Pressed Juicery Cleanse, Days 2 & 3

Well. Juice cleanses are hard. I know I’ve said this before, but anyone who does one of these and says they feel amazing and heavenly and want to dance with the flowers is absolutely insane. That’s not true. You are hungry and want to eat the couch. But I will say that I don’t feel bloated at all and haven’t since before I started the cleanse. I feel like that was something that taught me to really appreciate food and think about what I am putting in my body. It taught me an insane amount of willpower and that I can basically handle anything now. I have control over my body, which is good to know. Anyway, here’s what I thought of days 2 and 3.

Day 2:

Um, day two sucked to say the least. I was babysitting all day, so I needed to have a ton of energy to keep up with 3 little kids, and I just didn’t. I drank my juices at the same times as day one, but was tempted by little snacks and treats all day long. I didn’t feel light-headed or weak, I just felt freaking exhausted. Luckily they wanted to take a rest and watch a movie in the afternoon! That night I had plans to hang out with a couple of girlfriends, and it was so difficult to not go out for drinks or even have a glass of wine at home. I had to send myself home at 10 p.m. just so I could go to bed and avoid the temptation. No cheating though! Between babysitting and hanging out with friends, I came home and read some reviews on others who had done the same cleanse, hoping for some motivation. Everyone said day 2 was hell and day 3 was wonderful, so I was hoping for the best.

Day 3:

Um, I slept for 11 hours the previous night. Apparently I really was tired! Since I woke up so late, I didn’t start drinking my juices until 11 a.m., so they were a little closer to each other than the previous 2 days when I basically stuck to one every 2 hours, starting at 10 a.m. On this day it was a little bit tougher for me to get the juices down, since the whole thing was just getting old for me. I managed to do it though! I did let a couple of my friends try the last vanilla almond drink, and everyone said the same thing as me: that it tasted exactly like melted vanilla ice cream. So I certainly was not mad about that. My goodness though, you don’t notice food like you do when you’re on a juice cleanse. I was at an outdoor mall with a friend and walked past a pretzel place and felt like I could just eat all the pretzels, when in real life I don’t even like them at all. So I recommend if you do a juice cleanse, just lock yourself in your room and don’t even attempt to do anything, because food is everywhere. Just kidding. Don’t do that. But maybe.


Overall, I am glad I did this cleanse. Would I do it again? No, probably not. But it’s nice to say I had the experience and know what it’s all about. If you’re interested, I would absolutely recommend that you do one and that you go through Pressed Juicery, because they are great. A little more pricey ($200 for a 3-day cleanse), but well worth it. They send you an e-mail on your last day encouraging you and giving you a meal plan for the next 3 days to ease your body off the cleanse, which I certainly did not follow. In fact, I went to a fundraiser yesterday and had these delicious things, plus coffee for breakfast :x


Starbucks Blonde roast coffee in my Keurig & a protein bar


Bisquik pancake with a million strawberries


Champagne punch x2


Berry, walnut, & spinach salad, fruit salad, & a breadstick + cinnamon raison bread w/ salted butter

Plus going out to dinner for Italian. BUT I AM NOT EVEN MAD. It was all good food, and I was so damn excited to eat something that wasn’t just fruits and vegetables that I couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t doing the cleanse to lose weight or anything (although I did lose 4 pounds) and I have an understanding of nutrition, so it’s fine. I think. Plus I really wanted to go for a run yesterday morning and knew I needed fuel if I wanted to do that. I kept it easy and ran about 3 miles and then came home to do yoga for 20 minutes, and it kicked my butt. I guess that’s what taking 3 days off of running will do to you.


Other than the cleanse, the rest of my weekend was great. I took lots of cheesy pictures with my juice.




Saw The Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3, which were both phenomenal.

Planned a California trip with a couple of my girlfriends in August.

Was amazed at how many empty juice bottles I have.


Braided my hair, instead of putting it in a ponytail like usual, and actually put some real clothes on, too.



And hung out with my grandpa.


I am really surprised at how quickly the cleanse went, but I think that is because I kept myself really busy and occupied to try to keep my mind off of what I was doing. There were times when I forgot I was cleansing and then remembered and got really sad. I can truly say that I appreciate food now! That was kind of my goal, so score. Like I said, I am glad I did it, but definitely will not be doing one again for a while. You need a hell of a lot of discipline, which stresses me out! I missed my intense workouts, too. But Pressed Juicery is fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone Smile

What was the best part of your weekend?

Spice Up Your Life, Week 6

Hi friends! I had an amazing day yesterday. Like really freaking good. I woke up early to watch some more Tara Stiles videos on her youtube channel. Gosh, I love that woman. She makes me so happy. I just want to be her best friend, but there’s no way I’m cool enough for that. Then I was at the gym for a little while working, followed up by running a few errands, and babysitting all afternoon. Kids make me smile. Then Luke and I had a date night at Cheeseburger in Paradise, where I got a Calypso Salad, containing avocado, strawberries, pineapples, mandarin oranges, apples, honey roasted almonds, and red onion and a Skinny Margarita. The margarita was fantastic; literally tasted just like tequila and lime (just how I like it!). I may or may not have convinced Luke to split some key lime pie with me as well. We also saw The Call, which was really scary and made me never want to pump gas ever again. I am not happy about that movie; not happy at all. It broke my heart.

I do have a question for you guys. When Luke and I go to LA next month, we’re not sure if we’re going to rent a car or take cabs everywhere we go. We’ve been trying to compare prices and they’re honestly quite similar. Anyone have any suggestions on if you think it would be better to drive ourselves or get cabs? A pro of our own car would definitely be that we could drive along the coast and not have to worry about waiting for a car. A con would be that we both suck at directions and LA is confusing as it is. Thoughts, suggestions?


Last week in the Spice Up Your Life Challenge I asked you guys to say no to someone. How did it go? I have found that a common theme among many of us is that we tend to say yes to everything. I know that I am a huge people pleaser and always try to keep my promises, yet I don’t take care of or keep promises I make to myself. Gotta work on that! I did really good with the challenge this week. Here’s what I did to say no to others and make a little bit of time for myself:

  • didn’t work any hours behind the desk at the gym (not that I had time to anyway; hopefully I will next week because I actually really enjoy it!)
  • said no to my inner voice telling me not to and bought a set of Tara Stiles yoga DVD’s online
  • took my time responding to e-mails instead of feeling the need to do it immediately
  • said no to my inner voice telling me to workout and took a rest week full of simple yoga routines

Small changes, but definitely made a difference in my happiness levels. I’m hoping to continue this “free” mindset my week next week and see if things can increase even more. I’m starting to realize more and more every day how much I love yoga. I always kinda knew I was into it, but taking time for myself to relax AND work my body/mind this week was perfection. This may be a new path for me. Yoga helps me to connect to myself and make better decisions throughout my day. So yay for that!


Challenge for this week:

40. Create a sacred space.

Um, wow. What weird timing to get this goal when I’ve just been preaching about the benefits of yoga and meditation. The book describes this goal of more of a legit sacred space. I say to find somewhere you feel comfortable and develop it into a happy place where you can go whenever need be. Examples of where this could be:

  • In your car. Even though I have terrible road rage, when I don’t put any music on in my car and have my commute to just think and be alone, I am ridiculously happy. In the mornings I listen to the news, but coming home at night I usually sit in silence. It gives me a chance to reflect on myself and my day and to also just have some quiet time after being around loud people all day.
  • In your bedroom. This is where we all do the most relaxing thing ever: sleep. Your bedroom should be a place you can go to reflect, write, watch TV, relax, workout, stretch, read, ANYTHING. I do pretty much everything in my room, but that very well may be because I still live with my parents. It will be interesting to see if that changes once I move out. In my opinion, your bedroom should be your happy place. Anything goes.
  • In your mind. As long as you know how to block out the rest of the world and concentrate on yourself, all you need is your mind. I’m working on this one. I would love to be able to walk down a busy street and not be affected by others; just myself.

And here’s some ways to make that space sacred for you:

  • look forward to the time you get to spend there each day
  • fill it with things you love
  • only allow others there that benefit you!
  • associate positive thoughts with it

There are obviously many more places you could choose and ways to make it happy, but these are just the main ones I can think of right now. This week I am going to focus on transforming my mind into a place that is full of happiness for me. I’m going to try to get rid of all the negativity, worry, and rushing I feel on a regular basis and focus on relaxing, breathing, and knowing that I have complete control over my body.

Enjoy your weekend! Good luck to all the ladies running in the DC Rock N’ Roll half this weekend <3

Where is your sacred space?

Weekend Recap + A Realization

Even though I’ve had a super hectic week/weekend, I’ve managed to do some legitimately fun things that I haven’t done in a while. Here’s what my weekend consisted of:


  • workout (2.5 mile run + 1 hour jazzercise class)
  • Whole Foods meet-up with a representative from a local magazine (and my mom’s old friend from high school!) that I’m going to be working with, followed up by some grocery shopping
  • date night with Luke, including Mongolian BBQ (with a coupon, oh yeah) and some Harry Potter puzzle time; We. Are. WILD.


  • sleeping in a bit!
  • no workout, but tons of stretching and foam rolling while listening to my Jillian Michaels podcast of course
  • cleaning, blog work, and some prep for the upcoming week
  • lunch date with Caterina, a local health & fitness friend!
  • PT at the gym
  • coffee date with an old friend
  • taking the girls I babysit out to CPK for dinner and to see Oz

Their quinoa and arugula salad is phenomenal. Go get it immediately please and thank you.


Okay, I have also come to a very important conclusion over the past couple of days: I enjoy my life so much more when I have people involved in it. Over the past few years I have developed this horrid habit of isolation. I tend to use any free moment I have for myself. Yes, this gives me peace and allows me to play catch-up on my life, but am I really happy and fulfilled by that? No; not at all. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones this weekend has totally confirmed how much I miss being a social person. Struggles with body issues, stress about huge changes in my life, many different jobs, and graduating college caused me to lose touch with a lot of people and just not have a ton of motivation to meet new ones. I need to bottle up this feeling and remember it for the next time I want to just lock myself in my room with some wine and reality TV (although that is exactly what I will be doing Monday night for the 3-hour Bachelor season finale).

Another thing I have realized: I suck at making commitments. Giving up junk food for Lent? Oops. Training hardcore and eating clean for a bikini competition in June? Whoops. Saying no to people? My bad. I always tend to fail when I make a goal for myself like that. Want to know when I succeed? When I just let things happen and play out as they should. Why am I trying so hard to set out for a path for my life, when the universe almost always tends to want to take me in a different direction? I need to learn to let it go and let things happen as they should. Am I still trying to limit the crap I eat during Lent to practice deprivation? Yes I sure am. Am I still planning on competing in some sort of fitness competition this summer? Yes I am, just on a smaller, local scale. Am I saying no to people? No; still working on that one. My new commitment is to stop making commitments. Let it go Allison.

Last thing I learned: Health and fitness is the field I am supposed to be in. It tends to be all I ever really want to talk about and one of the only things that I am actually knowledgeable about. I want to help people get healthy and love their lives, including myself. I want to spend all my free time working on my profession, seeking knowledge, and developing my own business. So why don’t I do these things? Well, I am going to. Screw what other people “think” I should do or “say” is the right direction for me to take. I just don’t care anymore. I’m doing what I want to do and trusting that God will take care of the rest. That’s the end of that.


What a fun, yet productive and eye-opening weekend! I am so glad that I kinda put myself out there and actually had some fun for once, yet still focusing on stuff I need to get done and feeling like I accomplished some things that needed to be done/said. My DietBet starts today, so I’m sure you will be hearing quite a bit about that in the upcoming month, and I also go to LA exactly one month from today! Exciting things happening my friends. I am in a great mood right now and I really hope it continues through the week. Today will include teaching Sunday School, training a client, working on some local business research, putting together my Foodie Pen Pal box, and over necessities to get out of the way before the busy, busy week starts up again. Enjoy the remaining hours of your weekend loves!

What is one thing you learned this weekend?

Chunky Vegetarian Chili

Happy, happy Friday! I have a non-traditional work week, but Luke does the typical 9-5 M-F, so I look forward to the weekends just as much as anyone else, because we actually get to spend time together. I promised to start posting new recipes every Friday, so why not start right away?


This veggie packed chili would be awesome to make for a Super Bowl party you’re throwing or going to this weekend. Serve it with some oyster crackers and it’s even better :p


My grandma gave me this recipe quite a few years ago when I first became a vegetarian. I’m not sure where she got it from, but she made some of her own changes, and then I further made my own substitutions. So I suppose you could call it an original? She was one of the people in my life who was actually respectful of my decision and always tried out new recipes for me when I would come to visit. This chili was one of the first dishes we tried, and we both loved it. It’s got a bit of a kick to it, but nothing some crackers and water can’t fix! My dad, who is a huge meat eater, loves it, too; he’s actually asked me to make it on more than one occasion. So enough talk; here ya go!


Chunky Vegetarian Chili



1 medium green pepper, chopped

1 medium onion, chopped

3 garlic cloves, minced

1 tablespoon olive oil (the original recipe calls for cooking oil)

2 cans (14 1/2 ounces each) Mexican-style stewed tomatoes, undrained ****I also add in a chopped medium tomato; add if you wish!

1 can (16 ounces) kidney beans, rinsed and drained

1 can (15 ounces) pinto beans, rinsed and drained ****It’s really hard to find these near me, so I oftentimes substitute a can of chickpeas; it works just the same :)

1 can (11 ounces) whole kernel corn, drained ****I usually use it frozen from a bag

2 1/2 cups water

1 cup uncooked long grain rice (use whole grain if you can find it!)

1 to 2 tablespoons chili power (this doesn’t seem like a lot, but it reaaaally adds some spice; use caution if you have sensitive taste buds)

1 1/2 tablespoons ground cumin


Saute green pepper, onion, and garlic in oil in a large pot until tender.

Add it all remaining ingredients and bring to a boil.

Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 25-30 minutes or until rice is cooked, stirring occassionally.


This should give you about 10 servings, at only 190 calories per bowl. Sweet.

HOW FREAKING EASY IS THAT?! And so good. You’ll have lots of leftovers.



That’s my sisters and I with our grandma (far left) and great-grandma :)


Anyway, enjoy the recipe and the rest of your afternoon!


Do you have recipes that have been passed down through your family?

Grocery Goodies and New Clothes!

Today’s been good.

A yogurt bowl for breakfast with strawberry Chobani, banana, strawberries, Kind blueberry vanilla cluster granola, and TJ’s roasted golden flaxseeds.


Followed by a 6 mile run at the gym with a couple of walk breaks in about an hour. That’s crazy for me, don’t laugh.

Lunch was this same from the other day, along with a cut up apple and some TJ’s cookie butter (it’s back finally!).



So here’s all the goods I got yesterday!

Unsweetened almond milk


Whole-grain sandwich thins


Kombucha and chocolate coconut water


Veggie burgers


My new favorite granola, Kind blueberry vanilla clusters


Larabars and a Whole Foods fruit and nut bar (AMAZING)


Cookie butter (yay!) and PB2, which I am beyond excited to try


And yes, I portion out my granola and trail mix into individual bags, because I have no self-control at all.


I’m looking forward to actually having food in my house again that I enjoy and that makes me feel good!


Now onto the new clothes!

First of all, I actually got these running capris from Aerie of all places! I got them for 40% off and they ended up being only $12! I used them today and I love them.


I love the waistband and the fun little green designs on the side.


These next two pieces I got from the Champion line at Target! Super comfy and leave lots of room to breathe.



Overall, I got some really good deals this weekend and actually bought a lot of things that I truly needed and didn’t really stray from my list. So yay for that!

Luke and I are off to watch some old family home movies, cook a good dinner, and possibly (hopefully) go get some frozen yogurt later :p

Did you buy anything cool this weekend?

In Typical Allison Fashion

Is it any surprise that I failed at taking pictures again? Nope. Not one bit. There’s always tomorrow! Lots of things to talk about on this rainy night in Michigan….


1. Sephora is my favorite store, like ever. I left with some fantastic purchases yesterday.


First up, the primer and the brush cleaner. I’ve heard awesome things about the Bare Minerals primer, so I thought I would give it a shot. Also heard that this brush cleaner keeps your brushes lasting longer and gets rid of bacteria on a daily basis; why not?!


Then the fun stuff. A new bronzer and a new blush from Bare Minerals as well. I used them both today, and L.O.V.E. them. Winners!


2. After Sephora it was time for a Red Robin date with the boyfriend. They have a new shake made with Guinness and whisky. We had to go try it. I kept the rest of the meal as healthy as you can get for RR with a gardenburger on a whole wheat bun with no sauce and a couple of french fries. May or may not have had a light spiked iced tea/lemonade as well….maybe :p


3. Twas a lovely morning filled with yoga, making some super yummy, fluffy pancakes (which I of course forgot to take a picture of), and getting a massage. Score.

4. Since Michigan is deciding to have 62 degree weather in January (not complaining one bit!), the boyfriend and I decided to go for a long walk to Starbucks to try out their new spiced vanilla latte. I got it nonfat with no whip and in frappucchino form, and HOLY YUM. That’s all I can say. Get one, now. And our walk ended up being 3.5 miles, so score!

5. Last but not least, let’s talk about this Miss America pageant real quick. I think there need to be two major qualifications. First, that you actually have a talent and don’t just run around the stage. Second, that you know the difference between recreational and medicinal. All I’m gonna say.

Who did you want to win the pageant??

Boyfriend was rooting for Washington, and I was Oklahoma all the way!