A very serious question.

Do you like popsicles or ice cream better in the summer? I truly can’t decide. I bring this up, because I had both yesterday and both were equally as wonderful and I am just wondering if anyone has something important to say on this topic.

Although I do want to really know what you think about that, my real question is actually somewhat applicable to something that matters in life. Would you rather be busy or have a bunch of free time? I have had the serious luxury of being able to make and adjust my own schedule for the past year, and I am just now going back into a corporate environment and not having that choice anymore. It’s definitely a huge adjustment to not make those kinds of decisions for myself anymore, but it’s one less thing I need to plan out, which is absolutely a plus. I get so stressed out trying to coordinate everything, so I am actually beyond relieved to have someone else do it for me. And to think that I wanted to be a wedding planner in college. Hilarious.

During this week alone, 5 different things came up that I hadn’t been planning on. Although at first I kind of freaked out and probably still am a little bit without even realizing it, I’m loving the fact that I don’t have a choice and my schedule just is what it is. I am the worst decision-maker in the whole world, and it is nice to be able to use work as an excuse now instead of knowing that I have the power to move things around. Even though this new job will definitely cut into my precious reality TV watching time, I think I can deal as long as TiVo is around. I don’t think I mentioned this, but I am working at a hugely popular fitness club chain and obviously have a membership there now, so it will be super easy to workout myself before I work. I also live close enough that I can run there and shower in the locker rooms before my shift, which makes me smile so big just thinking about it. Weird that running makes me smile. That scares me half to death.

On the other hand, I do not do well when I don’t have more than enough time to workout, clean, blog, respond to e-mails, watch my shows, and all those other unnecessary, but important to me, things. I know there are much bigger things to worry about and that these are all things that do not need to be done immediately and in the super quick fashion that I do them, but I get really overwhelmed if I am ever behind on something. I know I need to remember that I am cutting down time on other jobs I have been doing for a regular basis during the past year, but that just hasn’t set in yet. Am I crazy? Probably. I know I just need to get used to this new schedule,  but I am probably going to be a hot mess during the next month or so.

With that being said, if this blog gets pushed to the side or if my posts are just off the wall ridiculous, please forgive me. I’m just trying not to lose my mind with all that I have going on right now. I am super excited to start this new job and hopefully make it a career and I can be done with this whole “finding myself” thing. Although let’s be real, I have tried anything and everything (job-wise) during the past 7 years and fitness is the only thing that I have actually enjoyed and wanted to excel in. So I think I’m pretty much stuck here, whether I like it or not. And I am very lucky, because I love it. So fingers crossed this all goes well!

What’s your job? Do you like it? And I really hope you say yes, because if you say no that is going to make me very sad :(

Happy Monday!

This is a really weird week for me, because it’s the last week before I start training for my new job. So it’s basically the last week where I’m going to have free time for a while. Even though it is going to be no fun to cut down my time with my girls and my current clients, it is going to be wonderful to have a full-time, set schedule. I haven’t had that in a really long time and fingers crossed I am happy with it in a few months and I buy my own place and finally have my own life. Say a little prayer, because if that doesn’t happen soon I may just lose my mind.

I seriously had one of the most un-productive weekends of my whole life, but it was super fun. On Thursday I went to preschool and kindergarten graduations for two of my little girls. My sister had her prom, which was unbelievable. Then I went to a country bar with two of my college roommates and had a super awkward night, but story of my life. Nothing new there.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

Friday I did absolutely nothing except get a facial and go out to dinner with my family for my mom’s birthday. Then I babysat for a while and after that went out and got wine with my best friend from high school.

photo 5

Saturday and Sunday I had huge plans to study for my NASM personal training exam and catch up on blog stuff so I’m not overwhelmed with it this week, but that certainly didn’t happen. Instead I went for a couple of long-ish runs, watched a lot of Daily Grace videos, watched Identity Thief, played candy crush and got really mad that I’ve been stuck on level 65 for forever and a day, and laid on the floor and laughed with my sister. What an over-achiever I am.

And now, since I figured this is supposed to be a health and fitness blog and I should probably talk about something along those lines, here is a random survey, because I’m not creative enough to come up with a topic on my own:

  1. Five fitness items I can’t live without: Can’t live without? That’s a little excessive now, isn’t it. I could definitely live without these things, but I do enjoy treadmills, my cute little lime green Target dumbbells, Champion spandex shorts, ponytail holders, and my iPod.
  2. Favorite pre-workout snack/meal: I really can’t eat anything before I exercise. I know that’s like “against the rules” and stuff, but I just don’t care. It makes me feel disgusting. I drink water and that’s about it.
  3. On my fitness bucket list: Even though it is absolutely insane, I would love to run a marathon one day. I would also love to go camping and go on like a legit hike in California or some other cool place. And learning how to scuba dive would be cool, too, but I don’t know if that counts.
  4. Must-have tech tools: I have this watch that I always wear that tracks steps and mileage and all that jazz. It’s about as simple as you can get, but it works for me. I also could never even do one squat if I didn’t have my iPod.
  5. Top exercise gear: Nike cross-trainers, ponytail holders, headbands, and VS sports bras. That’s it. I’m simple. Oh, but I really like the pants I got from Athleta in California, even though they were a million dollars and I will probably never buy anything from that store again.
  6. Motivational mantra: Haha, that is super cheesy. Sorry. Except one time I did pretend like Jillian Michaels was chasing me when I ran my first 5k and kept thinking I was going to just sit down and cry.
  7. Next big exercise goal: I really, really want to do the Tough Mudder in a couple of weeks. I need to decide like, now, though, because it is just getting more expensive by the day. And I also need to start training like crazy if I am really going to do it. The fact that I need to lay on my floor and feel like dying for a half hour after I run 6 miles probably isn’t the best sign.
  8. Favorite cardio exercise: Running. The end.
  9. Favorite strength move: I adore the Tone It Up girls routines. This one is one of my current favorites.

I am so excited for tonight, because I am actually going to be home to watch The Bachelorette and Mistresses on time, in bed, and with my wine. I seriously could not think of a better way to spend my evening.

What was the best thing you did this weekend?

All over the place.

I am starting to think that the phrase all over the place is the only way to describe my life. I have so many random thoughts in my head that don’t go anywhere but chill there and then I put them in a note in my iPhone and then I forget about that and then I remember when it’s not important anymore and then I freak out and the cycle repeats over and over and over. So here are all the random things I’m thinking right now so maybe I can look back on this post and remember, although there is a 99.9% chance that I never will. Good. Oh, and I really like bullet points. Can you tell?

  • Did anyone watch that new show Mistresses on ABC Monday night? Oh goodness. It’s like Desperate Housewives, only faster and with extremely beautiful people. I am super happy about that. Good job network producers. You knew you had to do something to make up for how terrible The Bachelorette is this season.

  • I want to do this. Help.
  • I am so ridiculously obsessed with Miley Cyrus’ new song. I think I have been playing it non-stop since she released it yesterday. I am praying so bad that this means she is going to go on tour with Demi Lovato and all my dreams are going to come true. She’s single now guys. Not sure what that means, but I’m not mad about it.

  • Speaking of music, on my off 5 minutes from listening to Miley, I have been listening to the Ingrid Michaelson Pandora station and I cannot get enough. I kind of want to be her or invite her over to my house for cereal or something like that. She’s just so darn cool. I wish that I was tech savvy like some of you are and could make one of those cute little pictures with all my favorite songs right now, but I just have no clue how. So, sorry. I could screen-shot my iTunes, but guess what? Don’t know how to do that either! Thumbs up for being a college graduate.

  • I got a legitimate job! I don’t want to say a lot about it, but it’s full-time and I will still be nannying my girls one day a week, so I’m going to be super busy, but it’s all good. I need to grow up one of these days and apparently that day is like, tomorrow. Oh, and it’s a fitness job. Score.
  • I was *thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis* close to going to California this weekend to visit a good friend, but then unfortunately remembered that I am poor and cannot afford a last-minute plane ticket. And now I am very sad. I know I am going to regret it this weekend (not going), but I really just don’t have that kind of money at all. On the bright side, I have not a thing to do this weekend, so hopefully I can be productive for once in my life and catch up on all the little random things I need to do and people I need to see and all that jazz. If anyone has a plane and wants to fly me to LA though, I certainly would not be angry.
  • This is my friend Tara’s YouTube channel. She wants to work for Ellen as much as I do (if not more!), and we went on an adventure the other day. Check it out. So many links in this post! Again, too bad I can’t do anything with technology and actually put the video into the post. Teach me.
  • I’ve been running so much lately. Weeeeeird. I think it’s because I’ve gotten so much random, new music that I love and I just want to listen to it over and over and it’s more socially acceptable to do that while on a run than just laying in bed in the middle of the day for no reason. I might be doing a Tough Mudder in a couple of weeks. Oh goodness. Has anyone ever done it before that can convince me I wouldn’t die?

  • I would give up just about anything in the whole world right now to go back and re-do college. I know I’ve said that before, but it really was the best time of my life and I did not take advantage of everything that I should have. I am lucky that I made some absolutely amazing friends there, but I miss them like crazy and just want to have a reunion in approximately 5 minutes. I don’t know if it helps to talk to them, because that just seems to make me miss people even more. That was a confusing statement if I’ve ever heard one.


  • These words are about to come out of my mouth and I am totally going to regret them, but I really want to do a juice cleanse again. Why? I have no idea. Told you I can’t make up my mind for more than 5 minutes.

  • It is my wonderful mother’s birthday today! To tell you the truth, I really don’t know how old she is and she would be very angry with me if I posted it on here anyway. She’s a cool lady. I do actually owe her for my life, but also for everything she’s given me over the past (almost) 22 years. No matter how messed up I have been, she’s never given up on me which is way more than I can say for anyone else I’ve ever known. And she sent me a card every week at college, which was super sweet. And she took my crying phone calls numerous times throughout the day and in the middle of the night. And now she lets me live with her and gives me food and doesn’t get (too) mad when my sisters and I act like complete fools. I love her.


This is random and long enough, so bye. Have a wonderful Wednesday! <3

What should I do this weekend?!

You’re looking so good in what’s left of those blue jeans.

Well apparently all of my post titles are going to be country song lyrics now, because it’s summer and that’s just how it’s going to be. Speaking of country music, my mom and I actually just got tickets to go see Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry at the end of June. But it’s no big deal, because you guys know I chilled with The Band Perry when I went to see Ellen, so we’re basically best friends already. Totally kidding. That was all the sarcasm I have right now. And then later in August, my dad and I are going to see Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, and Eli Young Band. Now I just have to suck it up and buy tickets to Toby Keith and Kip Moore and my summer is set. But not really, because I’m super high maintenance when it comes to concerts and also want to go to all of these:

  • Jonas Brothers
  • Train/The Script
  • John Mayer
  • Backstreet Boys/Pauly D/Jesse McCartney
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Kid Rock

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. No wonder I’m poor. Now that we’re on the topic of concerts, want to see how creepy I am? Lady Gaga, T Swift, and Joe Jonas are all so much  more beautiful in person. Especially Joe. He better watch out if I ever meet him.




Okay, moving on. Did you all have a good Memorial Day? I sure did. My friend Tara and I went to a local parade and brought along her awesome flat Ellen to give her a little American tradition experience. Somehow we ended up in the middle of the parade, right between the boy scouts and the high school band. Whoops. We had quite a laugh over that one.


After that, I had a ton of things to catch up on. I went for a wonderful run/walk and then did 45ish minutes of strength/toning. I also did a Tara Stiles “relax” yoga routine for 30 minutes, because relaxed is the exact opposite of what I have been lately.


Then I actually had to do some work and made a bunch of client calls, made 3 new training plans, organized all the files on my computer, and applied for a few jobs. Yuck. I know I need to get a real person job eventually, so I figured I would just start looking to try to hopefully find something that doesn’t completely disgust me.

Even though I did all that stuff, I will totally admit that I stayed in my running clothes all day long. Didn’t change once. That is my life right now.


And then after a totally wonderful dinner of Jimmy John’s subs and pickles, my sister and I settled in with some cranberry wine to watch THE BACHELORETTE FINALLY!!!! I am fully aware that is a totally stupid and fake show, but it’s my favorite so leave me alone. And I know Brooke is just as excited, if not more, as I am. I’m not going to recap it, because some of you probably didn’t watch it yet, but I’m totally talking about freaking everything on Wednesday, so please don’t come here if you don’t want to know what happened :) Monday nights are the best.

Also, please watch this, because I promise it will make you smile.

Were you super productive or super lazy yesterday? :p

Please tell me….

Please tell me that someone watches The Middle and Modern Family and saw the season finales last night. I died just a little bit. I watched Modern Family running on the treadmill at the gym and had to stop and stand on the sides multiple times, because I was laughing so hard. And then when I got home my mom and I watched The Middle and I laughed even harder, because their family is so my family. Like, literally quotes that were used in that episode are used in my house every day. Whoever the writers are of those shows are absolutely brilliant and I want them to be my friends and make me laugh every second of every day. People that can make you laugh are the best.

Someone that can always make me laugh are the kids I nanny. I really wish I had the mindset of a child where I could just say whatever I want and not care what people think about it. Most of my thoughts are absolutely ridiculous and it’s probably better off that I keep them to myself. I seriously tell my clients everything though; I’m surprised they still want to work out with me after the first week :p But honestly, kids are the best. And we should all be more like them and play outside, eat popsicles, take naps, run around just because we feel like it, dance in the car, and eat spaghetti with our hands. Because that is the best.


Yesterday we played so much. We have been outside all day every day this week and I have super cute tan lines to prove it. And then today we decided to do makeovers, and they looked adorable and I was a hot mess. Typical. I had cheese in my hair and dirt under my nails and green paint all down my leg, but we had an awesome day. And I’m not even mad. Oh, and we took a million and one pictures. The 2 year old has decided she wants to be a “picture taker” when she grows up, so get ready for some interesting things to come from that.


After nannying, my dad and I went to Rojo for dinner, which I have been wanting forever and a day and I was so freaking pumped. Our waitress was super cute and made me a margarita with basically just tequila and lime, so that was good. And we got guacamole made at our table and super spicy and then I got a chopped salad which was good, too. I was happy. I would have had about 5 more margaritas, but I had to go to the gym and train a client, and I also wanted to work out myself. I ended up doing a lot of the workout with her, and then ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill while sweating off all my bronzer on a white towel which was super sexy.


And NOW I have 6 full days off, aside from training clients here and there. I have a ton of fun stuff planned and am probably even more excited to catch up on all the things I have fallen behind on. I also desperately need to go shopping to get some new summer clothes, since I freaked out last summer and donated like 75% of my warm-weather clothes. I cannot for the life of me remember why. And I also need to go bathing suit shopping; my nightmare. So that will be fun.

Those e-cards were just too freaking funny and true not to post them all. My bad. Today I’m going to workout, go to the zoo (YES.), and see Hangover 3. Bye!


Please tell me you watch my favorite shows and saw them last night……

I only answer cause I’m too polite.

So I realized the other day that I don’t think I’ve ever talked to you guys about the kind of music I listen to. And why would you care? But I feel like telling you anyway, mainly because I’ve been doing a lot of driving for work lately and added a million and one (or 36) new songs on my iTunes the other day and have been listening to the same few on repeat over and over. Longest sentence ever. Anyway, I like everything. Country, rap, pop, rock, oldies, techno, jazz….the list goes on and on. I’m not picky. I just really don’t like whiny songs. My only requirement. Here’s some of my favorites lately.

Something that we’re not: Demi Lovato. Okay, so I feel like every single song on her new CD is like, my life. I have been listening to it non-stop since I bought (illegally downloaded….) it the other night. If you’re a girl and you like music about bad relationships, get it now.

Bom bom: Sam and the womp. Why do I love this so much? I don’t know. It’s ridiculous, but it’s super fun to listen to while you run and rock out in your car and look like a fool.

Treasure: Bruno Mars. Ugh, how can you not just love him and his red pants? He is so super cute and such a little guy. I just want to put him in my pocket and take him home with me.

Fat bottomed girls: Queen. So old, but so good. Another good one to listen to in your car and have people give you weird looks for listening to it. Ignore them. They don’t know good music.

Blurred lines: Robin Thicke. Once again, how can you not love him? All of them I suppose. I saw them on Ellen the other day, and ooh boy…..

Cruise: Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly. This song was good enough plain, but then you go and throw Nelly in there?! I’m in heaven. I’m not even kidding when I saw I don’t think I will ever get sick of this song. And I’m the person that listens to 20 seconds of a song in my car and then changes it. Not this one. All the way through baby.

100$ Bill: Jay-Z. This song is super cool, but put in The Great Gatsby and having beautiful people dressed in old clothes in the background is just too cool for words. Now I want to see that movie again; great.

Goodbye My Lover: James Blunt. When I was younger and a dancer I heard this song for the first time and have loved it ever since. I recently re-discovered it and have been terribly singing it in my car for the joy of all my fellow drivers.

Done: The Band Perry. Well they sang it live when I went to Ellen, so how could it not be my favorite?! Honestly though, great lyrics and Kim is super cute.

Pom Poms: The Jonas Brothers. I have loved these boys since they sang Year 3000, for any of you fellow crazy JB fans. And now they’re going on tour again and I AM SO PUMPED. And this music video is super sassy and I’m not mad about it one bit.

I seriously like music so much. I’m surprised I didn’t put any Taylor Swift songs on here, because her CD has been constantly listened to lately, too. I really like club-ish music too, but I don’t know what any of those songs are called because I’m not cool enough for that. In fact, those songs are so cool that they’re probably remixes and not even on YouTube and I just don’t know that. I gotta get with the times.

Have a great Wednesday and try not to melt if it’s as hot where you are as it is in Michigan!

What’s your favorite song right now?

Pressed Juicery Cleanse, Days 2 & 3

Well. Juice cleanses are hard. I know I’ve said this before, but anyone who does one of these and says they feel amazing and heavenly and want to dance with the flowers is absolutely insane. That’s not true. You are hungry and want to eat the couch. But I will say that I don’t feel bloated at all and haven’t since before I started the cleanse. I feel like that was something that taught me to really appreciate food and think about what I am putting in my body. It taught me an insane amount of willpower and that I can basically handle anything now. I have control over my body, which is good to know. Anyway, here’s what I thought of days 2 and 3.

Day 2:

Um, day two sucked to say the least. I was babysitting all day, so I needed to have a ton of energy to keep up with 3 little kids, and I just didn’t. I drank my juices at the same times as day one, but was tempted by little snacks and treats all day long. I didn’t feel light-headed or weak, I just felt freaking exhausted. Luckily they wanted to take a rest and watch a movie in the afternoon! That night I had plans to hang out with a couple of girlfriends, and it was so difficult to not go out for drinks or even have a glass of wine at home. I had to send myself home at 10 p.m. just so I could go to bed and avoid the temptation. No cheating though! Between babysitting and hanging out with friends, I came home and read some reviews on others who had done the same cleanse, hoping for some motivation. Everyone said day 2 was hell and day 3 was wonderful, so I was hoping for the best.

Day 3:

Um, I slept for 11 hours the previous night. Apparently I really was tired! Since I woke up so late, I didn’t start drinking my juices until 11 a.m., so they were a little closer to each other than the previous 2 days when I basically stuck to one every 2 hours, starting at 10 a.m. On this day it was a little bit tougher for me to get the juices down, since the whole thing was just getting old for me. I managed to do it though! I did let a couple of my friends try the last vanilla almond drink, and everyone said the same thing as me: that it tasted exactly like melted vanilla ice cream. So I certainly was not mad about that. My goodness though, you don’t notice food like you do when you’re on a juice cleanse. I was at an outdoor mall with a friend and walked past a pretzel place and felt like I could just eat all the pretzels, when in real life I don’t even like them at all. So I recommend if you do a juice cleanse, just lock yourself in your room and don’t even attempt to do anything, because food is everywhere. Just kidding. Don’t do that. But maybe.


Overall, I am glad I did this cleanse. Would I do it again? No, probably not. But it’s nice to say I had the experience and know what it’s all about. If you’re interested, I would absolutely recommend that you do one and that you go through Pressed Juicery, because they are great. A little more pricey ($200 for a 3-day cleanse), but well worth it. They send you an e-mail on your last day encouraging you and giving you a meal plan for the next 3 days to ease your body off the cleanse, which I certainly did not follow. In fact, I went to a fundraiser yesterday and had these delicious things, plus coffee for breakfast :x


Starbucks Blonde roast coffee in my Keurig & a protein bar


Bisquik pancake with a million strawberries


Champagne punch x2


Berry, walnut, & spinach salad, fruit salad, & a breadstick + cinnamon raison bread w/ salted butter

Plus going out to dinner for Italian. BUT I AM NOT EVEN MAD. It was all good food, and I was so damn excited to eat something that wasn’t just fruits and vegetables that I couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t doing the cleanse to lose weight or anything (although I did lose 4 pounds) and I have an understanding of nutrition, so it’s fine. I think. Plus I really wanted to go for a run yesterday morning and knew I needed fuel if I wanted to do that. I kept it easy and ran about 3 miles and then came home to do yoga for 20 minutes, and it kicked my butt. I guess that’s what taking 3 days off of running will do to you.


Other than the cleanse, the rest of my weekend was great. I took lots of cheesy pictures with my juice.




Saw The Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3, which were both phenomenal.

Planned a California trip with a couple of my girlfriends in August.

Was amazed at how many empty juice bottles I have.


Braided my hair, instead of putting it in a ponytail like usual, and actually put some real clothes on, too.



And hung out with my grandpa.


I am really surprised at how quickly the cleanse went, but I think that is because I kept myself really busy and occupied to try to keep my mind off of what I was doing. There were times when I forgot I was cleansing and then remembered and got really sad. I can truly say that I appreciate food now! That was kind of my goal, so score. Like I said, I am glad I did it, but definitely will not be doing one again for a while. You need a hell of a lot of discipline, which stresses me out! I missed my intense workouts, too. But Pressed Juicery is fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone Smile

What was the best part of your weekend?

Lots of playing & Pressed Juicery cleanse.

I am exhausted. Yesterday was quite the day. It was absolutely beautiful here in Michigan, so the girls and I decided to spend the whole day outside.


I cannot tell you the last time when I spent a significant amount of time outside literally playing. We packed up a picnic and took it to the park, played on the playground, fed the ducks, went home and played on the tree house, and literally continued to play for 3 more hours.


I felt old. I kid you not, there was one point where I was on the ground and went to stand up and my knee cramped up and I had to grasp the wall to get up. Like, really? Am I 90?


Then I went to the gym to train and proceeded to run for 45 minutes and for some ridiculous reason decide to do sprint training. Once again, why? I think because I knew I was starting the Pressed Juicery cleanse today and wanted to sweat it out one time before I really have to tone my workouts down for the next 3 days.


I am so excited to get my shipment of juices this morning! The cleanse I am doing is the summer 3-day cleanse. These are the juices I will be drinking every day:

  • Greens 2: kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon
  • Citrus 2: pineapple, apple, lemon, mint
  • Roots 3: beet, apple, lemon, ginger
  • Citrus 4: cucumber, pineapple, lemon, coconut h2o, aloe vera
  • Greens 3: kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger
  • Vanilla almond: almonds, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt, filtered water
  • aloe vera h2o
  • chlorophyll h2o

I honestly think the hardest part for me will be not drinking alcohol :x Is that pathetic? I think so, but hopefully this cleanse will make me not want wine so much every night. I am excited to prove to myself that I actually have a little bit of self-control, which I’m sure will go a long way beyond the actual cleanse itself. I will be doing a full recap as the days go on, but for now I want to talk about So You Think You Can Dance.

Okay, I know Alex watches it, but for anyone out there who isn’t watching this show, WHY THE HELL NOT?! This show seriously makes my summer so much better. I think I cry at every episode, but that’s okay. I am just so happy for all those young people that actually have talent and are working their asses off. The end.

I have nothing else to say except I gotta go drink my juice and hopefully not turn into a raging lunatic in the next 3 days. Wish me luck!


What’s your favorite summer TV show?

The most adventures I’ve had in a long time.

Hello! First of all, I just want to thank you all for leaving such sweet comments on my post from yesterday. A lot of you have been saying you admire my positive attitude, which totally makes my day, because I feel like I am negative a lot of the time! So thanks for making me smile and changing my own attitude about myself Smile

Yesterday Audrey and I went to a small town called Petosky in Michigan. It is super small and right on the water and absolutely adorable. We went with my great-grandma and my great-aunt and had an absolute blast.


We may or may not have stopped at a winery while we were walking around and did a tasting at 11 a.m. Oops. I also bought a super cute ring and some mother’s day presents.



Then we went to the most delicious little restaurant ever called Whitecaps for lunch. I got an apple panini, which had “granny smith apples, gorgonzola cheese, apple butter, spinach, and caramelized onions.” Uh, best thing ever. And stealing some of the beer-battered fries from my grandma was a great idea as well.


I kid you not, Audrey and I were exhausted after our little 5-hour day trip! We have been so used to just laying around for days and doing things on our own time that it was different to actually have plans and do something real. We spent the rest of the day laying around the house and catching up on our TV shows.


Here’s something else we’ve been up to:

What an exhilarating life I lead. Our plan is to start up a YouTube channel with us going through our bucket list, in hopes that Ellen will help us out with the ones that involve her! And we basically just want to be like Jenna Marbles and work from home, but do it in California while I am working for Ellen. Solid plan.

I will say that one of my favorite things about being up north is going for a run in the morning. It is so silent that it seems like I am the only person in the world. I haven’t even used my headphones the last few days! Seeing deer and bunnies on my run is much more enjoyable than getting exhaust blown in my face from cars on the highway like at home. I also like having time during the day to get everything done without having to be rushed; keeps the stress levels down like crazy! However, it is really hard for me to sleep here since I am not used to the area, so I’ve been constantly exhausted, but that’s okay! I have coffee and wine to get me through Smile with tongue out

We only have today and then head out in the morning, so we’re off to enjoy the beautiful weather, see some family, and just chill for one last day <3

Last thing. Have you ever had this delicious creation? If not, you must do so immediately.


What gets you through the day when you are exhausted?

Spice Up Your Life, Week 5

Last week I talked about conquering a fear. I was planning on running 6 miles without stopping. Did that happen? No. No way. Instead I ran 3 miles twice with a break in the middle for about 10 minutes of strength training. So I suppose I didn’t exactly succeed with that one, but I certainly pushed myself out of my comfort zone and did something I was terrified of. I really dislike running, but I want to love it. I don’t want to look like a dying animal after 2 miles anymore. I actually quite enjoy it outside, but don’t live in an area where it’s easy to do that. Frustration up the max.

I did have something really scary happen this week that I got through, so thank goodness for that. I tend to get myself worked up over things for nothing; definitely need to work on that!


Goal for this week:

53. Tell Someone to Screw Off.

Well that’s not very nice, now is it?! I do think it’s essential once in a while (okay, at least once a day) though. I guess what I think ya’ll should do this week is to do what YOU want. Not what you think you should or what others think you should, but what you feel deep down in your heart is right for you in that moment. We get too caught up in “society” and the norms that we forget about what is really important to us.

So I challenge you to say no. I have a huge problem with that, so this week is gonna be difficult for me. Any time anyone tries to make plans with me, I say yes. I make time. I make time for anything and everything and leave no time for myself. So if someone asks me to go to coffee and all I really want is to stay home and watch the season finale of The Bachelor? No. If I’m asked to babysit and I already had plans that I don’t want to cancel? No. If I’m “supposed” to run my errands, get my cleaning done, and play catch-up and all I really want is to take a nap? No. I’m exhausting myself and I know it.

We need to all work on not being so nice! I know that sounds terrible, but it’s true. I have been listening to the Jillian Michaels podcasts continuously since I discovered them. She stresses in every single one to find the underlying problem that is causing you discomfort or unhappiness and get rid of it. Nip the problem in the source and fix it right there, rather than trying to take baby steps to figure out what’s bugging you. No. You know what the issues is. We usually just don’t want to admit it. She stresses to want to change. You have to have a reason for what you’re doing (or not doing) to succeed. I swear, I am in love with that woman. She’s brilliant. She says stuff we all already know, but never think of in a moment of conflict.

Okay, so this has turned into a total rant. Oops. Back to the challenge: telling someone no. Here’s what I’m going to do this week:

  • not making conversation just for the sake of making conversation and ending up being really awkward
  • no commitments other than what is already on my calendar for the week
  • giving myself 2 full hours to call potential PT clients
  • spending at least one night with Luke with no technology

I need to learn to say no in like, every aspect of my life. I feel like a child!


On a random note, I got the Whole Foods salad bar TWICE this week. I am so darn happy about that lil fact right there. However, my wallet is not. Oh well. I want to live inside Whole Foods and people watch and drink their wine all day long please.

On another random note, I had a lemon Chobani for the first time yesterday. My new favorite flavor, by far. Even better when you add banana, berries, and roasted flaxseed. Yum yum yum.

lemon cho

On an even more random note, this is totally me this week.


Kay bye! <3


Are you going to tell someone no this week?!