeous.


I keep up with the workouts almost perfectly, but I suck at the nutrition part. I literally have a binder full of their recipes and tips, but I just tend to forget it’s there. I’m about to start keeping it on my pillow so I’m forced to look at it.

Workout wise, this is what’s happening today:

- TIU total body toning routine 2x (done)
- TIU legs toning routine 2x (done)
- Jazzercise class
- TIU abs toning routine 2x

I usually do about a 30 minute strength workout + 10ish minutes of stretching every morning and then complete my longer workout later in the day after work.

If you’re interested in the TIU plan or have any questions, please ask away!

Since it is literally 1 degree here in Michigan, yeah not even kidding, I have had no motivation to make these girls go anywhere or do anything except curl up under blankets and watch movies. So that’s what we’re doing.

The Red Wings are playing tonight, so I’ll be going to Luke’s tonight to watch that. Totally kidding. Pretty Little Liars and New Girl are on :p

What’s the weather like where you live?