Do you wanna hang out?

Okay so get this. I was supposed to go to Chicago this weekend, but then I realized I had to work on Saturday so I couldn’t. Then I was going to go to Grand Rapids (where I went to college) for the weekend because my day cleared up on Saturday, BUT NOW I HAVE TO WORK STILL AND I CAN’T GO. So basically I had my whole weekend cleared and now I have no plans and all 5 of my friends are out of town. So what do I decide to do as I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon instead of doing all the stuff for work that really needs to be done? I turn on Bridesmaids and drink some wine. Like yeah, good idea Allison.

But that’s okay, because I literally have 5 days now with barely anything to do at all. And what’s on my big list of important things to get done?:

  • get a fancy pedicure
  • go shopping for everything in the world
  • organize my client files for the first time in, um, ever
  • make a million and five calls for work
  • get some tan lines that aren’t from my running clothes
  • apply for some “real” jobs, ugh
  • figure out a way to clean the 5 years of dust out of my laptop
  • clean out my car…..that may take all 5 days in itself
  • go through all the crap on my computer and delete all the random old things I have so it runs faster than taking a half hour to start up; too bad I’m technologically challenged and this will probably also take me 5 days

Don’t I have an exciting life? I swear, one of these days I’ll get it together, but let’s be real. That’s probably not happening anytime soon.


So I actually did do something productive and develop a few new circuit workouts for some of my clients. And look at that, I actually have pictures to show you how to do them! This very well may be the first and last time I ever do this, so enjoy it while it lasts.

I use 5 lb. dumbbells for these circuits and repeat them each 2x for a full body workout.

Circuit #1:

  • Static squat row (25 total)


  • Crescent lunge kickback (15 each side)


  • Standing side crunch (20 each side)


  • Lift off lunge with shoulder press (15 each side)


  • Warrior 2 row (10 each side)


Circuit #2:

  • Plie punch (30 alternating)


  • Long leg crunch (20 alternating)


  • Clock lunge (5 rounds each side)



  • Push up to side plank (10 alternating)


  • Booty side kicks (15 each side)


Don’t judge me and my awkward facial expressions please. Kbye.

What are you doing this weekend?! Let me live through your exciting lives since I don’t have one of my own.

The most adventures I’ve had in a long time.

Hello! First of all, I just want to thank you all for leaving such sweet comments on my post from yesterday. A lot of you have been saying you admire my positive attitude, which totally makes my day, because I feel like I am negative a lot of the time! So thanks for making me smile and changing my own attitude about myself Smile

Yesterday Audrey and I went to a small town called Petosky in Michigan. It is super small and right on the water and absolutely adorable. We went with my great-grandma and my great-aunt and had an absolute blast.


We may or may not have stopped at a winery while we were walking around and did a tasting at 11 a.m. Oops. I also bought a super cute ring and some mother’s day presents.



Then we went to the most delicious little restaurant ever called Whitecaps for lunch. I got an apple panini, which had “granny smith apples, gorgonzola cheese, apple butter, spinach, and caramelized onions.” Uh, best thing ever. And stealing some of the beer-battered fries from my grandma was a great idea as well.


I kid you not, Audrey and I were exhausted after our little 5-hour day trip! We have been so used to just laying around for days and doing things on our own time that it was different to actually have plans and do something real. We spent the rest of the day laying around the house and catching up on our TV shows.


Here’s something else we’ve been up to:

What an exhilarating life I lead. Our plan is to start up a YouTube channel with us going through our bucket list, in hopes that Ellen will help us out with the ones that involve her! And we basically just want to be like Jenna Marbles and work from home, but do it in California while I am working for Ellen. Solid plan.

I will say that one of my favorite things about being up north is going for a run in the morning. It is so silent that it seems like I am the only person in the world. I haven’t even used my headphones the last few days! Seeing deer and bunnies on my run is much more enjoyable than getting exhaust blown in my face from cars on the highway like at home. I also like having time during the day to get everything done without having to be rushed; keeps the stress levels down like crazy! However, it is really hard for me to sleep here since I am not used to the area, so I’ve been constantly exhausted, but that’s okay! I have coffee and wine to get me through Smile with tongue out

We only have today and then head out in the morning, so we’re off to enjoy the beautiful weather, see some family, and just chill for one last day <3

Last thing. Have you ever had this delicious creation? If not, you must do so immediately.


What gets you through the day when you are exhausted?

Monday recap

I think I mentioned this before, but I have the week off work! WOO! So yesterday was an unexpected day off for me, except for training a few clients at the gym. I got a lot of random little things done and am actually planning on doing some productive things today. We shall see how that goes. Anyway, here’s what I got done.

  • An awesome workout. 30 minutes of strength training (Summer Arms, Bikini Booty, and Long&Lean from the Beach Babe DVD for anyone else who follows TIU) and this 40 minute cardio routine, except I substituted running for biking. Intense! Left me a sweaty mess and like, crawling up the stairs. This was actually a collage of my friend Sarah and I preparing for the “Bikini Series” yesterday!


  • Playing catch-up online. Many of you know that I am a Beach Body coach. A LOT of the work I do for that is online (most of it!), so I actually had an opportunity to respond to e-mails and facebook messages, follow up with some new members, and other random stuff like that. I didn’t get to work on the blog as much as I would have liked to, but hopefully that will get done today!
  • Watched some talk shows. Of course including Ellen. Okay, seriously, how cute are Sophia Grace and Rosie? I posted on twitter that I want to be them when I grow up. They rapped Thrift Shop yesterday and it was seriously almost better than the original. Ellen talked about how many people get famous and noticed off of YouTube now, which gave me hope that she will see one of my videos! I also watched Rebel Wilson on The View, which was absolutely hysterical of course.
  • Cooked some awesome things. I made a yogurt bowl for breakfast, a protein pancake for lunch, shakeology for a snack, broccoli and muesli for dinner, and a protein shake after working at the gym. Solid. I need to work from home every day. Or just work for Ellen and live in California and then people won’t judge me for eating healthy, because it’s normal out there. Isn’t it sad that people are chastised for NOT eating burgers and fries all day long in Michigan? Ridiculous.


  • Decided to start online personal training! I already develop online plans for people if they ask (mainly clients I already have and friends/family), but I am going to soon have a tab on the blog where people can purchase fitness, nutrition, or a combination of both plans from me! I already have all the documents on my computer, so why not put it out there on the Internet and see if anyone is interested? This will require some technical knowledge on my part, so this will most likely take me days. Bear with me.
  • Brainstormed ideas to get to California and work for Ellen. Okay, I know that I am getting annoying with this whole “work for Ellen” thing, but it is truly all that has been on my mind since April 10. That’s almost 3 weeks. If you know me at all, that is an eternity in my book. I lose interest in something after approximately 5 minutes, so it is huge that I have wanted to work for her for YEARS, and even more so in recent weeks. I have some ideas up my sleeve that will go into play over the next couple of weeks Smile with tongue out Say a little prayer for me!

  • Started writing a book. Yup, that’s right. You’re probably like, “But Allison, you’ve never mentioned that before?” True; I haven’t. Because it’s a super surprise! That reminds me when I take my girls to gymnastics and they have to do a “super stop” after any move to keep the kids from running around like animals. Anyway, I figured that I should have a project and keep up my grammar skills now that I’m not in school anymore! It’s mainly for me, but if it just so happens to actually be read-able, I wouldn’t be mad.
  • Read quite a bit of The Compound Effect. This book is seriously great you guys. I am going to leave you with a couple of quotes from Darren Hardy:

“You cannot see what you don’t look for, and you cannot look for what you don’t believe in.”

“Eliminate all of your excuses. Embrace the fact that you are freed by your choices, as long as you assume personal responsibility for them. It’s time to make the choice to take control.”

“You’ve got to want something, and know why you want it, or you’ll end up giving up too easily.”

“When your actions conflict with your values, you’ll end up unhappy, frustrated, and despondent. In fact, psychologists tell us that nothing creates more stress than when our actions and behaviors aren’t congruent with our values.”

What is the best book you have ever read? I need suggestions!

Um, I am super excited.

TO TELL YOU THAT I GOT AN IPHONE 5 ON SATURDAY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! After my phone broke last Monday, I told my dad and anticipated that it would be at least a month before we upgraded our plan, but he totally came through and got the new phones in less than a week. When you previous had a vintage sliding Sprint phone with a touch-screen that didn’t work, an iPhone is like, the coolest thing in the world to get. And lucky me, I was at a dance competition all day so I had loads of entertainment.

Want to know a super embarrassing story though? So we got the phones on Saturday and the wonderful man at the store told my dad that we had to run the battery on the phones completely down and then charge it 100% and that should help save the battery. So I did what I was told and let my phone die, and then plugged it in when I went to bed Saturday night (or so I thought). I woke up Sunday morning and it was still dead. Rude. So I totally thought I had a bad charger because I tried it with my iPad charger little box thing, in a different socket, AND in my laptop. Nothing. I was so frustrated, but had to go to the competition again, so I just threw it in my bag and decided I would go to Apple as soon as it opened. At the competition I was asking everyone with Apple products for help, and one of my little sister’s friends let me use her charger to see if it worked. It did! Then I was taught that I (get ready) was not pushing the charger in all the way. What is wrong with me?! I swear I have a Bachelor’s degree….

The rest of my weekend consisted on watching a lot (like a million) of dances. I started to go a little bit crazy I think. I also read a ton of my book. I’m currently reading Portia de Rossi’s book Unbearable Lightness, and I swear that I love it more and more every time I read it. Have you ever heard of it? I will do a review on it later this week after I finish it again, because it is more than worth it.

I also did a bunch of the Tone It Up workouts over the weekend and ate a lot of delicious pizza. It all balances out. Oh, and wine. Maybe that doesn’t balance out, but that’s okay.

Maybe if I actually write out on here what I want to accomplish this week, I will actually do it:

  • Work out every day and not decide to go home and watch the Kardashians instead, which I literally just decided to get into
  • Make a new YouTube video to send to Ellen; I made this one over the weekend, LOL
  • Actually call some of the people that are on my list to see if they want to get into personal training
  • Work on editing the pages on my blog
  • Research more jobs/places to live in California

Extensive, right? Just kidding. But truthfully, I am so much more likely to do something if it is written down. I tend to get distracted very easily, which I’m sure you know by now. Now I’m off to do something super exciting and watch Married to Jonas before I go to bed. What an exhilarating Sunday night! Look for lots more pictures now that I HAVE AN IPHONE! Open-mouthed smile

What was the coolest thing that happened to you this weekend?

Get Your Stretch & Organize On.

Not at the same time though. Smile with tongue out

I am constantly sore. I’m one of those people that is limping around like an old man, clutching my shoulder, and cracking my hips multiple times a day. I have a problem. So you know what I do? I stretch, a lot. Here’s a simple routine I put together that is great to do first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed at night to get all the kinks out. Obviously complete each stretch on both sides.

10 minute anytime stretch:

  • Arm cross-overs (hold 30 sec. each side)

  • Wide legged reach down (hold 1 min.); grasp elbows and hang if it’s more comfortable for you

  • Standing side stretch (hold 30 sec. each side); keep shoulders down and reach OVER, not up

  • Warrior 2 (hold 30 sec. each side); keep knee over heel, not toe

  • Child’s post (hold 1 min.)

  • Downward dog (hold 1 min.)

  • Sitting side stretch (hold 30 sec. each side); keep your chest open

  • Sitting middle stretch (hold 1 min.); keep your back flat

  • Back-bend (hold 1 min.)

  • Cat/cow (move through poses for 1 min.)


Now, I want to talk about Melissa’s challenge for a minute. Check out the post for the full details, but I’m choosing to organize 8 little areas of my life. Here’s what I’m planning on doing:

  1. Go through every single item of clothing you have. Get rid of stuff that you really don’t need/want.
  2. Clean out your car.
  3. Organize your Pinterest boards better and delete dead/unused pins.
  4. Go through your blog reader. Add/delete accordingly.
  5. Create a password/username document to keep track of all your online logins.
  6. Complete or start a project you’ve been neglecting (apartment shopping).
  7. Create something that will help you stay organized (new app).
  8. Create a functional recipe binder or box to locate frequently used recipes easier.

I can’t wait to get started on this! Thanks for coming up with the awesome idea Melissa Smile


Sorry my posts have been a bit random and sporadic lately. I’ve had a lot going on and a lot on my mind and have really been trying to focus on my in-person relationships. Things should go back to normal after my LA trip next week!


Last but not least, make sure you check out my post from yesterday to enter the Natural Vitality giveaway!


What’s your favorite stretch? What is the area in your life you most need to organize? My favorite stretch is pyramid pose and I definitely most need to organize my mind.

A New Circuit Workout!

I want to start out this post by saying that I have completed 2 days of Turbofire and my legs have officially turned to those of a Betty Spaghetti. Remember those?

You guys. I seriously thought I was in decently good shape. I can definitely keep up with the intense cardio movements, but the routines really make you think and move your body in different ways which is pretty tough. I love how I totally feel like my butt has officially been kicked. I like putting in time that is worth it!


Speaking of intense workouts….

My friend Erica, mentioned on the blog yesterday, sent me this circuit workout a couple of days ago. What you’re supposed to do is see how many times you can get through the circuit in 10 minutes. Seems simple, but it’s tough stuff! Here’s the moves:

  1. Stationary lunges (5 on each side, 10 total)
  2. Side lunges (5 on each side, 10 total)
  3. Push-ups, modified or plank (10 total)
  4. Mountain climbers (20 alternating)
  5. Plank with alternating shoulder taps (20 alternating)
  6. Burpees (10 total)
  7. Sit-ups (10 total)
  8. V-sit twists (20 alternating)
  9. Pike push-up (10 total)
  10. Scissor jumps, or jumping lunges (10 alternating)

So all you gotta do is set a timer for 10 minutes and get to work! If you do this, leave in the comments below how many times you get through the entire circuit. If you’re on “sit-ups” when 10 minutes runs out, count the full times you’ve got through the whole thing and then let us know where you got to in the non-finished circuit.

Make sure that you’re using good form when doing these exercises. They’re super simple and very basic, but it’s so important to keep your body in the correct positions and not “cheat” yourself. You’re not getting the workout you deserve and you have the possibility of seriously hurting yourself. Slow it down if things are getting too tough! Don’t get sloppy Smile with tongue out Also, make sure that you learn the difference between discomfort and pain. Discomfort is, “OMG my legs are shaking and sweat is dripping off my nose. Kill me now.” Pain is, “My wrist is going to snap off. Help.”


And speaking of pain, my stomach has been really bothering me lately. Like, constantly. I feel like since I’m really trying to clean up my diet, it may be reacting negatively to the lower sugar intake and taking it out on me. I find myself constantly hungry and completely nauseous when that hunger arises. I’ve also found myself just feeling bloated all the time and just uncomfortable. I haven’t really changed a whole lot with what I’m eating, but these feelings have been gradually creeping up on me and are starting to become real obnoxious.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what this might be? I’m clueless. Once I move out (soon!) I’m getting my own health insurance and then can decide for myself how I deal with body issues rather than having to do with what my parents approve of. Can’t wait for that. June 20 cannot come soon enough. Rant over.


What workout totally kicks your butt?

Just Like Jello & An Itty Bitty Announcement….

I have a lot to say, but I’m just not sure how to say it yet. Good things though! So until I figure that out, I’m going lighthearted and sticking with a good old-fashioned survey. However, I’m making this one up myself, so I would just adore it if you did it on your blog as well! This one’s an original.

Allison’s Every Little Facet of Health and Life and Stuff Survey Smile

  1. If you could only do one specific type of exercise for the rest of your life what would it be and why? Mine would for sure be yoga. I pick this because I love how toned it makes me feel and look without high-impact movements. I always feel loose, calm, and on my own little “high” when I finish a session.
  2. Approximately how many times a day do you believe you think about your body and/or your health? A million and a thousand and one. Let’s make a movement to stop these silly little thoughts.
  3. What is one food you wish you liked, but you really just don’t? Eggs. I can handle them in baked goods, but no way on their own or in an omelet. The thought just gives me shivers. I don’t know why. I also sometimes wish I liked meat. It makes me feel sick to tell you the truth. Hence, being a vegetarian. These ones are pretty though!
  4. Who has been the biggest help to you throughout your life? My mom, 100%. She has talked me out of some crazy stuff many, many times. When I was having a really rough semester in college, she listened to me cry and throw fits like a 5 year old on a regular basis. She always writes me the sweetest cards and notes and I know that she only really wants me to be happy. She’s also pretty darn cute. SAM_0484
  5. Tell one thing that makes you different from everyone else in the blog world. I was a competitive dancer until I was 17 years old and then actually started out as a dance major in college. I also clearly remember the moment when my eating habits changed (for the worse) for me. I feel like that’s pretty rare. Maybe I’ll write about that one day.
  6. In your opinion, which celebrity (or real-life person!) has the best freaking body in the world? I pick two. Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up.
  7. What time do you typically go to bed and wake up? I get in bed around 10 pm. I fall asleep around midnight. I wake up anywhere between 5:30 am and 7:30 am, usually closer to 5:30. Yuck.
  8. Favorite “healthy” drink? Favorite “unhealthy” drink? Healthy has gotta be water with a ton of lemon. Unhealthy is most definitely a mini-beer shot.
  9. Does your family support and/or agree with your healthy (or any other lifestyle) living habits? Not so much. I oftentimes get made fun of for measuring out portion sizes or buying almond milk instead of using my family’s whole milk that I truly just don’t like. My at-home workouts and extended time at the gym (even though I’m usually training clients) are also ways for them to laugh at me. I feel like they’ve gotten better lately, but sometimes it really just sucks. Everyone deserves to lead the life they want to live without being chastised and reprimanded for it.
  10. Who is one person you could reach out to today that could probably use some encouragement? I’m going to go ahead and say one of my best friends Erica. She just got accepted into the Disney college program (yay, congratulations!) and is graduating college within the month, so she’s got some crazy weeks coming up ahead. I also know she’s reading this and will love the shout out…. Smile with tongue out 10
  11. What is the happiest thing that happened to you today? I had an amazing, amazing, amazing TurboFire! workout! It’s been a long time since my legs felt so much like Jell-O. I love it. That is an intense program my friends. I thought I was in pretty darn good shape, but it’s freaking hard. I sweat. A lot. Before and after: turbo1turbo2
  12. Do you ever push health and fitness on family members, friends, co-workers, etc.? No. Not unless they ask. I feel that is someone’s personal choice and it gets really annoying when someone tries to preach something to you that you really just don’t want to freaking hear.
  13. Are you an indoor or outdoor person? Favorite activity? I am an indoor person, mainly because the weather where I live is so darn crappy. My favorite indoor activity is to do some yoga on a rainy day, drink some coffee, and read an awesome book. I am WILD. If I lived elsewhere (like LA….) I would be a total outdoor girl. Biking and walking on the beach would be at the top of my list.
  14. Do you plan ahead what you’re going to eat later that day? I totally do. Before I fall asleep at night, I typically make a list in my head of what I will be eating the next day. It’s boring, so it helps me fall asleep! For example, tomorrow I will have my Shakeology for breakfast, an apple mid-morning, hibachi house for lunch (grilled teriyaki veggies, Chinese soup and salad, and probably some yummy noodles), protein bar mid-afternoon, and Mediterranean veggie sandwich with a pickle and chips from Panera for dinner. At least that’s what I’m planning on. We’ll see how that goes. Check up on me tomorrow?
  15. What is one thought in your head right now? I am absolutely exhausted and can’t wait to close my eyes for 7 hours.


In other news, I am officially moving out of my house. With Luke. June 20. More to come……. Smile




Short & Sweet

My day yesterday began at 6 a.m. and I got home at 9:30 p.m. Yeah. Writing this on Tuesday night, I was not in the best of moods. Just a couple quick things to catch ya up:

  • I seriously need to cut down on my TV/computer usage. It’s getting ridiculous. I am limiting myself to 2 hours of TV a day MAX, but I have no idea what to do about constantly being online. Any suggestions?
  • I hate Michigan weather right now with a burning passion.

  • I have 11 cuts on my hands. Yes, I counted.
  • I’m starting to miss working out a little bit. Planning on hitting up a yoga class at the gym tomorrow night and then Zumba right after and seeing how that goes.
  • I still love yoga and don’t plan to cut down on that anytime soon.
  • I ate the most delicious salad ever for lunch yesterday. It was so big that I couldn’t even finish it. That’s rare for me friends. I am definitely a member of the clean plate club.


  • I love my friends, online and in real life. You guys rock<3
  • I can’t wait to start working from home.

And a quick little workout to end with:

Cardio HIIT, repeat 3x (30-ish minutes)

  • 1 minute high knees, 30 second rest
  • 1 minute side to side lunge, 30 second rest
  • 1 minute static squat with boxing arms, 30 second rest
  • 1 minute skaters, 30 second rest
  • 1 minute mountain climbers, 30 second rest
  • 1 minute butt kicks, 30 second rest
  • 1 minute static squat with upper cuts, 30 second rest

I don’t even have the energy to tell you how to do these exercises right now. All I can get out is to Google it if you’re confused.


Liebster Award + Buff-Up Your Man

A big thanks to Melissa at Freeing Imperfections for nominating me for the Liebster Award Smile I really like reading up on other people’s lives, and the survey that goes along with this award is just perfect for that.

Liebster award

11 Questions

  1. Peanut butter or chocolate? Oh this is so hard! Why do I have to pick just one?! I guess if I can’t put them together, I would have to go with chocolate. I’m not a fan of any sort of nut butter on its’ own.
  2. Where did you get your blog title? I honestly came up with it, because I was sick of living a lie and pretending about this. I wanted to be truthful, relatable, and realistic.
  3. Have any nick-names? Lots of people call me Allie, some family members call me Al, and my dad likes to call me Big Al once in a while. Cool.
  4. Who is your blog idol? I gotta say Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. Hers was the first blog I have ever read and I look up to her big time.
  5. Are you a jewelry person? If so, do you have a special piece that you wear every day/a lot? Yes, I am a big person. Every day I wear 3 earrings in each ear, a necklace holding a heart Luke bought me years ago and a locket my great-grandma gave me before she passed away, my “friendship” bracelet I share with Luke, my class ring, and my grandma’s old wedding ring.
  6. Describe your perfect candle scent. Spiced cider from Bath & Body Works.
  7. What was your favorite childhood birthday present? That would probably have to be the ring my mom gave me on my 13th birthday. It’s silver with an opal stone in the center and all these pretty designs. It meant so much to me at such a young age and still does.
  8. Would you rather be stuck in freezing cold or extreme heat forever? Extreme heat, all the way. I can’t stand the cold.
  9. What’s your favorite social media right now – Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or something else? Gotta go with Instagram! I just got into it, but I’ve recently learned to love it.
  10. Favorite holiday and why? Christmas! As stressful as it is, I love seeing my family and the happiness that seems to surround the entire month of December. DSCN1127
  11. What motivates you to blog? I love that blogging allows me to be myself. This sounds crazy, but I feel like most of you understand me better than the people who I see in my everyday life. It’s a place where I can talk about my life and what’s actually going on, where I won’t be judged. I also adore reading all of your stories! <3

11 Random Facts

  1. I just cried at seeing a preview for both Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies on ABC Family this weekend.
  2. I watched the first 2 seasons of Pretty Little Liars in less than a week.
  3. My favorite celebrities ever are Ellen DeGeneres and Jillian Michaels. What I would do to just spend one day with them….
  4. When I was like 11 years old, I was on the cover of some teen magazine for “wild and crazy hair.” My family and I were on a boat and it was standing straight up. It was like, J-14 or something like that. I wish I could find that!
  5. I cannot handle when I have a messy e-mail inbox. I read or delete every single thing that comes in and don’t like to keep more than can fit on one screen on my iPad. OCD at its’ finest friends.
  6. When I was in high school and I used to work out with my friend Emily, we would walk/run a mile on the treadmill and thought that was absolutely insane.
  7. One time in college I went out to eat and to the movies by myself and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.
  8. Another time in college my friend Audrey and I went on a mad hunt around our little neighborhood to find someone to open our bottle of wine. We wanted it. Bad.
  9. I met the Jersey Shore cast in Italy in 2011.
  10. I can get by on 5 hours of sleep, easily. It’s pathetic and really unhealthy. I need more hours in the day.
  11. When I eat Starburst jellybeans, I only eat the yellow, pink, and red ones. I can’t stomach the other flavors.

11 New Questions

  1. What did you do today?
  2. How old do you want to be when you have children? Do you even want children? If you already have kids, how old were you when the first one was born?
  3. How long have you been blogging?
  4. What is your favorite exercise?
  5. What is the food you eat most often?
  6. What is the coolest place you have ever been?
  7. Who do you look up to most in the world?
  8. What is your job? Do you enjoy it? Why or why not?
  9. Favorite summer-time activity?
  10. What is the best advice you have ever received?
  11. Do you like pickles?


  1. Dena @ 40 Fit in the Mitt
  2. Brittany @ Britt’s Blurbs
  3. Caitlin @ Chasing Chels
  4. De @ Cooking for the Other Half
  5. Nicole @ Fruit N’ Fitness
  6. Jessie @ Jessie Loves to Run
  7. Ashley @ Life and Fitness by Ashley
  8. Kate @ Quarter Century Southern Living
  9. Brooke @ Running in Heels
  10. Carly @ Snack Therapy
  11. Becky @ Olives N’ Wine


Now onto a new workout. So I’ve been training Luke over the last couple of months to help him gain some muscle. He has gained like 18 pounds, mostly of muscle. He’s been working his a$$ off! So congrats babe Smile Here’s a sample of a chest/back workout we do. This is certainly something you can do, but also something you could share with your man to whip him into shape Smile with tongue out

Chest and Back Workout!
Elliptical warm-up (5 minutes):
8.0 resistance, 2.5 minutes forward, 2.5 minutes backward

Circuit 1 (15 minutes):
Ball dumbbell chest press (15 reps, 15 weights)
Seated stability ball military press (15 reps, 20 weights)
Dead lift (20 reps, 15 weights)
Standing barbell curl (15 reps)
Repeat 3x

Circuit 2 (15 minutes):
Side plank lowers (20 each side)
Straight arm raises (15 reps, 15 weights)
W-squat raise (15 reps, 15 weights)
Side lunge and overhead raise (10 reps, 20 weights)

Treadmill cool-down (5 minutes):
4.0 speed, 6.0 incline

If you bust your butt, it will take 40 minutes. It takes Luke much longer, because he gets easily distracted. Usually by me. Oops!


Enjoy your Wednesday. Halfway there loves <3

Cutting Back

As you guys know, over the last couple of weeks I’ve struggled with a lot. I’m just not exactly where I want to be in my life, and it’s getting super frustrating. I’m determined to turn it around though! Here’s what I’m trying out this week to get myself content again: I am going to be cutting back big time on workouts. I have been so busy lately and exercise is just starting to feel like a chore. I know I’m already physically fit, so a little bit of time off isn’t going to kill me.

The Dude - Deal With It

I also think I’m pushing myself too hard, saying I have to go to the gym for an hour every morning or I have to run 2 miles every single day, no matter what. I don’t. That’s not true. I can easily do a kick-ass Jillian Michaels DVD in my bedroom in the morning for 30 minutes, stretch for 10 minutes, and be done for the day. Boom. Just like that! Yesterday I nixed my run and did some serious yoga/stretching instead, which made me feel fabulous. I also got my blood drawn last Thursday and I think something went wrong, since my right upper arm and shoulder are killing me. It’s quite difficult to do any sort of strength training when you can’t lift your arm. So my goal for the week is to focus on more yoga.


I also signed up for Deepak Chopra’s Meditation Challenge with Oprah that starts tomorrow, so I will be trying to incorporate my meditations and yoga into some relaxing starts to the days this week. I did the challenge before and was never able to take it seriously. Determined to make it work this time! After that ridiculously long introduction, here’s my plan of workouts for the week:

  • Monday: Tara Stiles morning yoga routine + Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, level 1
  • Tuesday: Tara Stiles spring yoga routine + jazzercise
  • Wednesday: Tara Stiles morning yoga routine + Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, level 2
  • Thursday: Tara Stiles spring yoga routine + jazzercise
  • Friday: Tara Stiles morning yoga routine + jazzercise
  • Saturday: vinyasa class at my actual yoga studio that I haven’t made it to in about a month :/

Super chill, yet should still allow me to break a sweat every day. For those of you that don’t know, I am a “class manager” for jazzercise, so I am required to go to 3 classes a week to check people in and help out new class members. That’s why I talk about it so much. Smile Also, if you have never checked out Tara Stiles, please go to her website immediately. I’m warning you, if you watch one of her videos, you will watch them all. So make sure you have time. She is so darn cool.

guy backflips into a pool toy

I have been steadily exercising for as long as I can remember. I grew up a dancer, so I never even had to worry about exercising until my senior year of high school (which was only 4 years ago!). When I got to college I got myself on a regular workout schedule and have pretty much stuck with it ever since. I really want to try to take a full week off and see what happens. See how my energy and hunger levels are. Thoughts? Suggestions?


On a completely different note, Jenny from PBJ Designs is re-vamping my blog for me! It will most likely be down from this afternoon until a day or two later. I’m not gone; I didn’t quit blogging! I will be back, looking better than ever (not me, the blog Smile with tongue out) and ready with some new post ideas and a new direction for the blog. So yay! I’m so excited!

the dude dancing

And of course, leaving you with a happy little quote for a kick-start to your week:

“Life expands or contracts in direct proportion to one’s courage.” –Anais Nin

What’s your workout schedule looking like for the week, or do you just make them up as the days come?