Becoming a BeachBody Coach!

Unexpectedly, I got a night in last night. I desperately needed it! I did not even come close to realizing how many things I had to get done. Luckily I was able to make a to-do list and check off everything except 2 things which I will finish up today. Score! I also managed to have time to make a little vlog to recap what I’ve been up to lately.

Andddd, some bullet points to recap it all:

  • I became a BeachBody coach! I’m starting a challenge group within the next week. I would love to get some of you guys involved, so just let me know in the comments if it’s something you might be interested in and I will send you some more info about what it involves Smile
  • I am starting the TurboFire program and taking Shakeology tomorrow. We’ll see how this goes!
  • I have enough yoga DVD’s for the rest of my life.
  • I am super sick and lost my voice.
  • I wear really baggy clothes.
  • I suck at making videos.

The end.

Weekly Recap & a Vlog

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Ooh, that’s an obnoxious color. Anyone doing anything fun to celebrate today? Not me. My day involves yoga, training a few clients, prepping for something very exciting with Luke (!!), and going out to dinner with some friends.

I just wanted to talk for a minute about how my week has gone. Here was what I did to “rest:”

  • Monday: 15 minutes of Tara Stiles routines, 10 minutes stretching
  • Tuesday: 10 minutes of Tara Stiles routines, 10 minutes stretching
  • Wednesday: 10 minutes stretching
  • Thursday: 15 minutes of Tara Stiles routines, 10 minutes stretching
  • Friday: 10 minutes foam rolling, 10 minutes stretching
  • Saturday: 1 hr. vinyasa/yin class at studio, 10 minutes stretching
  • Sunday: 1 hr. Tara stiles “RELAX” class online, 10 minutes stretching

As you can see, it looks like I barely did anything. However, I feel amazing today. I feel open, long, lean, relaxed, happy, and like I have a completely clear body. I love having time in the morning to relax and prepare myself for my day. I love not feeling “hurt” all the time from lifting, running, and then having to carry kids around all day. Trying to meditate has taught me to just take a deep breath in a difficult situation, instead of freaking out and giving up. I have always loved to exercise, but taking this week to just focus on yoga has brought me back to myself and reminded me how much I love it and how good it makes me feel. I made this little video to talk about it a bit more. Once again, sorry it’s so dark. One of these days I will be able to figure out how to make legit videos.

That pretty much covers it all I believe! I guess my main point is that I love yoga. Like, a lot. And just because I’m not sweating my butt off or lifting weights doesn’t mean that it’s not a type of workout. You really have to use your mind to concentrate and practice control consistently. Control is something I need in my life right now, since I’ve kind of lost it lately. I’m not even going to say that I’m making a “plan” for exercise this upcoming week. I’m just going to do what I feel like and what makes me feel good.

There’s a couple of big changes going on in my life right now, which I will be able to discuss with you guys very soon! I’ve got a lot going on and need some ease, clarity, and chill-ness in order to get through the next few weeks.


What do you think of yoga?

Room Tour Vlog

You guys. Please don’t judge me. I wanted to show you my room and didn’t realize what an awkward person I was until now. Enjoy this mess.

Moving on……


My morning workout was intense and awesome.

Since I train clients all day long and make up individual plans for them, when it comes time for my own workout all I want is for someone else to tell me exactly what to do!


My breakfast was also quite delicious. I had a light n’ fit vanilla yogurt with a small banana, strawberries, blueberries, and roasted flaxseed from TJ’s.

yogurt bowl

Doesn’t that look all patriotic and stuff?

I also enjoyed some hazelnut coffee from my sampler pack from my new Keurig!

coffee mug

Isn’t my mug adorable?! I got it at a craft show like, 4 years ago and it’s still goin’ strong. I hope I never need to get a new one!


The rest of my day has been spent doing laundry, cleaning my room and bathroom, calling some clients, training some clients, and eating Chipotle leftovers with Luke. My best friend from college, Audrey, is coming over for the rest of the day so we can get dinner later tonight with our other college roommate Erica later. Super excited. I’ll have a full recap tomorrow Smile


Some people say that it’s okay to have, eat, or do whatever you gave up for Lent on Sundays. Thoughts on this topic??

Ellen Vlog!

So as most of you know, I’m going to Los Angeles in April to see a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show. I am beyond excited. Go check out my previous post to see more details about it. I’m really hoping to get this video to Ellen so she can help me out when I go to her show. She always makes people’s dreams come true, so why not mine? I really think that I was meant to help people become healthy and happy. I feel truly passionate about it, and would be beyond blessed to do it for a living. However, I need a little push in the right direction. I need a way to get my name out there and to promote myself and my business that I’m working so hard on. Ellen is such a wonderful, giving person. She feels strongly about good causes, and I know she just wants to see people succeed in the world. So it would mean the world to me if you shared this video in any way you can to help me out!

I’m going to e-mail it to her and write her continuous letters up until April. It would be my dream to just get a chance to speak with her for a couple of minutes. My life would be so happy. She is such an amazing role model and a great person for anyone to look up to. I get all giddy just thinking about the possibility of getting to meet her in a few months! Smile


In conclusion, she is just such a positive person and makes me happy day after day. I want to help others be happy, and I know that Ellen can help me do it. Enough with my rant, on to some different stuff!


I went on two awesome runs yesterday and today. Each one was 6.2 miles (working on that 10K!) and lasted a little less than an hour. Now for some of you crazy wonderful runners out there, that seems like nothing. For me, it’s a really big deal. I was brought up a dancer, so I have always been used to short bursts of energy that last no longer than 2-3 minutes. Running for a straight hour is quite a challenge for me! It has taken lots of time and effort to build up the stamina to run that far, and I’m actually really proud of myself for being able to do it now. I have a crazy busy week coming up, so I know that I should get in any longer workouts this weekend so I can just do some simple strength training and cardio sessions during the week.

horizontal running

That’s pretty much how I started out running, and even sometimes how I feel now. Whenever I think of this scene when I’m running, I’m that awkward person that laughs out loud on the treadmill. Sorry I’m not sorry.


I have a super busy day today, which I kind of hate. I’m used to low-key Sundays, so it will be different for me to actually be productive today. All the things I have to do today are fun though, so I’m actually pretty excited! Plus, the Grammy’s and The Walking Dead (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) are on tonight, so I am one happy camper!


Are you a runner? If so, how did you get into it in the first place?

First Vlog!

Oh goodness, please don’t make fun of me:

Yes, I realize the video is like the crappiest quality ever, but hey; it’s my first shot. next time will be better! Plus, it’ll be worth a good laugh down the road when I really figure out how to do good videos and I look back on this.


And now in case you care at all, I’ll tell you about my workout this morning. I knew I wanted to do cardio, since my whole body feels like I got hit by a truck from using my new foam roller for the first time last night. Posting about it on twitter was about all I could handle for an hour when I woke up this morning before I finally got out of bed. Here’s a breakdown of what I did:

5 minutes: standing stretches

30 minutes: 3.2 miles on the elliptical at resistance 6, and alternating between going forward and backward every 5 minutes (I feel like I get a better workout this way, since I can really feel it working different parts of my legs)

20 minutes: 1.9 miles on the treadmill, at incline 1, and walking at 4.4 for 1 minute and jogging at 6.6 for 2 minutes

5 minutes: seated stretches

I didn’t want to do anything too crazy today, since I really want to take another shot at that foam roller tonight while watching the game. I feel it like crazy, especially in my hamstrings. I didn’t realize how tight my whole body was before! It definitely helps me to release that pent-up energy, but I think it will take some time before I stop feeling horrible the next morning. I know it will pay off eventually!

foam roller



Clockwise, it’s blueberry Chobani, 1/2 tbs. roasted flax seeds, banana, strawberries, and KIND blueberry vanilla cluster granola.





A Gala apple and 1 tbs. cookie butter with some green tea. I seriously just cannot get enough of that stuff.


Luke and I went to a local pub called Boston’s. I got their individual whole-wheat Florentine pizza, which had sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach, basil, onion, and plenty of garlic on it. SO GOOD. I didn’t get a picture of it, but I have some leftovers so if I remember I’ll snap a picture before I finish those up later tonight :p This is a pic from their website.


Still no clue what’s going on tonight for dinner/snacks, but I’ll be sure to fill you in on it tomorrow!


Have a great time tonight, whatever you’re doing, and stay safe <3


Do you feel weird taking pictures of your food at restaurants?

The Beyonce Concert

Quick recap of last night :)


This happened:


Pasta with homemade sauce, Caesar salad, and garlic bread. We’re super fancy. The sauce was okay, definitely not the best I’ve ever made. I used tomato paste, canned whole tomatoes, one fresh tomato, fresh basil, garlic powder, chopped garlic, chopped onion, and chopped carrot (adds sweetness! I learned this while I was in Italy). Then I went nuts and stuck it in the blender to make it smooth. It was tasty, but not as flavorful as I would have liked. We didn’t have a lot to work with in the house, so it worked!

Luke makes some killer garlic bread. I don’t really know what he does, but no matter what type of bread we use it always comes out wonderful.

And we’re both such huge fans of Caesar salad that we incorporate it into our meals any chance we get.


I incorporate beer in manly mugs, too.


Then this happened after dinner:


I swear, there’s a little bit of ice cream under all those berries and pomegranate seeds.


I’m off to the gym for a 5-mile run (hopefully, fingers crossed!), then back home to park my butt in front of the computer all day and work on some blog stuff, some personal training stuff, and some website stuff. And probably some pinterest stuff, too. And some facebook and twitter thrown in there as well. The Beyonce concert will definitely be playing on our TV tonight; I’m hoping it turns into a Destiny’s Child concert like the rumors have been teasing me with.



If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll be back with a vlog later. Don’t get your hopes up…… :p


I know this is corny and totally typical of me to say, but is anyone else as excited for the commercials tonight as I am?

The m&m “Sexy and I Know It” one from last year is still one of my favorites.